In 45 minutes, I was hit with 7  8 trolls who couldn’t spell.

Have no clue who ‘Alvin Brown’ is so why would you come here to speak to him?

Walked almost 4 miles this morning in just a little over an hour. Off to the showers. Have some Richard.


ManCandy Monday

I froze in the middle of this and I hoped to find what I had written in my drafts, but WP has hidden drafts. I only ever find it by accident. I swear, this is the most convoluted/journal I’ve ever kept. Meh.

My summer vacay is days from being half over and I have yet to accomplish anything I set out to do. I’ve barely touched the garage and I MUST make room in it for school shit. I’ve not been to the beach, not taken in a baseball game. We’re planning on going to Charleston for 3 days in late July – do an antebellum garden tour, plus some. I need to make a dental appointment and get an eye exam. I need massive dental work (hence the reason why I do not smile for pictures) and my glasses are 10 years old. I need stronger bifocals as well. The family room transformation is going VERY slowly. Come to think of it, nothing is really UBER expensive – the couch will be the most expensive thing and it’s not like it’s THAT expensive, but still… and the rug and the curtains. The curtains aren’t so bad, but I need so many of them. 8 panels. I have a wide wide window to cover.

I’ve done very little writing and I’ve not gotten my bullet arc for my Nanowritmo done. I NEED to get that done. Really.

I have 2 more installments for Guylty’s RA Challenge. I suppose I could wait until she returns from holiday, but I might just go ahead and finish it this week.

Also, I am being sorely tempted. But more on that after ManCandy Monday and it will be behind the cut, because we know what tempts me these days.

Mancandy Monday!

images (16)John-Tristram-50s-Biker-vintage-beefcake-8814408-259-320mm4QG2xZQ4hxmYMUWbpKrJAshirtless-real-hot-cops-unnamed


This girl is crazy for a sharp-dressed man!

And now… I have a dilemma… I am being sorely tempted.

The latest round of clothing catalogues have come and my inbox is crawling with summer savings…

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Guylty’s RA Challenge #27

I figure by now you may or may not be breathing again from the previous challenge – that would be the favorite RA costume that took me 24 hours and 2 posts to create at Tumblr. Either way – I am back from a vacay that went longer than planned. Old Zeepster damn near landed in the hospital yesterday, on the verge of a stroke. Folks. When you are diabetic, it is important to eat like you should EVEN if you’re on vacay, NEVER forget to take your meds, and don’t drink Coca Cola like it’s water.


RA Challenge #27 – Favorite Quote.


In this particular case, it’s rather true. It’s been a favorite for some time and it’s part of the reason why I fell in love with the man.

before bed

I own a damn library. Although I’m pretty sure our tastes in books are rather different, I still love a man who loves to read.

I was going to go home today

And we still might, depending on things, although it will put us in late.

I’ve not been good to me while up here this weekend. It’s not that I’ve ate a thing or two I shouldn’t have had – every meal has been something I shouldn’t have done. Cokes galore. Doughnuts. Bad bad bad.

We were packing – we are packed, tbh – and taking everything to the mud room so I could load the car and I started feeling icky. Not nauseous, just dizzy and woozy and extremely sleepy. It was 11 AM, I should NOT be feeling sleepy! My blood sugar was high this morning and mom made a typical southern, hearty breakfast. I checked my blood sugar again.


Mom wanted me to go to the emergency room. I probably should have. I insisted on a bottle of water and just let me lay down. An hour later, my meter registered me at 385, her brand new meter registered me at 345. I’ll take HER meter. I might need a new meter. I”ve been using this one for 4 years. Her meter registered me at 273 15 minutes ago.

This is scary. I’ve got to get a hold and in control. If it means I bring a case of water and my own salads from now on, I will. One of the actor’s from Animal House died this past weekend – 62, complications from diabetes.

Complications from Diabetes. Type 2 Diabetes. How many wake up calls do I need before I get it? I’m not invincible.

Right now I”m eating a Wendy’s salad. The cheese is bleh.

