Y is summer almost over?

I know, I know, it’s the smack dab middle of July, right? Here in the sub-tropics, we still have 3 more months of 90+ degree temps BEFORE heat index throws it into 3 digits! But I return to work the back end of next week! I don’t really have to report until Friday, but I’ll go in Wednesday to start setting up my keyboard lab and getting my room put together. I’m hoping I find my 2 externals before then. I have one full of school age movies to show when I’m out sick. I had them the last day of school, brought them home and I’ve not seen them since. No shit, Sherlock! Unreal, I know!

Ah. Harken back to the days when sumemr vacation was June, July AND ALL of August!!!!

2018 RA Challenge

Y – Choose a work of art of a song that reminds you of RA

and if that’s not enough –

Think I’m done? Nope. It’s Man-Candy Monday and as I somehow managed to go through Friday with no Guy Day… Man Candy Monday is brought to you by Richard Armitage, dressed up and no where to go but my head!





I hope y’all are having a wonderful Monday!


Bunnies here… Bunnies there…

I’ve been kinda at loose ends the last few days. Irritated with the roller coaster ride of my blood sugar and irritated that I’ve not really put down anything of value story-wise.

About an hour ago, I was bit by a bunny from a future reincarnation of Guy… the muse insisted I write it. I know it won’t make much sense. Some background – this takes place sometime in the 1700’s – please meet Hugh Robert FitzGisborne. He is in his 50’s, widowed, no children. He has a nephew, who will inherit, if he doesn’t remarry and have any and he’s not really in the mood to do so. He likes his nephew and the young man is planning a rather advantageous marriage the next year to an heiress that Hugh likes.

Enter Hugh’s elderly friend Arthur, Lord Wutherford. He doesn’t like his grandson, who is his heir, or his granddaughter at all. (For good reason) He does like his ward – Regina, Baroness of Torksey. She has a nice little estate that his grandson is eye-balling and Arthur would rather see it – and her – in more mature hands.

Not to mention, he intends on leaving his grandson the drafty old castle with the run-down furniture and the title and nothing else, while leaving his ward with everything else, which adds up to a tidy sum. He’s asked Hugh’s mother to sponsor (who Hugh lovingly calls ‘The Dragon”) and guide the chit through a season in London.

Well, I think we kind of knows what happens…

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I am very happy all of the boys and the coach trapped in the cave in Thailand have been rescued and look like they’re okay. Really. Very happy.

I was devastated to discover very late last night that one of my sweetest kinders perished in an apartment fire a few weeks back. The apartment had NO smoke detector! The landlord will get a 25.00 fine. Really? That’s ALL????  I’m just… devastated.

Man Candy Monday! Finally!

I have had a chronic problem with my blood sugar dropping in the late afternoon- early evening. I was not completely good today – although I hadn’t had any Cokes, the regular kind, that is, I did have a gyro with fries for lunch. Half way through dinner (grilled burger) I went into the shakes and checking my sugar, it was 80. That’s crazy low for me and considering I had a starting point of 152, and I ate heartily during the day, it’s distressing that it sank to that level during dinner. This isn’t the first time it’s happened. in the last few weeks. Color me unhappy.

So either way, I’m here with a late Man Candy. Belly up to the bar, girls!


I’m gonna go crash… as in g’nite!

X marks the spot

It is Man Candy Monday and let me tell you, I’m looking at my summer to do list and it’s woefully under-achieved. Very little writing has been done – Aside is in a DIFFICULT spot, I’m stalled with Nemo and The Shepherd  – well I’ve written and torn out that spot I don’t know how many times. Today, I am going into town to run a few errands; we just might make a day of it.

Nah. Prolly a few hours. It’s hot. Really hot. Melt the tires off your car, hot.

My RA fandom questionnaire is winding down. I love doing these things. I really do. Keeps my nose out of catalogs! LOL! In case you missed it, Guylty asked me why I tortured myself. It’s window shopping. I’m good at window shopping. For years, it’s all I could do and the memory is still fresh. My mom loves to window shop, but she window shops houses. I’m having that itch as well, but I’m not to sure this area is where I want to put down deep roots. Every time I start thinking about putting down deep roots, the Good Lord yanks me up and the deeper I’ve delved, the harder the yank. I’m thinking if I don’t do that, He won’t yank so hard.

2018 RA Challenge

X – is there a fellow fan who got you into either delurking or convinced you to participate in the fandom?

Ah, funny question. Sobering answer.

