Guy Day!

My 5th grade girls are envious. They like my bling and they like my bell sleeves.

It’s been a day and I’m glad it’s Friday and it’s over. I have a headache. Bad. I wrote up a fight but my last class was enjoying a Fun Friday Activity so they didn’t come.  it’s been quiet here for the last hour and a half.

I ALMOST bought today. Pretty little lace socks. Something I could wear with an open shoe. Sadly, they were sold out by the time I hit my basket. Oh well. I didn’t need them anyway.

And the spring tunics are out. Lord, lord, lord!!!! Help me!

My crock pot black eyed peas were a hit! There are hardly any left. I’m glad! I’ve never made them before!!!

How about some Guy???


We do respect him but…

We LOVE to watch him STRUT!

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Bling and clothes!

In preparation for Guy Day…


And now…

54 days left.

13 days without shopping…

I got stuff in –

BLING IS GORGEOUS! Am very happy and the bracelet fit just fine!


These two pieces actually match rather well!



This goes beautifully with my silver hammered bracelet!

And both are VERY long! Hang between the breasts and the navel!

This is gorgeous!!!


Wonderful spring!! Sadly this…


I’m so disgusted. The thing is HEAVY FLANNEL!!! VERY heavy winter fuzzy flannel. Cold cold cold weather. And it’s a 16, no way it’s a 3X! So it’s way tight and uncomfy. I’ve contacted Baby Sis who is shorter than me and a size smaller. If she likes it, it’s hers!

I have one more thing. I’m NOT buying anything for a while. Can’t and won’t. Fundage is tight tight tight and will continue to be.

Happy Wednesday!

56 days left.

I am a shopaholic and I have not bought any clothes or  bling or shoes online in 12 days. I received my Roaman’s Spring Catalog yesterday and there is NOTHING in it I’m dying to have. That MIGHT change in a month or two, but right now, I’m just… no. no shoes, although there are some cute shoes, I really need bras. But no. I’m not even looking at Zulily or anyone else. No. No. No. No.

12 Days. Let’s talk again at 30.

Here. Have some Richard!!!!



okay, not really.

Charleston is about 100 miles from our driveway. We went summer of 2017 and visited a beautiful garden, the beach, enjoyed a lovely time. Charleston is a jewel of a city, part of a lovely Southern chain of olde, antebellum towns on the Southern Coast of this country, I love so much. You might not like our president, but I like him better than the person who ran against him.

EITHER WAY! While in Charleston in 2017, we discovered the City Market, which is an open air (okay, not, it’s now enclosed and air conditioned) market that runs about half a mile down the middle of the street. Hand crafted items, homemade food, spices, basket weaving right there in front of your eyes!!!



Rows and Rows of hot sauce and locally made jelly and jam and BBQ sauce.

Spawn wants to try the hot sauce labeled ‘Help me Jesus.’ I want to try ‘Wet Farts’.

We took the drive this Saturday mainly to purchase some pretzel dip you can’t find anywhere else. It’s awesome, but they’re gone and I can’t remember the name. I looked them up after we were there 2 years ago, but they weren’t on the internet and didn’t have a web page. Oh well.

Someone had a Cajun Bible. Next time we’re that way, I hope I can find it again.

There was beautiful jewelry, wonderful art galleries all around. Hyman’s Seafood restaurant had a LINE at 3 o’clock.


It went all the way to the corner.

I love the boats. I love love love boats. I love harbors.


I’m looking to retire in 12 years probably. Actually, I’m going to try to make it to 65 and then year by year it. 12 years is 25 years. I’ll be close to 70. If I can swing it earlier, I will and I’m looking at Charleston to park my carcass for the final time. There or Tybee.

I love the antebellum homes… that I can’t afford…

IMG_4421 (1)IMG_4410IMG_4409 (1)IMG_4402

Actually, the yellow one is the Daughters of the Confederacy museum and the entrance to the City Market beneath.

I love the parks in the city.


Brunswick had parks like this. So does Savannah. Savannah has city squares. Forrest Gump was shot in Savannah and the park bench Forrest sat on and talked about his life story has a little plaque.

Like Savannah, the best way to see historical Charleston is in a horse drawn carriage, pulled by some of the biggest horses I”ve ever seen.

IMG_4414 (1)

Charleston has this lovely van… Booze Pops!


They were doing a brisk business!!!

