Good morning and how are we all? Has the week treated you well? My blood sugar has been a bugger all week. It comes down, it goes up. I swear, it thinks it’s a roller coaster. Right now, it’s up. 12 hour day yesterday at school, ate after 9:30 – and ate stuff I shouldn’t have. It tasted good but I am paying for it today! We’re watching it and if it doesn’t go down, I’ll be visiting the little hospital around the corner from where I live.

This needs to stop.

Other than that, my week has been pretty good. Every day, I feel better about this move and I’m ‘shown’ that I made the right decision. Not only that, it is proven to me in many ways it wasn’t me. That means a lot.

PS – anyone who follows me on Twitter, might want to stay away for a day or two. Twitter USED to be my political platform, but not so much lately. However, for some weeks I’ve been getting emails from Twitter, telling me a certain Democratic Presidential hopeful had tweeted and I was pretty much done. Either way, I spouted off and I expect backlash.

That’s okay. But still… a heads up.

So, are we ready for Hawtness in Leather??? I sure am!

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Okay, I’m set. Off to drink more water! lesson plans are done, just need to print them. I’m good to go!


ManCandy Monday

Good morning and how are we all? Did we have a good weekend?

I fought with my blood sugar all weekend. I stayed very very thirsty all Saturday and Sunday – I must have drank several gallons of ice water. Normally, this is a sign my blood sugar is dangerously high, but when I checked it on my home meter, all it would say was ‘hi’.

Really? I don’t want it friendly, I want it to tell me what my blood sugar is.

Both former school nurse and current school nurse said older meters (which the home meter is) won’t register over 500. It will just say ‘hi’. As in ‘high’.


Either way, it’s down to 247 or 243 this morning, which I’ll take. I have a salad with me as well as a LOT of water. This is pissing me off.

Actually, right now, a LOT of things are pissing me off, but I’m going to not say anything until I’ve worked through them and then use the proper channels (not public) to deal with the issues at hand. I suspect this is messing havoc with my blood sugar this weekend. Spawn wants to start working out again at the gym. I’m good with that.

I had hoped to do some writing this, but that didn’t happen.

I DID get the boxes unpacked and cleared out in the living room and the furniture placed where it’s supposed to be. I broke my lit magnifying lamp – it’s 30 years old, so while I got a lot of use out of it, you can’t find them anymore, so I’ll be back with the neck worn magnifying glass and the lamp between my feet. 😦 The curtains are hung up, so we’re moving along.

I need to hang pictures and then it will look ‘done’ – I found my hammer, but still looking for my nails!

I have an end table as well. The room is going to be a hodgepodge of unmatched color – oh well.

All said and done, it’s time for ManCandy. Come get your mancandy on!

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Have a great Monday!

Eddie Money


The first time I saw Eddie Money was on Saturday Night Live  just as he was hitting it big. My first thought was ‘he’s 3 sheets to the wind’ – my 2nd thought was – but Damn, I’d hit that!

Let’s remember I was 17 and still a virgin. Those were the days.

Eddie lost his fight with esophageal cancer today. He was 70. He will always embody music of the 70’s and 80’s for me. he made my teenage and early 20’s years so much better!


Hello and Happy Guy Day!

Also full moon and Friday the 13th. Joy. (sarcasm).  My classes are feeling the effect of the full moon and we’re watching yet ANOTHER storm waiting to come up the coast. The Bahamas do NOT need any more rain. Neither do either of the Carolinas. this is just…. overkill. I haven’t heard if ferry traffic has resumed to Ocracoke. My son and I went to Ocracoke Island back in 1998 – to see the lighthouse. It is on one of the Outer Banks and we loved it. Blackbeard liked to vacay there. Either way, it was cut off and flooded during Dorian and now we have the future Humberto heading this way. Good news is Dorian stirred up cooler waters meaning it will be hard for any strengthening for anything coming behind it for a while.

I am still fighting with my computer over the changes created by Avira. Really pissed. It’s completely done away with the app that supports gifs, meaning I can only open them via the internet and WordPress won’t allow me to upload those. They also messed up my PC Nook. Again, sends my nooks to the internet to read. It won’t support the Nook app and I’ve taken it off and redownloaded it twice (the Nook App). I’m thinking an ugly customer service rant is due on their Facebook.

So we’re back to posting archived Guy posts. I don’t think anyone will mind.


Prettier than you.


No you’re not. (sorry. No, you’re not sorry!)

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And there you have it. Have a great day!

