We know which one is more important, right?

massive guy liner

The Guyliner is strong in this one!

I fell down on the job this week. Actually, I didn’t, things just got away from me. I spent MOST of Monday, waiting at KFC for chicken tenders (35 minutes folks, I was very displeased and let them know it! I embarrassed my son and several people came to our table and informed him that I was right!


And then we drove home and it took longer than normal for reasons.


(reasons being I have to go to the frickin’ toilet every 45 minutes when I travel!)

Anyway, we got home VERY late and I hit the ground running. Unhappy about that.

I was irked about funerals and I pray they DON”T politicize Burt Reynolds funeral! Really.


Bunnies, my friends. Bunnies.

I realized YESTERDAY we have a new month, so I didn’t do Zee Reads – which I know ya’ll could care less about but I enjoy it!

And thank GOD it’s Friday.



Shall we begin?

Reading – not a lot happening. I did read.

My trip through Maggody continues.with books 6, 7, and 8, putting me directly in the middle of the series. In this set, Ruby Bee becomes a finalist in the Krazy Ko-Ko-Nut bake off where NOTHING is what it seems (and Krazy Ko Ko Nut is a disgusting concoction), local boy becoming FAMOUS comes home to visit his aunt and give a concert bringing along a butt load of paparazzi and crop circles abound in Raz Buchanan’s field and the town is over-flowing with reporters and alien abductees.

We also find out what caused Arly’s divorce and why she left Manhattan and her cushy, high-paying job in the first place. Personally, I think she needs to turn old Jim Bob in for that crap he pulled in book one – I certainly wouldn’t allow him and his wife to run rough shod over me after that. I also thinks she need counseling for her divorce and the obvious humorous funk she’s been in now for 2 or 3 years and I think the press knows all about Maggody Arkansas Pop. 960 by now. The murder rate is SKY high!  Trust me, EVERYTHING happens in Maggody!


ManCandy, Sir Guy anyone???


Have a great day!