I am

completely at a loss. Our world is insane – criminals thinking they can eliminate an entire group of people. For the record, no, I don’t think more gun laws is the answer. We have more than enough as it is. Before anyone points out the high violence gun rate in the US, let me remind you of 2 things…

a) Outlawing guns will only take guns out of the hands of law abiding citizens, leaving them with no way to protect themselves because criminals don’t follow the law. My brother is a police officer and he’s told me many times – Girl, get a gun! Learn to use it! Make sure Spawn knows how to use it and where it’s hid. A gun in your hand can protect you from anyone faster than a call to the police. It’s faster than mace. No, if they broke into your house, if they’ve threatened you, they do not deserve a fair trial. Your life IS more important.

b) if you remove the gun violence statistics from the 4 states with the strictest gun laws – that would be New York, Illinois, Colorado and California, our gun violence rate drops significantly, pretty much to the same level with the other parts of the world they compare us to. The stricter the laws, the higher the violence. I live in Georgia. Our gun laws are pretty damn lenient. One of the most lenient in the country. There is a city in Georgia that has a law if you want to own a home in their fair city, you have to own a gun. This means if you have a felony on your record or a convicted pedophile, you can’t live there. They’ve had this law for many years – before Spawn was born – and it’s been a really peaceful town. I hope when I retire, I can afford to live there.

There. Off my soapbox.

No. This is not open for discussion.

Normally, this is not my political spot. Truth is pretty much all of my social media has become politically free. Pisses me off, to be honest. But I’m not one to bitch-slap my friends.


But the shit that has gone on in the world this week, from natural disasters, to man-made disasters, to criminals with guns, I’m just ready to go home tomorrow and burrow into my wonderful hidey hole, clean house, rearrange my family room and try – I said TRY – to write. My personal loan should be paid off, I think and if so, my paycheck will bounce back up next pay check.

I think we could all use (well, most of us, sorry Jamie) some beefcake.

firemgreatkiltimages (3)images (12)sweaty-muscular-cowboy-holding-a-saddle-on-a-ranch

One of the books I finished this weekend was a 3 on 1 – Cowboys. I’ll tell you about it in a few weeks. Needless to say, I could use a cowboy.

Or a leather clad knight…


Ya’ll have a good one.


Happy Father’s Day!

I’ve made an unscheduled and unexpected trip into the Interior. No, no one is sick or ill or hurt, Baby Bro replaced my brake pads 2 weeks back and noticed the JVC boot on the passenger side was in the process of shredding. That would cause serious and expensive problems, so Wednesday afternoon, he called me and told me to make the trip home this weekend and he’d replace it. 25.00 vs 400.00, I’ll take the 25.00.

So I came home for Father’s Day.

I’m so very blessed my Dad still walks the earth. I’m blessed he takes joy in me and my life. I’m blessed he stepped up to the plate and became the Father Figure in my son’s life when my ex husband stepped down from the plate and turned his back on the most amazing young man ever. Sometimes, I think I am the most blessed human being in the world, for real and my dad is the reason why, by teaching me how to live. I love him muches.


Well, here’s one for the books!

As most of you know, my parents were in an ugly car accident around my birthday in December. Their car was totaled, my mom and dad both had injuries. Mom has a bad back and it just made it worse.


The man who hit them was 82 years old and had caused 3 other accidents in the previous year. Worse, his car insurance was the same carrier as my parents. Their agent assured them when their insurance was topped out, his portion would pick up.

It hasn’t. It’s been months. mom and dad finally were forced to retain an attorney. Mom even signed off as ‘well’ even tho she isn’t because they can no longer afford to pay the copays, and the hospital and doctors are billing her. Mom will NOT tell people – this is a car wreck and you need to wait until HIS insurance company settles with us. What she did was make her chances of a settlement less.

The man was NOT charged, even tho he was pretty senile and has already caused several other accidents. We’re pretty upset about that.

This morning, Mom was picking up her mail and they get the weekly paper in the mail. There on the front page is a huge ass picture of a HORRIFIC car wreck just up the road from them. This SAME old man pulled out in front of yet another car, hitting it and another car in the process. Both cars were driven by teenagers – both were critically injured and airlifted to nearby hospitals. The man died at the scene. When Mom called their attorney, the attorney said, the state no longer takes away licenses. It’s up to the insurance company to NOT INSURE THE INSURER. As long as they can pay the premiium…

Mom feels that had his license been revoked, THEY wouldn’t have been in the wreck and the two teenagers wouldn’t be in a hospital in cricital condition. MOm is going to get a copy of the police report so she can contact their families so they will go after the insurance company.