The drive to Charleston is largely marshland. It’s Coastal, the Low Country. If Tolkien’s Rohan was in the United States, it would be in the Ace Basin in Charleston’s Low Country.


If you’re paying attention, you’ll see the old road and train bridges I’d probably be scared to walk on. Spawn said we need to take another trip if he’s up to it during spring break and just be prepared to stop and take pictures. Trying to get these while doing 60 miles per hour was kinda difficult. And my camera has a better zoom lens.

It has been a warm winter here. While the northern reaches of the States has been under frigid polar vortexes and California has had rain galore, we’ve have temps mostly in the 60’s and 70’s. It seems to alternate here. One year, warm and tepid with a 24 – 36 hour cold snap every 10 to 14 days; the next year, 6 weeks if cold. Bugs will be Bitches this summer. Tomorrow will be a cold day and I”ll get to wear this lovely sweater I’ve just gotten in.


Tomorrow’s high – 54. Thursday’s high… 80. I’m shocked I’ve not been sick this year, weather like this! The Dogwood Trees and azaleas think it’s spring and are blooming. The Dogwoods normally bloom at Easter. Easter will be late this year – end of April, but February is too early for them.

You know, my family lives in NE Georgia. I have a brother in NW Georgia, up in the mountains. It’s quiet and peaceful and I miss them muches.

But this… this is home. Savannah… Charleston… Brunswick. The Southern Coast. The Low Country. This is home. This is what home looks like. It’s hotter than hell in the summer, but there is something laid back about the Low Country, something special, that can’t be found anywhere else. The food is exquisite. A low country boil, sweet tea, and a friendliness that can’t be matched anywhere. Savannah was a city so beautiful, that when General Sherman reached it after burning all of Georgia, he stopped and wrote President Abraham Lincoln – it’s a beautiful jewel. A gift. 

And Charleston is an equal jewel in the South’s crown. The only thing missing, is this beautiful yahoo…


That’s all.




ManCandy Monday

I’m still grrrrrrrrrring about last night and I only watched the last few minutes to make sure the download was okay. So I”m going straight to the good stuff.

ManCandy. Today’s edition – eyes. Yes, the eyes have it and will capture me every time!

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Y’all have a good week!

Happy Guy Day!

Lord am I glad this week is OVER! Meltdowns, fisticuffs, non-stop talking, being screamed at by half-pints, being told ‘you’re too slow, that’s why I took care of it!’ I’m done. Done done done. Stick a fork in it, done!

I have paperwork that MUST be filled out today! TO-DAY!  So I”m taking care of this now. Woke up at some ungodly hour and checked my phone to realize it is dead. Can’t find my charger, meaning my son has it. Good thing I woke up.

Spawn and I have decided we need a short break, so tomorrow, we are headed a few hours up the coast to visit Charleston for a day trip. I love their city market and there are a few things there that aren’t carried anywhere else. I need supplies! Nummies!

Despite the wretchedness of the week – something that causes me to self-medicate in the form of retail therapy, I’ve bought NOTHING! NOTHING, I TELL YOU! Do you have any idea how hard that is? I have drank way to much regular coca-cola. And I”m not ashamed. Spawn and I received a care package for Valentines Day from a good friend, someone who knew what I needed.


Among other things. But I love the hangers!!!!

Look at this.


It is mid-February! We’ve not had winter! This –


is due today and probably will not get worn until NEXT winter! I have a LOT of beautiful things that did not get worn this winter! Bugs are going to suck this summer!

On the other hand, I’ll probably turn off the air Sunday and enjoy the low electric bill!

I told Mom that my cousin had offered us his abode while Spawn is in the hospital and she took it VERY well. It is a bit of a drive, especially during rush hour, when we stay with them. Also Dad insists on driving and that is always an adventure. It’s exciting. *cringe*

My reading challenge is coming along. Of course, I’ve chosen many short stories and novellas… does that count?

You’re probably sick of me talking. Let’s just get to why you really came…

and no, not more clothes.


The Blinks of Seduction

I bring good newsaaatumblr_nchv2gKotG1sh6br8o1_5001458559_10202661591119852_1128695680_ntumblr_andchvqlORo1sh6br8o1_500tumblr_inline_mjs23drqfY1rbjfcb

I should be as lucky as the man on his knees.


And there we have it. My son’s alarm is going off and I need to get out of here in 45 minutes as I have a meeting this morning. Joy.