We were going to grill

chicken – basted in soy, honey and ginger.

Going to

And then… this…


According to the weather channel it shouldn’t have lasted… 10 minutes.


It lasted almost 2 hours. That drainage ditch between the road and tree is 6 feet deep.


I don’t think I”ll have to worry about watering that bush any time soon.

Life with an Aspie


My new bathing suit came in today. It’s a one piece Sarong style with LOTS of Powernetting (to hold stuff in and up).
I try it on and am feeling quite good about it! Everything is covered that needs to be covered and lo! And behold, I have a semblance of a waistline!
I model for Spawn – what do you think?
After a minute of looking troubled, he says – it doesn’t look…. bad. I know you’re working hard on the diet and I think when a few more pounds are gone, it will be okay.
I see stale bread and water for him for a month! lol

It is finished

School is out!!!! I have 4 days post planning and Thursday, I’m heading home for 4 or 5 days. I plan on getting my brake pads replaced and knitting with friends.

Some time in June, Spawn and I will head to Charleston to take the small vacay That Man promised me last summer that didn’t happen. That’s okay. We’re going to visit some Southern plantations, the beach and maybe go back to the USS Yorktown. We very much enjoyed it the last time we were there. The Henley. I’d like to see The Henley. Even if it is just a rusted bucket of bolts now.

The rest of the plans for the summer is to clean out my garage and to turn my cave into a proper family room. That includes real curtains so the morning school buses and night time travelers won’t see into my cave!!! As well as a large area rug, a cheap couch and a cubbie cabinet.  Some throw pillows. Maybe a baseball game or two. Writing. Putting the notes for my Nanowritmo together.

I have not been good to me this week. Weigh in tomorrow will not be pretty. At least the boot is off. Doc said what they thought was a fracture is really a simply bone bruise and just in a painful spot.

Other than that, I’m simply praying for renewal in my spirit. It’s been a rough, rough year. I’ve not had a year THIS rough before and talking to my other teacher friends around the country, I’m not seeing a difference in behaviors. Friday night is usually our night to go out to dinner and then head to Starbucks for faster internet that won’t question where we go or what we do. I’m too tired. I’ve been up since 3:30 this morning and I’m falling over. I haven’t said much about this, but several weeks ago, I was attending a concert with my little ones and I have a sub for half a day. She was a retired school teacher – full retirement, with 5 years of administration under her belt as well. She told me if I had not applied for a transfer this year, to do so next year. No teacher should put up with what she was hearing from my children – the language, the behavior and no consequences. A year ago, I would have a slew of options at my fingertips – now, not so much. So I will be looking harder next year. I want to get to work on my masters – boost my retirement, even if it is just a few hundred bucks a month.

Right now, I think I”m going to take my kindles and call it a night. Start back on my RA challenge on Monday.

(PS – we saw HER among others. It was awesome!!!! My kids loved her! We brought brightly colored tissue paper and did the Dance of 62 veils. She came down to the floor after the concert to meet us! They were still talking about meeting her! And yes, they can sing the chorus to this!)

Chris Cornell

Taking a moment out of my insanity (one rehearsal and one performance/promotion left, thank you Jesus) to express my grief at the news of the passing of Chris Cornell. He was the lead Singer of Soundgarden, among other things and had the voice of a fallen angel. He was one of my favorites. My heart goes out to his family. I’m just stunned. I sang along with this one a LOT this past fall for reasons.


Liebster part Deux

I have 3 more days left. Three. Don’t make me stick fingers in your face. Right now, everyone wants a piece of me for rehearsals and ceremonies and still teaching. I’m spread thin folks.

I’m going to take a short (day or two) break from my RA challenge. I’ve reached favorite fanfic(s) and while I have a list, there is one I really enjoyed and I CAN”T remember the name of it, who wrote it and I KNOW I downloaded it because I read it on my old decrepit kindle. Hmmmm, it might still be on there and it was a Guy/Marian fic to boot, go figure.


Okay, so I was ‘nominated’ again for a round 2 of a Zeepster Award by Esther! I dunno how to tag so, so be it.


The rules are as follows:

  1. Thank the person who nominated you and link their blog into your post.
  2. Answer 11 questions which you have been asked by the nominating blogger.
  3. Nominate 5 to 11 other bloggers who have fewer than 1,000 followers.
  4. Add a new list of 11 questions for the nominated bloggers.
  5. Paste these rules into your post.
  6. Make sure your nominees know about your post and their nomination.

