Wild crazy day

So we’ve had a day today.

I hired movers. It’s expensive, but they’ll do it, move it and I’ll just have to tell them where to set the furniture. I also need to come up with the funds.


Roamans raised my limit. No! I”m ignoring it. I looked and I’ve not bought clothes in 50 days! I’m not even considering anything until November at the earliest! I don’t need any clothes and I’m looking at what’s available and… nope. Just not ZOMGINEEDTHISNOW! Nope.


My Sunday School class treated me and Spawn to dinner. It was great and I enjoyed the time. There was a LOT of laughter!


The State of Georgia informed me today they have 90 business days to return my refund. That’s late August. I told the lady very nicely that while this isn’t her fault, this is a refund of MY money, overpaid the previous year. If I owed THEM money, they would be hounding me and charging me interest. She agreed with me.


I have reached a point in my packing where it’s either trashed, tossed in the least important ‘file later’ box, going in the charity basket, or being tossed in a box period. I have 15 days. EEEEEEEEEP!


I am taking mental notes of what I want to do with my home once I get moved in. Of course, I’ll have a better idea by Labor Day, once the furniture is in place and the pictures are hung. I have a coat rack to hang, shelving to place, curtains to hang, etc. I DID buy a really cute tin pot set for the silverware. The basket I’ve had them in just didn’t work but we’ve put up with it for almost 4 years. (Really longer as we used it in Brunswick) Spawn and I saw it at the same time and said – SILVERWARE! It was a duet! LOL!


But I”m going to want a new rug in the living room, new stuff for my bathroom,  things for the railing around the top of the breakfast room, a REAL desk for my computer and stuff.


For some stupid reason, I packed up my Jenumet over the weekend. I’ve called my doctor, who blessed me out and told me to come and get more tomorrow. Spawn and I will make a morning of it – going down and after picking it up, going to the mall for lunch. We might mosey some.


I’m thinking of doing a beauty mask tonight. No, not the charcoal one that Tiny Tim did (still giggling) but sometime that will make my face feel not so dry.


Went to the dentist and filled a tooth – I told her to pick the one she was the most worried about and damn if that thing doesn’t hurt more than the root canals. I’m told it was pretty close. More tylenol in my future.


I might take a break this evening and do some writing.


Of course, all of my yapping is an excuse and I’ll bet none of you have read a word. Enjoy one more time.



ManCandy Monday

Hello and happy new week to you!

I have new teacher orientation in 10 days. That’s all that’s left of my vacation. I need to be completely packed up by then because the following Monday, I have pre-planning. There will be NO packing once that happens. I’m commuting 75 miles one way until I get in the house. Dying here.

I spent the morning thinking about ManCandy today. Now I know, Michele (among others) will clamor for an All-Richard ManCandy – and that’s easy, but I was really thinking about MANCANDY!

I’ve visited this before. This is a ‘youngish’ society. I don’t know if it’s we’re getting older and young people are getting louder. Were we loud? I don’t know. Spend time on Tumblr and it’s like… is there anyone here over the age of 21?


WHAT? NO! Men in their late 20’s to 30’s are still babes in the woods!

I’m tired of manbuns!


Sorry Brock. Yours was cute – so was Jason Momoa’s. but it’s old.

I’m tired of stupid hair cuts


And ridiculously long beards.


The lumberjack look is NOT for me. And that’s a stupid haircut too!


And this…


No. Why do people do this to themselves???

I love this dude…


although part of me thinks it’s sad to ask a man to smell like a man.

I love this dude too!


You might talk me into eating more salad if he’s sitting at my table.

Did you know a million women COMPLAINED about this ad??? Please. Those women are hard up!


Shall I continue? Can I continue?? I don’t know if I can.

Oh btw, Jason, it’s time to clean up the locks and beard. The surfer look does look good on some –


This is a good look on you.

I typed in –


And got a shit-load of Hollywood stars like Kevin Bacon


and Mel Gibson and Johnny Depp and George Clooney – who I hate with a passion. (George. Not Mel or Johnny.)

Although I think Norman is aging well as well,


I love Fabio – love that he’s not FIGHTING the aging process, although I do wish he’d cut his hair if he’s not going to volumnize it!


But in the end, the question I put to my Google Image search was –

silver foxes

Well, they’re right here!


800378884e4c74844c6f6b8809052f13fc4DuHW3O4W4AEPve2images (1)imagesraportrait-2018-niff-richardarmitage-pointing-sarcastically_mar3118viagegefaveri_grati-cropraportrait-2018-richardarmitage-holding-umbrella-on-roof-top-during-bs3_mar0519viaminatanderThe IMDb Studio At Acura Festival Village On Location At The 2019 Sundance Film Festival - Day 1richard-armitage-richard-armitage-th-annual-paleyfest-fall-tv-previews-epix-s-berlin-station-held-paley-center-100107632tumblr_pe6ng3JSRn1vg1svoo6_250

I think this last one has a LOT more grey than he’d like us to think and I don’t GET that because it’s Damn Sexy!

There ya go! I have a goal today. I need to make it. (Finish packing my room completely! I’ve made quite the headway on it, but it needs to be done. )

Happy Guy Day!

