ManCandy Monday

It was blooming frikin’ cold today! Tomorrow will be 15 degrees warmer, but still cold! My room was an icechest and I had it turned up as high as it would go!

Have we seen the youtube ad for Richard’s new Audible book????


That opening ‘HI!’ gives me wonderful chills!

I would like to write tonight, so I’m going to cut straight to the chase!

Mancandy Monday followed by scarfed Wall Paper.

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Scarfed WallPaper Day 9

Also a meme – I LOVE them and no one asks. Well one person asked. I’m such a schmuck.

A- are you single? Painfully, regretfully single. Happily divorced! 
B- birthday? 12/04
D- did u get ur first kiss? – Not including the 2 at age 2 with 2 different hottie toddlers,- oh about… 40 years ago this past April. 
E- easiest person to talk to? Probably Bev
F- favorite song? Right now – Ghost of a Rose, by Blackmore’s Night.

I hope that’s it… 
G- good at? Blow Jobs. Or so I’m told. 
H- hair color? Brown
I- in love? uhm…… with the exception of The Crush, I’d have to say no.
J- jealous of? Richard’s pillow
K- known as? Jack of all trades, Master of none.
L- longest relationship? 3-4 years
M- middle name? Drippy
N- number? 69
O- one wish? To be rid of this horrible disease Diabetes
P- person last texted? My landlady. I have a faucet that’s spitting mad
Q- question always asked? Why are you Conservative? or Where do you get your writing ideas from?
R- reason to smile? Spawn
S- song last listened to Blackmore’s Night – Home Again
T- time you woke up? 8:30 AM
U- 3 biggest wishes? A) Spawn’s health B) My health. C) My parents health.
V- violent moment? I lose my temper, however my biggest violent moment was when my ex husband physically assaulted me and told me I deserved it and it was my fault.
W- worst fear? Something happening to Spawn
X- ex you still liked after it was ended? Steve. I don’t talk about Steve. Relationship only lasted 8 months, but it was the healthiest relationship I ever had and when we broke up (mutual decision) we were more concerned how Spawn would handle it. (He was 6) Oh, Steve was 6’3″, dark curly hair and blue eyed. I have a type.
Y- your last hug? My parents last Tuesday.
Z- zodiac sign? Sagittarius.

Are we keeping up with Guylty’s Advent Calendar???? I know I mentioned this, but one of the online book clubs is doing a book giveaway advent.  The Ultimate Reverse Harem Advent Calendar. I’d like to crawl between Guy and Gary. Or Gary and Harry. Or Guy and Trevor Belmont. I might survive that one hmmm mmmm.

For those who are interested.

One tree is finished! And of course, I plug up my angel topper – the one I replaced the light in last year or the year before and the bugger is burnt out. So I guess I need to the find a replacement. Somewhere in the boxes, there are a few replacements. I bought a set of 5. I”m waiting for the pictures to get from my phone to my email. Usually takes 30 minutes, I don’t know why.


Yeah, it’s purple.

For those who are new – this is my angel lit up.


She is dear to me. She was the angel that sat on my FIRST tree – when I was 3 weeks old. So she is as old as I am. Mom and Dad were so broke, they put up a tree, with her, put me in a new outfit and propped me up under the tree. That was their Christmas. Mom had her repainted once. She has a hole in her candle, a hole in the back of her head and a warp spot in the back of her head from a light bulb leaning into it.

Hoping to get the other tree decorated tomorrow and Tuesday. I’m putting up other things around the house, slowly but surely. I’ll take pictures.

Okay, so enough about me. Time for stolen RA Wallpaper!!!!



RA Scarfed Christmas Wallpaper Day 8

Hello and Happy Weekend! I have 8 days before a 2 week Christmas break. Part of me thinks it’s awful that I’m needing another long break so soon after the last one, but… I’ve had the classes from hell this week and I’m thanking God I won’t see them in my room again for 6 weeks.  My bucket drums have arrived along with my drum sticks and I’m hoping to unpack them this coming week with my kids! Really looking forward to it! I’ll have happy pics up at the Donors Choose site by January.

My Christmas decorating is going slowly but coming along… I have 2 trees to decorate, but this past week has been crazy. At least my white tree – which will be all purple, silver and gold when complete is getting there.


No, it’s NOT done – I have a topper, obviously and about 75 LITTLE purple, silver, and gold ornaments to put on. I’ll probably put on my musical garland as it’s gold. Oh, you MIGHT have noticed if you looked close…


IMG_20181208_1310551 (1)

I have the living room and that 9 foot monstrosity in my dining room still. I’ll have pictures of everything when it’s done.

When I met the parental units to pick up Spawn on Tuesday, Mom made the comment – you’re off… Wednesday the 19th is your last day? So you’ll be home Wednesday night?