About… oh… 13-14 years ago, I was involved in a fandom war that lasted some years and cost people (not me) their jobs, their blogs, a lot of things. The actor was QUITE small, repertoire wise and had a small small bit (2 lines) part in a large production. This war ended all wars and made the whole Whozits-Whatzits uproar, look like candy. My antagonizers destroyed two, maybe three fandoms that I know of and had never had anyone they attacked fight back, something I do well.  I’ve always been of the mind-set of – if you want to dick me, fine. I’ll let karma do it’s job. But if you go after my family – or in this case, Spawn – I am Karma. Prepare to die.

And I became Karma.

In the end, I lost respect for the actor, who got pulled into it (not by me) and did not behave admirably, lost respect for a handful of long time friends, who had gotten pulled into it, not by my doing, and after chugging along for the fun of the ride, decided it wasn’t fun anymore, when the Sisters Gruesome went after them and attempted to get out of it by throwing me under the bus. That didn’t work either. When it was over and the dust settled, I decided that fandom was apeshit and I would just perv quietly on my own.

And that worked well for over a decade. I perved on several cutie patootie actors and was happy in my solitude. Which is all fine and dandy, if you’re into solitude. Yahoo Groups was in its heyday and let me tell you, despite the mucking up of it, and the onslaught of Instagram and Twitter and Facebook and Tumblr and Disqis or however it’s spelled, Yahoo Groups was the best of its kind and was the best place for people to get together and perv together for whatever purpose. Nothing has surpassed it.

Regardless, at the height of my LOTR love and Harry Potter love, I was active on no less than 125 groups. As of today, I’m on 11 groups and I wouldn’t call myself ‘active’ on any of them. Even the ones I moderate and the one I own.

So I’ve been perving a lone for a long time  except perving alone is like relying 100% on adult toys for relationship needs. Even if you name the toy, it doesn’t talk back, it doesn’t add to the conversation, it doesn’t initiate conversation and you can’t develop a relationship with it. You certainly can’t take it out in public, to dinner, much less to the movies.

It’s lonely.

My perviness on other actors were relatively short-lived during this time. I was a whore.  When you can’t talk about them, one-sided convos become boring, so it’s easy to move on. I had joined Tumblr and was quietly feeding my hunger for my previous Pervinator. When The Hobbit was released, Thorin invaded my fantasies and over a period of a short month or two, I went from following and looking for fellow Karl-pervs to Richard pervs.

And late one night, I met B

And if you don’t know who B is, shame on you! Most of you would know her as RichardArmitageForever.

It started as a reblogging comment and exploded into a conversation on PM that went on for hours.

As you know, I write fanfiction. I’ve been writing fanfiction since 2002 or 2003 and Guy of Gisborne had just invaded my dash, as well as my wet dreams and I hadn’t SEEN Robin Hood!!!  I was developing the plot for Manna from Heaven and I invited B to read my Rohirrim fic, which took up a lot of my repertoire and asked if I could bounce bunnies (ideas) off her.

She was a glutton for punishment and said yes.

And then she introduced me to Guylty…. the rest, is history.

When you write fanfiction or create artwork or graphics, it’s hard to stay in a corner, unobserved and unseen. By the time I retreated to my quiet corner, I still had an established fanbase for my fanfiction and was considered very prolific. I still had friends, I still have friends.

So B dragged me ever so quietly into the hub of Richarddom. Where honestly, at times, I wished I had stayed in my corner, but I’m too loud to do that for long periods of time. And the truth is, despite the oddballs and arguments that go on in a fandom and the ape-shittedness that happens, Richard’s fans – or the ones who let me run with THEIR crowd – are some of the nicest people I’ve not met in real life.

So hello, to my corner of the fandom. It’s not much, but it’s mine.

I am late. I meant to leave 2 hours ago. I have shit to do. So there will be ManCandy this afternoon. Right now, have some Richard.


(Barnabas Collins had a son…)



Spawn took us Chinese for dinner after church this morning and while there, I got an alert that they’ve rescued the first 4 members of the soccer team trapped in the cave in Thailand! 8 kids and 1 coach to go. I understand they are expecting monsoon rains and time is of the essence. Dear Heavenly Father, I pray for dry weather and successful rescue of each of your children. Wrap their families in your wings with your peace that surpasses all understanding.

And yeah, we are ALL His children.

Feeling rather giddy this morning. Last summer, I purchased a pair of brown pointy toed kitten heels. They were really cute!