Today, an angel earned her wings

A dear friend of mine, Ruth, passed away this morning of ovarian cancer. It was her third battle with this disease, and one that hit quickly, painfully, and without remorse.

She was younger than me. Yesterday was her birthday. There are many things in this life I don’t understand, but her courage and faith kept her going much longer than the drugs did. She died with her father at her bedside, holding her hand.

She leaves behind three children and two granddaughters. Many friends.

Life is too short for anger. Life is too short to spend on hate. Tell the people you love them before it’s too late.

I remember

I remember 9/11. I fear many have forgotten. However, I also remember 9/12 and I want to be the America we were on 9/12. We weren’t different colors or faiths or rich or poor. We wren’t different political ideologies. We were Americans and we stood defiant in the face of terrorism as one voice. I wish for that day we stood like that again because if we don’t, our country will designate.

Tumblr news

So how many of us with Tumblr accounts got the email this morning informing us that Tumblr has been ‘acquired’ by Automatic – a company I’ve never heard of.

My only question is – are they going to go back to reasonable posting guidelines and STOP TREATING US LIKE KINDERS????

My email came complete with instructions on how to delete my account.

I’m going to be honest, I joined Tumblr back in 2012. I did so to have easier access to Karl Urban news and pictures. I stuck my big toe in that pond to discover that man had some of the craziest fans who would take your head off over things that didn’t concern them. I had an 18 year old with mental issues try to pick a fight with me over something he misconstrued and didn’t understand the subtle art of apology when I informed him he missed the point. His friends were PMing me, apologizing for him. I didn’t buy that either. I had a 16 year old try to tell me I wasn’t supposed to comment when I reblogged stuff. Role playing people who didn’t get role playing. The place was a bastion of underaged, hormonal idiots to whom everything was either ‘pure’ or cause for war. Of course, when The Hobbit came out and I found Richard, my Richarding took over. I couldn’t imagine NOT checking Tumblr several times a day. I lived there. I lived on the Richard thread. LIVED on it!

Oh and Richard has his share of crazy fans, but we won’t go there. I think my go round with Whozits Whatzits is pretty epic. And probably still discussed behind my back.


Life has settled down since then and I don’t visit any specific threads anymore. Occasionally, Richard or Karl will cross my dash, but most of my dash pictures now consist of food and flowers and funny stuff and puppies and kitties. And yeah, political stuff. I fear many of my former left-leaning friends have unfollowed and blocked me as sometimes, yes I do comment on The Stupidity.

Anyway, I get this email this morning and I’m hoping that Tumblr relaxes. I mean, we’re pretty mostly much adults here, right?


In other news, I need to find my lease. My former landlord is being a complete twat. You would NOT believe the text message I received from her at 2 AM this morning. Cleaning carpets I understand, but the landscaping fee and the lightbulb fee and the demand for immediate sending of MORE RENT…


Have some Richard.


Just Glowing!!!

My new principal came up to me today and said – our kids are loving music again! Thank you! In addition, I’ve had several teachers tell me last year, their kids hated music and now they love it and can’t wait for ‘their day’.

Do you know how GOOD this makes me feel???


ManCandy Monday

Happy Monday and how are we all?

I have returned to work with kids after a week off. Strange, but I missed the little buggers! I got a lot of hugs this morning. That always makes my day and it lets me know I’m reaching someone.

Dorian left a wake of damage and death from the Bahamas to northern Canada. I count myself lucky.

Spawn is sick. Spawn is NEVER sick, but he started with sniffles mid-week last week and is now down with ugly coughing and nastiness coming from the sinuses. I’m over-the-countering for now, but if it’s not better in a day or two, we might find a Doc in the Box for him.

So far for me, so good. This is my year to be major sick and me in a new school as well. I’ll take all the healthy days I can get.

I managed to unpack 5 boxes this weekend – this included two HUGE boxes. I’m thanking God for 2 linen closets!!! I’m aiming for a box each night from the garage and then 5 on the weekends. I can’t find my shoes. All of my clothes are unpacked, washed, and hanging up. But I can’t find my shoes. Glad I kept a few ‘staples’ out – my gold sandals, my brown Jesus sandals, my black wedges, my black open toed flats, a pair of gold mules and my navy kitten heels. I know, many people would be like – that’s 6 pairs of shoes Zee!

But I have how many pairs???? 24??? 25???? Plus boots??? I need to find my shoes.

So, are we ready for Mancandy Monday???

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Still not liking the purple suit. It was a tad tight in the crotch too.

Have a great day!