So, first off, thank you Esther. I get a kick out of these, I really do.

And onward to the questions.

  1. What excites you at the moment?
    1. THREE FUCKING DAYS!!!!!! Also, My clothes should arrive Tomorrow!!! I did buy a swimsuit – they had a Mother’s Day sale and I couldn’t resist. (Hey they’ve been 60.00 bucks and I got mine for 26.00!)swim

      Folks, I live near the beach! I need a swimsuit. Yes, I might be mistaken for a beached whale, but I’m happy happy happy!!! No, I won’t look this good in it, but hey! Who cares! I’m not trying impress anyone. Really. Oh and remember the yellow blouse? I loved it so much I got it again.Only a size smaller and in a print because it’s kinda big. 01White jeans, sweeties! White jeans!

  2. In one sentence, what depresses you at the moment?     30 years ago today, I said I do. 29 years ago today, I said I changed my mind. Image0030
  3. Cats or Dogs? Piccies please – WP_20170323_002 The food is in the mouse, dipshit. 
  4.  What TV series did you love in your youth?

5. Who is your favorite actor or actress no longer living.

Ah damn. I’m still not over either one of these.

Obviously Richard’s Sir Guy of Gisborne was really the illegitimate son of Alan’s Sheriff of Nottingham.

6. What is the best movie you’ve seen so far in 2017?

7. The top 3 live theater and/or concert experiences you’ve ever had? – Some years ago, my sister treated me to a community theater performance of Cabaret. A co-worker of hers was in it. I had seen a big flashy version of it at the Fox not 6 months before, but I liked this smaller version much better. The theater was quite small – held 100 maybe – most of the action took place in the aisle, the band was on the smallest little band corner I’ve ever seen. 4 or 5 pieces and the pianist played with their elbows tucked in because of no space.  It was beyond a tight squeeze. I’ve seen Elton John SEVERAL times at the Lakewood Ampitheater (it’s called something else now.) as well as THIS gentleman at the same venue.

8. What’s the best book you’ve read in the past year? Hands down Marjorie Liu’s iron-hunt

Urban Fantasy at it’s best!!!

9. What is your favorite photo of the past week on your mobile phone and are you willing to share it?  heh! Happy Mother’s Day from my sister.




10. My favorite dessert???


Cheesecake, of course.

and 11. Favorite Richard pictures. Including the one above…


Here is the part where I nominate 11 more people with x amount of followers or less and I come up with 11 questions for you to answer.

I’m tired. I have 19 people, plus admin who think I’m at their beck and call right now and I am. I’m going to miss my first PTA since I started this job tomorrow. I bailed on the musical performance.  I’ve been 2 hours loading this challenge and I really want to get the bullet arc for my nanowritmo complete before this weekend I think I’m asking too much of myself to be honest. I think that bullet arc will get done over the weekend. If you want to do my set, feel free. Truth be told, I probably won’t be seen until the weekend. Maybe.

Maybe. So go for it folks. I’m interested to see what you think. Or you can dig to my last set of Liebster questions and answer the ones I created for it. They were a lot of fun and I don’t think anyone took me up on them.

Beware the Ides of 19

So we’ve reached the question the several people have publicly and privately told me they look forward to my answer.

Why? You KNOW what the answer is.

Others have suggested since the answer is so obvious, perhaps I should just… skip it.

No. That would be cowardly and I am not a coward. Also it would bug the shit out of me knowing 19 was missing in my listing.

I had thought to keep it simple. 2 words. I’m going to keep it simple. For reasons. But not THAT simple.

#19 – A ship in the fandom you can’t stand – canon or non-canon, characters or RP.

You know, I’m an easy going person. If you want to ship Glorfindel and the Balrog, go for it, although writing that ship will get you kicked out of Little Balrog. It will also get you kicked out and banned at the Save the Blue Whales of Rohan Pub and Brothel, as well. But hey, whatever floats your boat. Personally, I ship Nick Fox and Judy Hopps. Big time. Is there any Zootopia fanfiction? I need to go look.

however, I dislike RP shipping. It’s been that way for years, since I first got into fandom. I recall doing some website searches for the actors of the original Trilogy and coming across stuff pairing up one of the actors with every other actor available. All I could think of was – he’s happily married and has 2 young children. What happens when they get old enough to surf the web and find these stories of their dad, the man-whore? There was even a fic where he picked up some girl at a bar for the night and the next morning, he found a note from her stuck in his wallet – ‘cute kid’

I have a problem with that.