Do you know how hard it is to FIND brown shoes? Everything is either black, burgundy/red or beige/tan. The occasional navy or blue! The first time I wore them however, they cut off the circulation in my toes. I had to take them off before I got to my room. I was really disappointed. I put them up and THOUGHT I’d sent them back, but I found them a few weeks ago when I was spelunking in the garage. I’d decided to send them to the Potter’s House but got to looking. Those suckers were buckled to the tightest hole in the strap! I unbuckled them to uber way down and wore them to church this morning. MUCH better this go round! Yeppers! Also helps that my feet aren’t as chronically swollen as they were this time last year.  So I’m rather happy I’ve been able to salvage these!

For the record – you guys KNOW I’m joking about the immense amount of doom I’ve been whining about, right?


honest, that’s just sheer pure dee excessive! C’mon. I’m losing weight, I’m down a dress size, but most of my stuff will suffice and the things that won’t are few and far between. I might go home next weekend and see if my mom will take those far and few things up so I can continue to wear them. Besides, I have dental work to pay for. Sheesh.

Here. Have some Richard!


Can’t have too much of him, nope!


Hello and welcome to Saturday and what a glorious day it is!

It’s fekking hot.

Thursday is a double whammy for me. Dentist in the morning – simply checking this temporary bridge and seeing how my gums are healing. That afternoon, I’m having my eyes examined and getting new glasses, first time in 11 years. They are over due.

I had one of the worst blood sugar crashes I ever had yesterday. I did all my normal things to bring it back up and none of them worked. It was a very scary 30 minutes. And of course, this morning, it’s up again. Sometimes I feel like I’m in a no-win, but I’m going to keep fighting. I keep looking at old pictures and thinking to myself – well damn,  I look good now!

So it goes. Here. Have some Richard!


Oh, When I said doomed? Yeah. Doomed.

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First off, my heart and prayers are going out to the soccer team in Thailand. I can’t begin to imagine what they are going through, much less their families. Just… I can’t imagine!

My favorite place to buy clothes and shoes is having a BOGO this weekend on my favorite brand of shoes. (www.fullbeauty.com) I can’t just walk into a shoe store and buy shoes. I can’t! I have a duck shaped foot and the area across that knuckle behind my big toe across to my little to is a double wide. And this place carries shoes I can wear. So this sort of sale – YES!

Now I can hear my friend Sheri saying right now – Now Mama, you don’t need anymore shoes! And I’ve told myself that for a while. And I can hear other friends saying – you don’t REALLY believe that now, do you?

But it doesn’t matter. I’ve had this issue. My favorite go-to shoes are on their last legs.


I wear them with practically everything. I wore them through November and then back again in mid-March. That back strap has popped twice and the hemp-rope siding is starting to come loose on both of them. Somewhere, I have gorilla glue or super glue or even a glue gun that might fix the hemp rope problem temporarily, but I’m thinking they’re on their last legs. The back of the heel on both are warped. Rather than wait for them to gasp that last breath – could be the first week of school, could be November, who knows. I went ahead and ‘made arrangements’ – besides who can go wrong with BOGO?

shoes 1

I know. Almost the same shoe. The height off the floor and on the heel is perfect for me. I have a few pairs of pants that need a shoe lift off the floor. (I have a higher pair for those wide legged pants I have that need a bit more.) My only worry is getting that velcro strap around my ankle. The back as well – if I have to, I can put a skid resistant heel pad to pump it up.



I’m always on the lookout for a closed toe shoe for colder weather (not like we get that much, although even though winter arrived late last year, it didn’t want to go away until late March/early April) I remember last year, I wore my Moxie Booties a lot.

And then well… I needed these…


Yes, they are all black. Black pretty much goes with everything. I have a couple of things that need brown shoes or a neutral color, but I have brown kitten heels and sandals and I have a neutral Espadrille with a 2.5 inch wedge, and some white gladiator sandals and my beige dressy Stevie Sandals…

Don’t judge me. I’m a girly girl. I admit it. I’m a Southern Princess, I own up to it. Gladly. Proudly. For the next 4 months, if I buy anything – ANYTHING – it has to be out of my bank account, NOT the credit card. The credit is NOT maxed – nope, but I’d like to bring it down. Because… well… this…

Not sayin’ ALL of this will make it to my closet. Not at all. Just sayin’..

And now.. FINALLY… It is Guy Day! Sir Guy, king of Smoulder and glare!