I was weak

Kourt bootie

Actually, I was a smart shopper. Flash sale – all Comfortview boots and booties at Jessica London are 40% off in the cart so these 64.99 boots I’ve been lusting over were actually 39.00 and yes mine are RED!!!!

So all of my shopaholic, shoe loving friends – go to JessicaLondon dot com and check out the boots and booties. 40% – can’t beat it!!!!



Welcome new friends!

For some odd reason, several new (to me) people have found my little garden! Welcome!

For the record, you’ll find here –

  • random thoughts
  • Richard
  • vacation pictures
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  • clothes
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  • Thorin Oakenshield
  • fanfiction
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  • not very deep thoughts
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  • funny captions
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  • the occasional rant
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  • Peaches (and not the kind that grows on trees)
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  • hobby pictures, like cross stitch or my horrible attempts at knitting
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  • Cat Pictures – my cats!!!
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  • occasional ‘Heard in a music room’ stories
  • Richard.
  • occasional fluffy thoughts

You will NOT find political debate. Remember, I said this is my garden. My good friends know which way I lean and I don’t debate well.

Either or  – welcome and here; have some Richard!


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Happy Guy Day!

It’s time to get our fix! Whatever KIND of fix you need, we can more than likely satisfy it here.

Well unless your fix is puppies and kittens and bunnies. Sorry. None of that here.

Weekend Delight

oh yes sir! Shall I assume the position???


He can stalk me any time!!!


Am now dead.


(Thinking about Gen!)



It’s a sin to be THIS gorgeous!!!

da bulge

No Guy Day is complete without Bulgeitage!


Have a great GuyDay and Weekend!!!

The power of a wave.

My school is placed in the middle of an old, old neighborhood – a place where many of the homes are 100+ years old and have been in the same families for generations. It is not a wealthy neighborhood and among the homes are low-rent apartments and projects.

I do not park on the teacher side of the school. My classroom is on the other side and the time clock is on my side, so there is no call for me to park on the far side of the building. My side faces a row of homes, close together and owned by older, retired owners.

Parking on my side is a hot commodity. It’s one strip, of about 30 spots, that includes assigned parking for administration and office staff, Campus Police (who was in my room Wednesday morning, but I talk about that on another post) kitchen staff and open spots for parents who have their kids in the before/after school program. Many times, I can’t find parking up close to my door, and end up parking way down the lot and in front of a certainly elderly man who sits on his porch in his rocking chair and watches the school and the playground all day. I’m told he is a retired police officer, a special and very beloved retired police officer. I grew into a habit of waving to him every afternoon as I left. When Hurricane Michael came through, as I waved, he yelled – Now, you take your boy and go somewhere safe, sweetheart. 

I mused on this as I went home. He is always on that porch, always in that rocking chair. I never see anyone else. That doesn’t mean there isn’t anyone else. But… I can’t imagine living my golden years, sitting on a front porch, in any weather, and staring at a school and watching the playground and those who come and go, day in and day out.

This week, I’ve managed to park on the upper end of the lot. And it’s nice and close, but I’ve missed waving good night to my friend. As I left and went to my car, and looking down at his home, I notice this white fuzzy head of hair, leaning past the post and looking my way. It poked out several times and I decided, it was time to go down that way to leave and wave.

And there were 2 huge grins as I drove into the sun. Tomorrow, I’m making a Dutch Oven bread and if it turns out good, I’ll make another one and take it to him and introduce myself. I think I’ll plan some talk time because my dad told me many times that when someone older talks to you, you listen because you’ll learn something, even if it’s something you won’t realize you learned for years.


Oh and by the way, that was my deep thought for the year.

Bits and bright lights in the sky!

Overheard just outside an elementary school:

Fashionisto-dude: Ms Z??? Those heels! I love them!!!!


(mine are gold)

I didn’t have the heart to tell him I have a pair of flats in my bag and I’ll be in them before the 1st class ends.

Edit: I was halfway through my second class before I changed. He was in my first class, so I didn’t want to disappoint him. My toes might never forgive me!

The next shoe sale, I’m buying the cute little red booties!!!

Kourt bootie

I have lusted over them long enough!

Sooooo –

Last night, we are doing laundry (after a day that started abysmally and ended up being a pretty good day!) and as we’re loading the car (it was really late) I look up and see the Space Station hanging out with the moon.

How did I know it was the Space Station? Well, it wasn’t a planet because it had green and red blinkie lights and it wasn’t a plane because it was up WAAAAAAAAAAAY to high and it wasn’t moving very fast. It also had an x fog. Really. It kinda looked like an x. I’m ruling out UFO. But it was really cool.

It is Friday Eve. The weather is cool – high today 72! Spawn and I are going to the grocery store this evening and tomorrow we will greet autumn in style – Italian Soup! (not something you’ll see me post at RABBBWW!)

My kids are lining up! Have a gReAt day!



Today I did some deep cleaning. This included taking everything out of the kitty palace and mopping and scrubbing everything in sight. This corner of the house now smells like lemon pine sol. So nice.

I then went to MY room. Normally cleaning is nothing more than making the bed and hanging up clothes – that which I have so much of! But I digress.

I cleaned off my vanity and my dresser. The running on the vanity is filthy and is in the laundry and I dusted (and sneezed a boo-coo!) But it’s done and looks VERY pretty!


I”m thinking some Old English on the scratches would do wonders. However as you can see (through the mirror) I now have a dilemma…


I have no idea where I’m going to put this shit….

Oh and my new sweaters, thermal tops and fake black leather leggings came in – just in time for the cool fall weather that’s coming in next week. (Wednesday’s high, 85, Thursday’s high 70! I CAN”T WAIT!!!!)

For the record

we came through Hurricane Michael relatively unscathed. There was some rain, but not much, and it was quite breezy. It woke me up around 2 AM.

For some odd reason, a transformer blew up just before noon and we were without power for 7 hours. We were out of school today (badly needed mental health day) but have school tomorrow. Kids will be apeshit crazy.

But we’re fine and safe and I’m happy for the day off. Even if we didn’t have power! meh!


You’re welcome!