So normally, I just stay out of real life shipping. If riding that ship makes you happy, fine. I’ll just block the tag and go on with my happy self.

but there on occasion have been instances where people love their ship so much, the world must not only accept their ship, but ride it as well and if you don’t, well by golly, you’ll either change the error of your ways, and accept our ship as the one true boat on the sea of love or we’ll sink your ass to the depths beyond Poseidon.

The ship I can’t stand? Rich Lee.

There ya go.

ManCandy Monday!

5 days! YAS!!!!!! You know they are going to be OFF THE CHAIN, but 5 days!!!!

And then 4 days of post planning. My room is done. I already have my banner for beginning of the school year next year done – I just have to hang it – and then 1st week lesson plans and I’m sitting back and writing!


Either way, it’s Monday! Grab your panties, ladies!

article-2524255-1A1E690800000578-628_308x439e7a7537694b7d2df79dab4e74a854d24images (3)images (12)

Alright – I’m late…


Got TWO shopping catalogues in the mail this afternoon. flipped through them and tossed them. I’m not paying THAT much for a bathing suit that’s supposedly on sale! NYAH!

We did laundry. YAY! 10 loads and 2 of the loads were double loads. Dear God, I spent almost 50.00 at the laundry mat. Of course, we’ve not been in almost 6 weeks. That’s never good. I asked Spawn why didn’t he tell me he had run out of underwear and he just kinda… looked at me. Apparently, when he’s done with one side, he turns them inside out and goes again. Same with socks.

Men. Yuk!

Also discovered the Mother’s Curse works. I found clean, folded laundry in the bottom of his laundry basket.

Just… please.

Took a dive on my ass at the Walmart parking lot. It was raining and I was wearing my plastic yard work fake crocs – those with no tread. Feet shot out and luckily I fell on my ass, rather than my face. Several people – including Spawn – helped me up and I assured them the only thing hurt was my pride.

This is a lie. My left leg is wrenched pretty bad from thigh to ankle. I’ve already taken several motrin.

On the other hand, I discovered you can get apple cider vinegar in capsules! That stuff will knock your blood sugar out of the park on a low rider!

OKAY! Time for more RA Challenges! Hmmmm #17 – character you love to hate – didn’t I answer this already? Percy


and William.


Snarky bastards I wouldn’t…. no. Just no. Let’s keep going, shall we?

#18 – 3 things on your to do list if you suddenly found yourself face to face with RA.

  1. Hope I have rope. curls 5
  2. Hope I have a big van nearby…

Naaaah. Let’s be real.

  1. Tell him how much I appreciate his work and the obvious effort he puts in it.
  2. I would then blush and stammer all over the place.
  3. I would then probably mumble how nice it was to meet him and then run off and kick myself for being a nincompoop and total fangirl.

I need sleep. Completely! Spawn says he has plans tomorrow…

The year I turned 30, he had just turned 5. He had me drive us to the restaurant he picked out. He placed my order and paid for it (with money I’m sure his grandparent gave him). He then carried the tray to our table and served me.

After that I was allowed to watch him play on the McDonald’s playground uninterrupted for 30 minutes. It was a great dinner. Yup!

175 Days Down

5 to go. I have NEVER been sooooooo ready for summer. (5 with kids. 4 days of post planing. As far as I’m concerned, my room is done. So I’m just doing meetings and bringing my laptop to write!)

I know. I say that every year, but this year has been particularly heinous. I would like to do some retail therapy, but I’m staying strong. I’ve NOT been to any of the sites and all the catalogues were gone when I got home today.  Whooot. Go me. And love to my son.

We’ll see where I’m standing come Memorial Day. Hmmm mmmm.

Challenge – Day whatever… Name a character you love that everyone else hates.

Okay, so I don’t know if everyone else HATES him. I do know when the movie was announced to be released, there were those ‘fans’ who were screaming the part was beneath him, how could he taken it, what a let down to his fans, he was destined for bigger things.

And they hadn’t even seen it. Please. Kiss my ass.

I am, of course, talking about Gary Fuller. Into the Storm.


I rather LIKE Gary. Okay, I like Gary almost as much as I like Guy, k? I accepted the movie for what it was – a smash ’em up summer fun flick. That’s it. No Oscars or awards for this, except maybe special effects… maybe? Spawn loved it. We got free tickets. That’s all I care about. I enjoyed it. I like Gary.

I’ll have more to say about Gary later. Hmmm mmmm.