No. We’ll head up Friday or Saturday after. Little Sis is coming back with us to spend some sister time with me from the 27th through the 1st. I see a beach stroll and some Breakfast Club stuff. Maybe a trip to Charleston. Historical Savannah.

In the last 3 days, the Muses – ALL OF THEM – have gone off screaming. Even the two that have all but disappeared 12 years ago – yeah, the Elf and the Wizard.

For those who aren’t familiar with my creative insanity, I have FIVE distinct Storytellers living in my head who feed things. The Elf (HalMuse) the Wizard (Snapebaby) the 2 Rohirrim (Eekor and Gamlingman) and then the leather clad sex god. (who doesn’t really have a name yet!) Each has his own voice, lords over certain subjects.

Yes, it’s weird. Yes, I’m insane, but it works.

Either way The Elf and the Wizard have been silent as the grave for a long, long time and when the leather clad sex god stumbled over a WIP I’ve not looked at in years and pretty much decided was abandoned, informed me  it WASN’T abandoned and set up a battle cry not heard in my head in a long time. Right now, I have screaming and tugging and viewpoints and… well chaos…. going on and when I can get my home decorated, I’m going to have a writing fest the likes I’ve not had in years and years. Someone up there in my cranium found ‘Blackmore’s Night’ and the stuff is just setting every story line in my head on a bingefest! Right now, this is the Leather Clad Muse’s favorite…


It’s busy up there. And strangely enough, there is no headache! That’s a good sign!

Okay, I’ve rambled long enough. Please enjoy today’s stolen Christmas Wall Paper.








Happy Guy Day!!!!

And welcome to the weekend.

I didn’t think my day could get any worse – it DID! WE were gone half the day, due to a huge ass field trip, where many were left behind. Deservedly.

Sadly, we received and email, informing us of the hoops we’ll have to jump through to watch a movie or even a snippet. My 2 worst grade levels are during lunch and admin is there. I’ve gotten an email about ‘showing a movie’ (You mean when I was dehydrated and couldn’t talk…oooooooooookay) Either or, it’s not worth the hoop jumping and I”m pretty fed up with this attempt at micromanging by people who haven’t been in a classroom in decades or haven’t had to deal with children after a field trip on a Friday and have been sugared up. Add that the group this week is the worst of every class at grade level and the absolute WORST class in the school is my last class of the day.  I’m thanking God I won’t see them for 6 weeks.

I had THREE massive fights amongst my 2nd grade, including a lovely child who lunged at other children, screaming at them and when the child being lunged at popped said bully, bully went off and attacked the child. I pulled the little bully off and hauled them in the hall, where I was clawed very badly. In the meantime, student A rammed student B into a concrete wall face and knee first and then another twosome got into it…

My remaining classes were loud and the last horrid class didn’t even see the inside of my classroom as the PE teacher took pity on me and I helped him host 2 classes.

I need a bubble bath, a glass of wine and my leather clad darling giving me a backrub.

And I get home and discover the water faucet for the washing machine – of which I don’t HAVE one – is dripping and the floor is soaked. We’ll be finishing the main part of the house and contacting the landlady tomorrow

I need Guy Day. I need Guy Christmas Wallpaper. I need fucked and fucked well, but that’s not going to happen. Fantasy, being!


As you wish. You don’t need to twist my arm!


I’m going to decorate a tree….

Scarfed WallPaper day 6

I almost forgot! It’s been a day and a half! I swear I was a WWE Wrestling Referee for the Pee Wee Division today. 2 fights in my first class – the first one a chick fight – those are always the worst. My 2nd was beyond noisy, my 4th was beyond noisy. Don’t ask me about 1st grade. I don’t know how their teacher deals. I called one child’s mom because he was so awful and he sobbed for 20 minutes after that. I’m worn out. Thank God tomorrow is Friday, thank God we are out caroling for the 1st half of the day and thank God I won’t see this group again for 6 weeks. I”m dying.

The Muses talked me into it. That long ago abandoned WIP is back on the drawing board, the remaining bullet arc is written, I think 6 good sized chapters and the epilogue will take care of it. I just hope I can hear those voices again.

So here we are with Scarfed Wallpaper. Enjoy.


Scarfed Wallpaper Day 5

10 days to Christmas break. Can you believe I”m counting down already to another long break after a nice long break?

(Actually, I’m chipping away towards my retirement.  7 years goal to year by year. 12 years to 25 years.)

