I am taking a break

of packing up my room and as much as I want to be out of here by lunch Wednesday, it’s not going to happen. They are going to screw me about grades and screw me about keys and I don’t care. I simply do not care anymore.

That said, I’m still waiting on THAT call or THAT email. I’ve contacted them again, I spent yesterday down in the vicinity and I’m praying for sufficient moving funds.  And help with the loading, driving, and unloading. And a place. I have a deep deep feeling this isn’t my forever home either and I’m counting down to the light – that being retirement. 3 years… 8 years… 11 years… I’m over half-way there. 3 years will mean I’ve just had it. 8 years is the aim. Year by yearing to Social Security PLUS retirement is 11.

I am tired and I’ve not begun.

So how about some Mancandy????

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State of my closet will happen in the next 10 days. This has become a bit more serious than I anticipated.



It’s done, it’s over. Let’s commence with the good stuff before I whine.

3436 (2)38 (2)tumblr_mlj6dpTNTD1qfhkuuo3_250 childrens ad (2)

I do have a soft spot for Pudsy, but Guy is right – Pudsy will never love you like he does!


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So young. So innocent looking.

Key word: LOOKING!


Shirtless Guy… yummy.

Whining behind the cut.

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tenor (1)


giphy (1)




tenor (2)



Funny thing… my current upper class was gawd-awful the day I met them 4 years ago. I counted the years, the semesters, the grading period, the weeks, the days, I would see their backs for the last time. Counted them with great anticipation.

And now, I realize, I’m going to miss them. I’m going to miss some more than others and it’s not ranked according to how good or bad they were – more as the ones who made me laugh, made me scratch my head, made me think. There are the ones who changed for the worse, those who changed for the better.

When our new facility was built, I took a drive to see it, explore it. And then at twilight, I drove the neighborhood and was appalled at the living conditions. Last summer, there was a fire in which we lost 2 of our angels. As I was talking to other educators, it came to light there were 4 children and 3 adults living in a 2 bedroom apartment. With no fire detector, which is mandated state law.

And I’m thinking… how?

And research showed me our poorest of poor live better than 75% of the rest of the world.

And I’m thinking… how?

But that’s a rant for another place and another day. But right now… I’m going to enjoy…



Guy Day will be when I get home! 


Do you know how hard

it is NOT to buy clothes at this time because they take so long to get here and I’m not so sure where I’m at right now, is where I’m going to be come then.

Yes, I said that.

For all intents and purposes, I was offered an opportunity ELSEWHERE and I’ve accepted. I’m just waiting word that a few loose ends (references) have checked out. I am house hunting – in order to keep Spawn in college, we’ve chosen a halfway point between furthest campus and my new opportunity! It is within 30 minutes of where I used to live. Spawn and I are going to take a scenic drive Sunday to check things out.

I have children I will miss and worry over for a long time. I have children I can’t wait to see the back of for the last time.  We have 1 day left. I will miss getting these from my students…


Last week, we had field day for 3 days. As you know, I was burned to a crisp. Yesterday, I had a pedicure and a chin wax and the lady says – You need Vasoline for forehead. Yup. My forehead peeled while she was waxing my chin. I went home and shook dead skin out of my hair. Nasty.

Either way, while my KK was out by the swamp (fenced) we discovered THIS guy sunning himself!


Needless to say my kinders were fascinated!!


He was pretty big. I finally got them lined up at the cones and away from the fence and next thing I knew, he was GONE! Speedy little bugger.

I have a grading issue and I don’t know how to fix it, so I’m going to find someone to tell me how to fix it.

Here. Have some Richard!



ManCandy Monday!

HAPPY MONDAY! I’m down to the last week with kids here and I’m SOOOOO happy! One of my darlings sprayed some heinous perfume in the room earlier, gagging me out, so I threw the AC on full blast and made them run laps to stir up hte air and air the room out!

My burn is ITCHING! Doesn’t bode well for NOT peeling.

Are we ready for some ManCandy? I am!!!

man candy monday18aaimages (12)greatkiltfiremtumblr_m4wnldshNE1r1jk99o1_250tumblr_inline_mjnqt5lTwe1qz4rgp

Oh stop that!



There ya have it.

I have a sort of adventuring in about 15 minutes. Cross your fingers!

State of my Closet

is coming soon. Check your baggage and your outrage.

Or your jealousy. I careth not.

In the meantime, whilst being BORED and in PAIN and irked that I left my kindle at school – that which is the library of my CHALLENGE and I’m really liking what I’m reading now (hint, Richard, hot priest.) I did the unthinkable.

Now I do this all the time, even when I say I won’t, but something came around at Zulily that I regretted not getting the first time it came around 2 months ago. And as I have a 10.00 credit, I had to… y’know.

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The clean and polished

version of ‘He preparest a Table’ (aka ‘Dot Dogs!) is up at Dreamer fiction. It will go up else where tomorrow. Probably.

I am very badly burned from todays festivities. Yes, I was wearing 50 SPF layered on very liberally!



You should see the front. Sleeping will not be fun tonight.