Happy Guy Day!!!

And how are we all? I for one am glad this week is over! It seems every time we have an extra day off, the kids come back like they’ve been gone a year! Rough, rough, rough week!

Either or! I need this weekend bad! Real bad! And the best way to start the weekend off is – you got it – getting your medievel Leather Clad need taken care of! Let the weekend commence!

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I’m good to go!!!!



ManCandy Monday!

Hello and how are we all? FINALLY! We are getting rain! And it’s NOT from that Wind Heifer, Flo! We are supposed to go to the grocery store, but I’m thinking with the pressure headache and the fact I’ve not slept well for the last few days, We’ll make that trip tomorrow.

I’m falling asleep. Big time. So we’ll cut straight to the ManCandy! All RA edition!

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I am SO bad

So when last we checked in with our clothes crazy heroine, my credit limit with Roamans had been raised to 1350.00, I broke down and bought 2 pairs of shoes

Katie Mule


(I got these in gold.)

And a pair of brown fake leather leggings.

leather pants

If they fit nicely (I got them a size smaller than what I’ve been wearing, because the last pair I bought were too big!) I will get a black pair….


da bulge

just like that….


Last night, I was perusing a site a rarely peruse – the same site where I got THIS –


and found this for a steal –

Music Tunic

BUT I haven’t been to the grocery yet and I haven’t done laundry yet and I know it will be tight tight tight with gas and such, so I started to just pass it by when I saw the little blurb…

$15.00 off your order when you apply for a credit card.

Folks, the tunic is 14.95. I’m like – okay, what the hell? SO I apply, thinking I”ll get $250.00 credit limit, I’ll buy it and pay the shipping and handling in 2 weeks or whenever it ships and I’m charged for it.

Those sons of bitches gave me a $700.00 credit limit! I bought the thing and I’ll pay $5.95 shipping and handling. It’s the same bank doing my Care Credit. And I’ll hide it! The card!!! I bought there a lot when I first moved here, but now I buy very little there because it takes so long to have anything delivered anymore.

In other news, we’ve not had a drop of rain from the storm. Some breezy weather, but not a DROP of rain! It’s been hot, humid, and cloudy all day today, but that storm is far to the north of us. I’m ready for some fall weather.

Also Brother Dearest put off the wedding until early May, so I’m seriously going to try to drop another dress size or two. One hopes.

Here. Have some Richard!

oh dear sweet god in heaven don't you love metumblr_inline_miw7ftde9R1qz4rgp


Last night

we got some wind. A cooler, snappy breeze. We are scheduled for scatter rain showers over the next 4 days. That’s it for us. I’m hearing rumors she might turn back out to sea and reorganize…

But she’s not done anything anyone expected…

And it’s 3 PM and I’m STILL in my pajamas!

Here. Have some belated Guy…  smolder edition



Fly Away, Florence!

As she approached the coast, Florence is weakening. She is now a Category 2 storm, with sustained winds of 110 mph. However, she’s become larger, spreading out, with a larger band size and is expected to drop a lot of rain in a lot of places. Langley Air Force Base in Virginia has flown its planes out an into Ohio. Virginia had heavy rains last weekend, so they are expected to flood.

Georgia is also now expected to flood. We are part of the LowCountry; marshes and low lying barrier islands. As a result, my school system is closed tomorrow. She is going to make landfall at both Carolina borders and then turn south before heading north west. Georgia mountains (my parents) will see a lot of rain from this.

It’s going to be a wet weekend.

Meaning I think I’m going to do some writing. whoot!

If you are in the path of this storm, please please please move inland and on to higher ground.

Oh and I am soon to be the proud owner of 2 pairs of REALLY cute mules!!!  (not the hee haw kind!)

Have some Richard!




Yes, I know! Zee! Why are you so happy? Hmmm?

Well it’s HUMP DAY! Just have Friday-Eve and then FRIDAY!!!!

Florence is losing wind speed. She’s STILL a nasty and dangerous Category 4 hurricane, but her winds are coming down as she bears down on Wilmington and Myrtle Beach.  We are going to maybe get some rain, but that’s it.

I think. Weather dot com isn’t cooperating with me these days. I have an ad blocker and they keep begging me to unblock the ads. I understand you use them for income purposes, but most ads I find intrusive and I don’t click anyway. So no.

I GOT PAID 5 days early and didn’t know it. My paycheck has been sitting in my bank account since Monday morning! I suspect it’s because they thought we were going to get hit by the storm. WHAAA HOOOO! AND I DID get a raise!!! I knew I was going to get one, but according to last years payscale, it was rather minuscule. Apparently the state gave us a decent one and maybe even the district gave us one as well. Happy happy!!!! I see some cute Leopard mules in my near future!!!

Katie Mule

So Spawn and I are going to Lighthouse Pizza tonight!

Here! Have some Richard!!!


Tuesday natterings

I feel like crap. Might have a lot to do with the fact I got about 4 hours sleep last night – 3 hours, up and then 1 hour. Not fun. My blood sugar is way high. My doctor is out of my Jenumet. I found some from an old RX, but it doesn’t seem to be doing much of anything. I ran out of Glimerperide on Friday and didn’t have a refill, so yesterday’s sugar was just above 300.

I can’t believe I LIVED like this for months! Gad, I must have been miserable!