FINALLY got my lease signed, now I need to set up my payment online. They don’t take cash or checks – it’s all online. That bothers me. Also, there is NO grace period. It’s due on the 1st and one minute after midnight on the 2nd means 100.00 late fee. Per day. Holidays and weekends don’t matter. That bothers me as well. I working with a real estate management, meaning I can’t one on one negotiate much of anything. My current landlady gave us her account number, her bank was across the street and we paid cash directly in. When Spawn had the wreck, she allowed us to split the rent – half on the 1st and half at the 15th. It was a nice arrangement.

Either way, I’ve been awake with a nervous stomach all night. All night. I’m kind of dragging here. I”m wondering if some pepto bismal and an early nap would help.

Either way. It’s time for some Sir Guy. Ready????

19961343_1484192818286760_4118420224963986520_n19989800_1485144994858209_4774727965820334159_ntumblr_nms8znwJVVc1qgrjvxo2_250tumblr_oeifnqogw71uqe4edo6_1280tumblr_ond868qMHiq1si7vy2o1_500tumblr_onf70b8JwYf1txoz5ko2_1280tumblr_onzalqp6STB1u7ou2yo2_250tumblr_pmblu83hWvd1qfz23mo4_1280tumblr_pn6rfqw8kcQ1sh6br8o4_500tumblr_pndqyljm6RZ1qcznkqo7_1280tumblr_pna64pwoqGn1sh6br8o5_250tumblr_tnpu2teFRH91rhvpymo8_1280tumblr_umblu83hWvd1qfz23mo9_1280enchantednightingales guy 1tumblr_oeifnqogw71uqe4edo3_1280

I have a lot of packing to do. We didn’t finish yesterday’s project, so I’m off to hit it again.

Big sigh of relief

So if you’ve not been following through in the comments in previous posts, here’s the deal…



First off – the Ye House of the Shady Dale is ours!!!! I got the lease agreement and everything else and as soon as my internet starts acting right, I’ll sign it TODAY! We have a home to go to and it’s a lovely home and we love it and it’s perfect and I have NO regrets going into it.


Second, after going back and forth, my landlady conceded she contacted a realtor and they told her what I expected! Pro-rated rent! So I’ll pay for 2 days and we’re moved out on Friday the 2nd. We’ll do our walk through Sunday the 4th in the afternoon, giving me Saturday to clean carpets. I’m vacuuming and cleaning as I go. Praying I get ALL of my security deposit back by the end of August. The last paycheck I get from Savannah on the 31st of August will be it until September 30th. I’m going to have to get used to getting paid once a month again.


Third,  I have 2 quotes from movers. I will be talking with them today.


And lastly, I’m still tight funds. Okay, I’ll be honest. Short. I’m short funds. I’ll squeeze a turnip somewhere. I hope.


Right now, I’m setting daily projects. My project today is

a) pack up my room. Completely. I’m leaving out 2 towels, my bathrobe and I can still get to clothes and antiperspirant. This includes vacuuming and the stuff on top of my closet.

b) pack my bathroom, with the exception of the normal bath stuff. Not even that. Shampoo. Soap. I’m considering going Au Naturale for the next 3 weeks. Dwarves will love me!

befunky_impressionist_2thorinside (2)

c) Spawn is SUPPOSED to put away and hang up all of his clothes. This is a chore for him. When he finishes that, he’s to pack what he can into his drawers. I’ve asked him to PLEASE clean his bathroom. He has 2 rooms and a bathroom he’s in charge of. I’ve got the rest of the house. Meh!

Lord Thunderbutt knows something is up and is being rather contrary. If it’s left on the table, my bed, or the couch, it’s finding the floor and he doesn’t look so innocent. I’m looking into boarding them on the 2nd/3rd. If funds come available.

Oh damn forgot. Pet deposit. Sigh.


Lunch is done. Back to this room!

Hear this?


This is the sound of my landlady screwing me for more money.

In short, after nabbing me for ANOTHER month’s rent, she informed me if I’m not completely out by the 31st, she will charge me another full month’s rent. I’m now looking for a mover who will pick up on the 31st, hold it until the 2nd and deliver on the 2nd. And Spawn and I will need to find a pet friendly motel.

I’m out of money. I don’t know if I can afford this.

Edit: Landlady has had a change of heart if I only need 3 days. Have some Richard! 


Wild Hottie Wednesday

Okay, maybe not THAT wild, but seeing how there was no Mancandy on Monday and I’m sure we could have used it… I’m proposing a make up day – RIGHT NOW!

happy dance20bbeaa9ea240c90ca2aed0912ce2ad3--hot-firefighters-hot-firemen6ef0e8dd27c6a94323611faf506eaa6b

If Jimmy is on the cover, I’m gonna buy it. Guarantee!



Oh. Hullo Brock. Is he still an internet sensation? Or am I just pulling pictures from an old stash?


This set of pictures (San Diego ComicCon)  was the first time I’d ever laid eyes on Richard Armitage. I’ve been in love ever since!


Has anyone heard any update on Sarah Dunn? Last I heard, all of her social media was down.


My application was accepted, we’re waiting on information from my current landlord and a credit check. I should know by tomorrow. I’m so nervous. Really nervous. There was one person in front of me, but the agent said their credit and rental history wasn’t good, so she really doubted that it would go. I won’t feel good until I get the signal to sign the lease!!!