We are watching Florence.

florance 3

She went to a high powered hurricane mode last week and then hit wind shear which sucked the life out of her. This morning, she reached Cat 1 status and thanks to really warm water and no wind shear – is going to ramp up really fast again. Both Carolinas have already declared states of emergencies.

Florance 2

Needless to say –


Suffice to say, unless the old girl takes a sudden turn north, I have a feeling we’re going to be off a few days and I won’t get a full week off for Thanksgiving for the 3rd year in a row. I don’t get  how the coast of Georgia has been quiet as hell since 1880-something and then I move here and it’s every year we get smacked or side-swiped! Ah well.

This morning, I watched a movie I’ve not watched in years – decades, to be honest. The Breakfast Club. Back in the day, I perved pretty bad on Judd Nelson. Yeah, even then, I had a thing for bad boys. Explains my Guy-lurve.

judd nelson

Yeah, I know. He doesn’t LOOK like this anymore. Do any of us look as good as we did in our early 20’s?




He doesn’t count.

There is a line in the movie that hit me hard. Kids didn’t change; you did.

Food for thought, obviously.

I have the itchy need to BUY something – I have a 20.00 gift certificate that expires on 10/09. And I have my budget, so add those 2 together plus whatever sale. I need shoes. I need a pair of black dress heels.

Anita slingback

In black, of course

Katie Mule

I just like those.

They always have great sales. My favorite is ‘Spend $100.00, get $50.00 off’ Sale.  Or the 40% off one and 40% off the 2 highest when you buy 3 Sale.

JL Knit border tunic 40.00

I dunno, do you think it looks too much like this one, which I already have?

Lucy Sweater

Nah. Obviously not.

Really, I DO need the dress shoes. My brother is getting marries in October and I’ve pretty much decided to wear the red dress I bought over the summer.

red dress

So black dress shoes, at least.


Yesterday, instafreebie started up a bunch of freebie downloads. I downloaded 382 books. Do you know they get a tad irate if you download a dozen really fast? Actually, me and their captcha app became really good friends.  What should have taken 90 minutes took 4 hours. I mean, c’mon, you offer free books and then get put out because people take you up on it.

Ah well. I need to clean house. We might get hit by a hurricane so I want a clean house in case a tree hits us and it will be clean.

God! I sound like my mother!!!