It looks as if Florence is going to hit North Carolina dead on. It will be the strongest strike the East Coast has ever taken. We will get wind and rain and inland will take a lot of rain. She’s going to linger once she comes ashore. There are 2 more behind her – Helene and Isaac. It looks as if Isaac will cut through the Caribbean and then head into the Gulf. Helene… dunno yet.

Today is the anniversary of 9-11. I remember well where I was. I watched the second plane hit the Tower. At that point, I KNEW we were under attack. The CDC Yerkes Primate Center was directly behind my house and while I was hanging laundry, one of the security guards came to the fence and told me to pick my son up from school and go to rural ground. We did. It was eerie to look into the sky for many days and NOT see a plane. We have long memories. We remember WHO did this to us. We’ll do most anything to make sure it never happens again.

It’s probably why many of us are like we are.

And last, I just received word that Roamans has raised my credit limit another 350.00. I’m doomed.

Here. Have some Richard.

tumblr_mezsj2cynu1rkk5oco2_500tumblr_mhklaacSsH1qjvtw6o1_500000 love this

It is 4:40 in the morning

and I’ve been awake since 3 AM.

I had a really stressful day yesterday and right now, my unhappiness level with many things is over-whelming and there’s not a damn thing I can do about it for some months. Just batten down the hatches, go through the motions. Prayers and positive thoughts would be appreciated.

Florence is a strong Cat 4 storm and currently eyes North Carolina. This doesn’t mean much. Things can change every hour. Last year, Maria was scheduled to hit Savannah square on on a Friday. We all headed out on Wednesday. At the last minute, she went further west and went up the Gulf Coast of Florida, after decimating Puerto Rico. Ended up where we went to hunker down got more rain and wind damage than if we had stayed home. My mom has already called, asking when we’re heading that way. Not yet. We’ll probably ride it out. If things go as they think, we’ll get rain. Wind. We MIGHT shut down for Friday. Doubt it.

I tried to load some Mancandy last night, but  my computer wasn’t cooperating very well, so here’s Mancandy on Tuesday.

You know, I did a search for some new mancandy. I was rather disappointed. I’m so over the manbun thing.


I like beards, as long as they aren’t down to the chest, but that seems to be the thing these days.

Some of these ‘mancandys’ were more like man-babies. Really! They didn’t even look legal!




Needs more clothes…




Is he wearing twinkle lights???

Okay. let’s try again.


that last one…







Weekend natterings

We are watching Florence.

florance 3

She went to a high powered hurricane mode last week and then hit wind shear which sucked the life out of her. This morning, she reached Cat 1 status and thanks to really warm water and no wind shear – is going to ramp up really fast again. Both Carolinas have already declared states of emergencies.

Florance 2

Needless to say –


Suffice to say, unless the old girl takes a sudden turn north, I have a feeling we’re going to be off a few days and I won’t get a full week off for Thanksgiving for the 3rd year in a row. I don’t get  how the coast of Georgia has been quiet as hell since 1880-something and then I move here and it’s every year we get smacked or side-swiped! Ah well.

This morning, I watched a movie I’ve not watched in years – decades, to be honest. The Breakfast Club. Back in the day, I perved pretty bad on Judd Nelson. Yeah, even then, I had a thing for bad boys. Explains my Guy-lurve.

judd nelson

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Mancandy, Reading, and GUYDAY!!!!

We know which one is more important, right?

massive guy liner

The Guyliner is strong in this one!

I fell down on the job this week. Actually, I didn’t, things just got away from me. I spent MOST of Monday, waiting at KFC for chicken tenders (35 minutes folks, I was very displeased and let them know it! I embarrassed my son and several people came to our table and informed him that I was right!


And then we drove home and it took longer than normal for reasons.


(reasons being I have to go to the frickin’ toilet every 45 minutes when I travel!)

Anyway, we got home VERY late and I hit the ground running. Unhappy about that.

I was irked about funerals and I pray they DON”T politicize Burt Reynolds funeral! Really.


Bunnies, my friends. Bunnies.

I realized YESTERDAY we have a new month, so I didn’t do Zee Reads – which I know ya’ll could care less about but I enjoy it!

And thank GOD it’s Friday.



Shall we begin?

Reading – not a lot happening. I did read.

My trip through Maggody continues.with books 6, 7, and 8, putting me directly in the middle of the series. In this set, Ruby Bee becomes a finalist in the Krazy Ko-Ko-Nut bake off where NOTHING is what it seems (and Krazy Ko Ko Nut is a disgusting concoction), local boy becoming FAMOUS comes home to visit his aunt and give a concert bringing along a butt load of paparazzi and crop circles abound in Raz Buchanan’s field and the town is over-flowing with reporters and alien abductees.

We also find out what caused Arly’s divorce and why she left Manhattan and her cushy, high-paying job in the first place. Personally, I think she needs to turn old Jim Bob in for that crap he pulled in book one – I certainly wouldn’t allow him and his wife to run rough shod over me after that. I also thinks she need counseling for her divorce and the obvious humorous funk she’s been in now for 2 or 3 years and I think the press knows all about Maggody Arkansas Pop. 960 by now. The murder rate is SKY high!  Trust me, EVERYTHING happens in Maggody!


ManCandy, Sir Guy anyone???


Have a great day!