Clothes Gluttony

Happy Saturday! How is everyone? I’m counting down the last 4 weeks; the last 20 days of school WITH kids! I have 4 days after that and then 8 weeks of bliss! Spawn and I are doing a brown sign tour this summer (all the cool brown signs you pass on the road and forget about. Remind me to tell you about the Brown Sign we visited over spring break!)

It is lovely here today. Sunny, temps in the LOW 70’s, lovely breeze. The air is off, the doors are open and –


the birds are being watched intently!

Every season, I go through my little abode and just love it more, even with it’s warts and problems – things that need to be fixed, the fact the bedrooms are really a bit TOO small, the kitchen is too small…

But for all intents and purposes, it’s mine – as far as a rental goes and even though I’ve been in it for almost 2 and 1/2 years, I still get that chill I got when I signed the lease and walked into it, empty, but welcoming me and mine home. I hope I never get over that feeling. It’s such a great feeling!

I promised I wouldn’t yack so much about clothing and I’ve tried. I’ve only made one picture reference this year and that was at Easter.  (There was also the picture reference to SPRING and warm weather that included a completely snazzy pair of shoes!!!) So only those interested should click on the read more.

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Guy Day!

Happy GuyDay! 20 days left with students, 24 days left PERIOD. I’m excited.

Also, I want you to know the sacrifice I”m making by NOT SHOWING ANYTHING I”VE BOUGHT this year (except the Easter Dress) I promised. I”m holding up my end. I want SO bad to show off, but I’m not.

So, welcome to GuyDay! Sir Guy, anyone???

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Something’s wrong

So all weekend I was bombarded with ‘BIG SALE’ ads in my email for my favorite places and I looked. I really did. And I got a load of catalogs. And I looked. I really did.

And I’m looking and I think – I have that… I don’t need that… I don’t need THAT either… cute, but… nah.

So I’m like – nope not interested.

Clothes, people. Shoes. And I’m not interested???

I need a doctor.


So while I sweated over my taxes

actually, I didn’t sweat THAT much, but I am very pissed that after telling me they would do my taxes for FREE, Turbo Tax then Charged me a total of 150.00 for fed and state taxes and charged me for e filing the direct deposit. It’s STILL going to take 3 weeks and they harassed me to add some Max thing to talk to a CPA for an additional fee of 75.00. I have seriously extensive dental work this summer. I need every frickin’ dime I can get!

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Poisoning Pigeons in the Park

Spring is arriving across the Northern Hemisphere and when I think spring, I think of this song…


I also think of bright clothes and flowery shoes…


that right now I can’t get my feet into. Well, my left foot into, those pesky broken toes are whiny. But I digress.

Others are showing off their gardens and back patios and I’m still digging up my triangle splotch of yard. I finally broke down and just sprayed the thing with weed and grass killer and will just set up containers and toss down chips and rocks!

And for those who don’t know, this is what spring in my neighborhood has looked like since February.

This week

Take a good look at Monday, followed by Wednesday…

25 days left with children.

29 days before I go home.

Who’s counting? Not me.

Right now, I’m heading to the showers, to get prepared for today’s showers…

Sunday rain

For those interested, Aside from Heaven as been updated.

And to complete this rambling no point post, I will end this with some Sir Guy..

(Has anyone seen Guylty? I’ve not seen anything from her in what… 2 weeks???)


Urban and the Shed Crew

The last few days, my Tumblr dash has been inundated with stills from Urban. This is a movie I’ve chomped at the bit to see; had come to the conclusion it would never be released and it would go the way of The Crucible for me… lots of stills, no chance of seeing. (Do not speak to me of Digital Theater!)

When it was finally released online, I said I would wait until it’s released on DVD – and I can buy it on Amazon. I’ve heard quiet moanings of – not in my area, only on Windows, can only watch twice in a 30 day period… oh yeah, I’ll wait until it’s released.

But I am having second thoughts. Perhaps, this weekend…

Convince me.

ManCandy Monday

Okay so whatever heinous stomach bug my son had Friday/Saturday, decided to visit me at 3 AM this morning. No way to loose weight, I assure you.

Aren’t you glad I got that out of the way first?

Good morning and happy Monday! I am Dr. Zee and I have what you need! You need hot men, yessiree!

Oh look, all that rhymes….

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