Over the weekend, I dug out an old old WIP I’d never finished. It is currently the size of Manna from Heaven and was a hellish crossover that a well-known flame site had ripped to shreds. They’re just jealous they couldn’t write something like that even if they were making fun of it, but I digress. I’ve not touched it in I want to say at least 7 to 8 years and after reading through it I thought

a) Damn, this is one of my better pieces of fiction and

b) Damn, it’s not that far from being done! 5 or 6 chapters? probably?

And honestly, I’m burning to finish the thing. Really burning to finish it. Even the leather-clad muse is saying – Sweetheart, I think you should put this on your front burner…

Right now, I have 5 pieces on my lazy susan. You think I should put on a 6th piece? I can’t even remember where I archived the damn thing!!!!

To be honest, I don’t think anyone would read it now. It’s the sequel to the first substantial piece of fanfiction I ever wrote and it was one of those fics that people LOVEDLOVEDLOVEDOMGILOVEIT to despised it so badly, they tried to hang it and me up by the toes to make fun of it. It was fodder for several flame sites and I pissed them off when I turned around in THIS fic and made fun of them.

Either way, I’m thinking of putting it on the lazy susan of whatever and picking it back up. And I think I’ll wait until it’s DONE before sending it off to the beta and finishing it.

So there.

And the fallout from Tumblr continues.

Stolen Wallpaper anyone?


This very old girl is falling over. I didn’t sleep well last night and I got up dragging my butt. Tomorrow is silly Christmas headgear day. I have something for that – lol!

Scarfed Wallpaper day 4

It has been a long long day. But my Spawn is home, Widgette is VERY happy, hasn’t left his side since he walked in. Tomorrow, we will start decorating the house! I’m excited!

His cardiologist is quite concerned. They want to see him back in 6 months. He’s complained of numbness on one side and they say it’s because his circulation isn’t great and he’s gained 20 pounds this year. That valve is slowing down. His cardiologist is going to take his records to the next big cardiac consortium next month or February and get a consensus and a few other opinions. I see a valve replacement over the summer.

Tumblr has done gone shot itself in the foot, back, and heart. Vindictive shits have already hit that is Richard Armitage, flagging the most benign posts. Looks as if they are targeting individuals. Figure my turn is coming up. All I have to say is this…


Either way, we are home and it’s been a long, but good day. Time for some stolen wall paper.



ManCandy Monday!

The countdown has begun…

Christmas, my son’s return. I suspect Widgette will live in his lap when his arrives. My trees are up, I just wish it would stop raining so I could get to the garage and my decorations. I have a short to-do list and I’m off and running.

I’m wanting to write William Edward – Sir Guy, anything I’ve been working on.  Any WIP. I need to get on a schedule or something and wouldn’t you know, a sensuous baritone whispered in my ear 2 nights ago – write us. Write that story.

Now by us, I don’t mean ME, I don’t mean a self-insert or a reader insert… I had an original fic lined out years ago – a contemporary romance and I’m just… I don’t think I want to go there.

I had to tell that voice that my plate is full. Thank you. I’ll THINK about that story once Ribbons is done and Ribbons is now on the rotating plate.

I am also very torn about what song lyrics I’m going to use for the next installment of Aside. We don’t meet Edward Robert – he dies on Bothsworth Field near Richard II, but Guy’s ghost is ‘alive’ and furious. I initially intended to use Elton John’s Where to now, St. Peter, but as of late, I’m torn between it and Diamonds and Rust. Ah well, I figure it will be at least a year before I get to that point.

So today is Monday… you know what that means…


0000images (11)I00006j22ryMEt68kittendales_fisherman645aa110613.jpg18363546-_sy540_

Who IS this man??? Those eyes… those guns…. sheeeeeit!!!!


As always, save the best for last!



And now we come to scarfed RA Christmas Wallpaper. As always, it’s not mine, I stole it, and I”m sharing it with you! Thanks to the makers for making this possible!

03 b03

Scarfed RA Christmas Wallpaper Day 2

Since I’m HERE and I need to go CLEAN, I”ve gotten my Reverse Harem Advent Calender book Day 2 and I might as well post my stolen wallpaper.

Oh, for those of you INTO reverse harem… Blushing Books is giving away one a day. I”m thinking they’re paranormal reverse harem romance something or other. Hell. Free is free.

It looks like 1 is still up!

If you’ve NOT been with us the last few days, we’ve had quite the enlightening, adventurous, and at times, energetic conversations about differing political opinions, shallowness and of course, clothes. If you’ve not joined in, please do. It’s been civil. Yay!

Either way, there are 2 rooms, really 3, calling me nasty, dirty names and it’s time to go silence them!


And I need to finagle with Tree #1. I won’t complain about it. We found it in the attic. Apparently a previous tenet left it behind. Goodies for me!

Again, I didn’t make ANY of these and I thank the people I stole them from.

christmas richard 03aa25a