I’m sorry he died, but he shouldn’t have been behind the wheel. Had the insurance company – or state – done what they should have done, perhaps a lot of cars wouldn’t be wrecked, those 2 teens wouldn’t be in the hospital and the old man, still be alive.

Monday Monday

Da daaaaaah Duh da da daaaaaaaaaaaaaaah

Good morning and how was YOUR weekend? Mine was pretty good. I finally got the bookcase built and the redecorating of my family is off and running.  I need to decide if my next purchase for the room will be curtains for that big-ass window

Curtains 1curtains 2

I’m leaning towards the lower ones. The room is very dark and I think the bottom set will lend some light. The rug however, will be the pattern of the upper one.

or a couch. The couch will be the most expensive and if I don’t get it THIS paycheck, it will be mid-July before I can afford it. I’ve toyed with the idea of getting two camp chairs, but the price of them combined will be almost as much as the couch – which can do double duty as a (albeit not comfortable) guest bed.

couchcouch two

There’s only 20.00 difference between the two, but I like the 2nd (more expensive) one because you have those prop ups.

Of course, I also have to look at assembly (yeah, I have to put them together) and according to reviews that bottom one is a bugger to put together. I’ve tossed about the idea of just getting a couple of camp chairs, but by the time I get 2 or 3, they’re just as much as the couch.

I also have to get a cubby

9 cubicle

(I can get a 6 square cubby and I have the option of either pattern in turquoise and plain canvas in turquoise or any combination) These will be perfect for all these charger chords I misplace and my externals and other… things I misplace. MP3 players and pens and markers.

and rugs


I’ve decided on a 5×7, rather than a 7X10. Folks, I AM the queen of cheap. I’m not ashamed of it. I don’t have boo-kews of buckies to spend! Also if I got a 7 x 10, I’d have to take up furniture to put it down. No wanna.

But that’s what I’m working on! I should have done this LAST summer, but I was occupied, so we’ll just carry on, okay?

So we’re carrying on to day 26 of Guylty’s challenge. That would name your favorite costume of an RA Character. And I’m digging through the various costumes and I’m thinking…



He wore clothes?


I mean, I don’t consider a sock a costume, do you?


It look to me like he’s peeling clothes off…


no wait, he’s putting them on…. uhm…


no….off again.



yeah. Off.

Do you consider maybe… tattoos as a costume?



tumblr_nrermi7nOQ1sq1l2ao1_250 (1)

Ooops. No costume… again. How about…


Lee was slimy, but they sure knew how to … uhm… dress him.


The shorty Shorts!!!!!


Does that count?


Guess not. And what are YOU so prudy about??? It’s YOUR ass all over tarnation!


So the thing is, when I think of costume, I think of something more ornate than Lucas’s casual wear.


Although, I must admit what that boy does to jean, navy blue button downs and a black jacket is delicious!


Are those Krispy Kremes???


I would know those legs anywhere!!!

Daniel Miller dresses beautifully, up or down.


He undresses as well.


Gary’s wash n wear…


And I love a man in uniform!


or out…


But… costume.

Say what you want, Sir Guy knows leather and looks good in it!

tumblr_inline_mp2ioiCKQy1qz4rgpdoor guy 01tumblr_mjn27cx8ja1ql9ebno6_250a (2)

Even Sir Guy can peel it off!


tumblr_mjotcqTVkY1s2xkv8o1_500fAV GIF WERESDF

And it’s that pelvic thruuuuuuuuuust…


You KNOW we love to watch him strut!



Face it, that show knew what we were looking for. Sir Guy was the best dressed knight in the 12th century… even if that costume was technically…. wrong for the 12th century!

But who gives a rip?

The other costume that I took great delight in was Thorin Oakenshield’s. From his braids and ear cuff to his steel tipped boots, Thorin was every dwarf-maid’s dream.



from the fur, the crown, the armor, all of it. I loved THIS costume, in all of it’s glory.

Ooooh lookit this.



Do you see it???

I’m going to post this now. I’ve tried for over 6 hours. Between a slow internet and web pages that kept zipping out on me and not saving drafts, it’s pissed me off thoroughly. Such is.