ManCandy Monday!

And how was your Monday?

Despite it being February, the temps this week are hitting the low 80’s and staying there. Pollen has dusted everything.

If you looked, you can see I have dressed for spring! It’s bad when you have to buy a tunic to match the shoes you just could NOT pass up!

And I keep saying – I’m done shopping. I’m done.


Either way, it is time for some Man Candy!





I have no idea who this hottie is, but damn, my hormones just moaned.


Hullo Brock!


And in case you didn’t see… this is what I think Fulks looks like.





I hope you had a great day!



hath sprung!!!!


There’s pollen everywhere!

pollenmememeth-to-sudafed6ad1c0e906c619afa9528823b3ab4a88atlanta pollen

Actually, I didn’t even leave town! I stayed in. I tried to buy some cute things on serious sale but American Express decided to vomit so no one could get nothing for 24 hours and by the time they fixed their mess, the coupons I tried to use now show they’ve been used, when they haven’t. Roaman’s told me to call my credit card and the credit card told me to call Roamans. Sale is now over and what WOULD have cost me 57.00 including shipping and handling will now cost me 148.00. Stuff is cute but not THAT cute. So no.

But I”m enjoying the slightly uncomfortable shoes.

Came out this morning to a car I didn’t recognize. My car is dark charcoal grey. This car in my driveway was yellow. Go figure. You know, I’m allergic to this crap and I just got over the bronchitis and asthmatic bronchitis and whatever heinous flu/URI/sickness and now this. THIS! I can’t win! Everything that deals with sinus and headache puts my behind to sleep! My kids are tired of movies, I’m tired of movies. We’re tired of all of it.

There will be ManCandy tonight. Yessireebob!

It’s GuyDay!

Despite wasting 2 boxes of Samoias, Valentines Day chocolates and eating out almost every night, I still managed to loose a pound. I’m wearing my Foil Print Jeans and a beige top and my favorite man is taking me out for dinner! Pizza on the island!

My blood sugar is bad. Really bad, however. Oh well.

25 days until Spring Break, 60 days until the end of the school year, no more kids. But I’m not counting.

(That’s a lie)

So it’s Guy Day! Get your Guy on!!!!

door guy 01tumblr_inline_mlxa19dmHV1qz4rgptumblr_inline_mmr7y5j7H91qz4rgp000 aaa tumblr_n8wcnnb53z1tzjya4o1_500aaatumblr_ncs7htGNZF1sw03ifo1_400tumblr_nc4w3ls2es1sh6br8o2_500tumblr_n7485xlzhg1tzjya4o1_500

Have a great weekend!

Ah me!

Today, was a mostly shit day at work today. Mostly. I won’t go into ugly details (except privately, if you’re curious) but there was a nasty display of unprofessional behavior between two teachers who aired their nasty differences in the hall in front of God and everyone, including administration.

But when the day wrapped up, my son called me to tell me he had passed his Calculus test – this is the third time he’s taken Calculus and no one told him the first 2 times he needed to take Trig first – and he was all excited.

And then I got home and found some beautiful love in my mail box. Sorry the pictures are so crappy.


ManCandy – Valentine’s Day Edition

Yesterday, my parents celebrated 57 years of marriage. That’s just an amazing number of years. They married quite young – Mom wasn’t yet 18 and dad had just turned 20. They still hold hands and church calls them the sweetheart couple. Just an amazing marriage.

I’m jealous. I’ll never have that. oh well.

I hunted up some hot Valentine men for us but….



And yeah – it got worse.



I did manage to snag some nice ones…


My son bought me a HUGE bar of dark chocolate. yum!  I found a few other cuties, but I”ll share them another day. Honestly, all I want for Valentine’s Day is…



Happy Guy Day!

I think I’m over the sick hump! I’m telling you, it’s been AWFUL sick sick sick! I feel like I’ve spent the entire winter SICK!

Speaking of winter, the South’s Groundhog – General Beauregard Lee – predicted 6 more weeks of winter. I was good with that because that means later to start doing the lawn and later for hot weather to return. Sadly, I don’t think General Lee predicted right this year.


Do you see cold weather? I don’t see cold weather. I see mild weather where – yay – I can turn off the heat/air, but I also see lots of RAIN meaning bugs and growing grass. My phone weather map says it’s going to be WARMER – into the 80’s.

Meh. So unhappy!

However, I’m celebrating tonight – I have lost 4 pounds this week! TOOOOO ME! SCORE!

I also wrote 7 pages of William Edward. Darkness Darkness coming people,

And now without further fanfare, even though he loves it,  I present Guy Day!


Also, I’ve not bought anything in some weeks. I”ve made 2 payments on my credit card and will make a 3rd and possibly 4th before I even consider those pretty floral shoes. (I can get them with the kitten heel or flats. Same price. I’m eyeballing the flat. So lost weight and no clothes shopping….

door guy 01tumblr_mjp9qjDbsn1s82d30o1_500 (2)tumblr_mjqexlP99B1qex0dmo6_r1_250 (2)



ManCandy Monday

And Happy February to you! Can you believe it’s already February? I can’t. This school year is moving fast!

That means summer will move fast. My summer last year was over in the blink of an eye. Way too fast!

I’m home sick again. Sinuses, coughing – a rollicking Upper Respiratory Infection or most likely – a common cold. There is nothing common about this, let me tell you!

So I am home alone, the house is quiet… it wasn’t to begin with. My son’s cat, Widgette, got up this morning on the wrong side of the bed and has hissed her ire at everyone she can. She growls, doesn’t want you in the same room with her. Lord Thunderbutt can wander by and she screeches at him. After she clawed my toes and began the infernal yowling, I realized she was stressed about something and need the equivalent of a kitty time out for a migraine. So I chased her into my room about 90 minutes ago and shut the door.

However, within 5 minutes, this happened and is still happening.


Yeah, I need to do laundry and will when I”m feeling better.

Honest. He has sat sentry outside the door for the better part of an hour and a half, but neither one has made a peep. I’m not opening that door until my need for a nap overrides everything and I still might take that nap on the couch!

Anyway, it is time for ManCandy Monday.

I know you look forward to this!



And I need a doctor. So I googled images for ‘Hot Doctor’ and got this…


Someone got into Guy’s house and not only raided his wardrobe, but his guyliner as well….


Seriously, I NEED a doctor.



I feel better already.

Not really, but…

Berlin Station 2

I have been very ill today and decided, wtf, let’s sit down and binge watch Berlin Station season 2. I’ve not watched any of it so I pulled them all and loaded them up on the Big screen dvd player.

I’ve realize that I hate watching anything in a foreign language that has hard to read subtitles. This has too much of it. I also dislike shows about politics. I hate politics, I’m tired of politics, I’m sick of data gathering and an end of privacy. I have a nice stack of journals a friend has sent me and I think about writing in them, like a woman of old, where we get much of our history from-  Civil War and Revolutionary brides and mothers who had no other choice but to record their day to day lives and news in a little book. But honestly, there is no privacy there either. A private blog, locked down – nope. Big Brother is watching.

Am I paranoid? Not really. Anyone who wants to hack my stuff is welcome to. I keep mostly story notes and ideas there. So be it.

I didn’t like this season as much as the first and seeing how I didn’t like the first season until the last 3 or 4 episodes, that’s saying something. I didn’t like Trevor as a character – yes, I know it was Daniel under cover, but still… I didn’t like his haircut, or the beard, I didn’t like the character.  I felt sorry for Lena, I actually felt sorry for Hector, I will however, always be Team Daniel-Esther.

I have an entire mouthful to say about world politics, but I won’t, because it all sickens me and I just spent the better part of 7 hours watching World Politics. My head hurts, everything hurts and I think I’m just going to take meds and go to bed with my kindle. I am 65% done with the next Iron Druid book. There are a total of 8, I’m on #3, and I’m just going to binge them and then pick a series I’ve started and never finished. I think I’ll write them on scraps of paper and then draw one out. There are quite a few I want to finish – Father Cafael, Alex Archer (Anja Creed) Mary O’Reilly, I’m sure there are a few more I want to finish. A couple of Masters and Mercanaries I’ve not read. The next Thieves.

I wish Richard would play an enjoyable role, one that doesn’t hurt my brain so much. Or make my stomach lurch. I hope the Oceans 8 role is meaty.

I’ve got a sub for tomorrow, so I think after Spawn goes to school, I’ll write. William Edward wants to get a move on. So does Guy and Gary.  And my little original fic. I have too much on my plate.

And I’m tired. 7 hours in a chair watching something NOT enjoyable didn’t help.

Happy Guy Day!

I am home and will be home through Tuesday. My doctor says I don’t have the flu, but I DO have a heinous URI and I”ve been put to bed. Not fun. I might try to write when not medded up. The muses are talking and the period coming up for William Edward is very dark and not due to his doing.

I am in deep deep caca! The spring catalogs have arrived along with sales and more sales and I’ve figure out what outfit I can wear those cute little floral slings with. Very casual.


But I shouldn’t and I can’t… can I?


It is Guy Day and I need to go to bed. We have 6 more weeks of winter, which I’m not so upset about. It gets so hot here for so long…



Beauty such as this should be illegal, but I’m glad it’s not. I’m addicted. I know you are too!