Praise your name!

And bless you Jesus!!! I see my AC turning off and my electric bill comin’ down!!!!


weather 02


Me too

And I really don’t want to talk about it.

I will say this…

For a group who are supposed to be our ‘moral compass’, Hollywood was disgustingly silent and turned a blind eye to Harvey for decades. They have no right to be anyone’s moral compass!

OPHEEEELIA! Yer breakin’ my heart…

or maybe, Ophelia, we don’t want ta feel ya….

I think I’ll give up on song writing.

Anyway! Friends, Countrymen, Romans, lend me your ears. To all of my friends in Ireland and England and Scotland, please batten it down and stay safe. Extreme wind and rain is heading your way tomorrow and Tuesday.



If it’s outside and can blow away – even if you don’t THINK it can blow away, yes it can so bring them in! Park your cars somewhere safe, away from trees! Charge up all the batteries and cell phones and laptops and kindles and nooks. Have flashlights and candles ready, firewood and kerosene and make sure you go to the store and buy everything on the shelves!


Stock up on canned food and make sure you have a hand held can opener because that can opener that plugs into the wall won’t do you a lick of good if the power is out! Same with bottle openers! Trust me, I know these things!

Above all else… just stay safe, k?





It’s been a shitty day

I got up this morning to discover that asshole texted me at 3:30 this morning informing me he was an upstanding and honest man and I was an ‘evil presence’

Let me go get my broom and readjust my hat.

All of my classes were absolutely HORRID. Really.

My boss was on the horn ALL morning, berating those of us not walking around with a book and berating children not walking around with a book.

Don’t ask.

So after all of that, I retaliated in the only way I know how.

And if you have to ask ‘What did you do?’ you don’t know me very well.




I think.

I’ve decided that tonight – now that I’ve had dinner and meds – I’m going to take a hot shower and crawl in bed with a nice… I dunno. Something that won’t hurt my brain. I have 35000+ books to chose from, it shouldn’t be hard, y’know? Maybe I can chill and relax. A Brother Cadfael mystery or the next Alex Archer. A Maggody Mystery – I have a bunch of those.

Something that won’t make me mad or tick me off or bore me to tears.

I’m thinking the heat has something to do with my temper. It was over 90 degrees today with 100% humidity. People, it’s frickin’ OCTOBER! I suppose we can blame Nate, but still… OCTOBER!!!! At least when Matthew came through, he ushered in lower temps. Not us. It was suppose to only get to 78 Saturday. It hi the upper 80’s, They keep telling us a cooling trend is on the way…. not one that I’m seeing. I mean, I don’t call 87 a ‘cooling trend’.

One of my 3rd graders called me a bitch today. I told him I gave classes. Send his mama. And I lost it with my eldest group – I told them they make so much noise no one can get shit done. You could have heard a pin drop for about .0013 of a second and then it got worse. Like they’re the only ones allowed to swear.

They shouldn’t say anything. Apparently one of their teachers in that hall was overheard saying loudly that the Almighty needed to damn them all.

not in THOSE words, per say, but, you get what I’m saying.

Had a 6 year body slamming people and then he took a swing at the para. Such fun.

Yes folks. This is what CHILDREN are bringing us down to. My week starts horribly and ends just as bad.

But hey, the paycheck…. okay it’s not GREAT, but the bills are met. Can’t complain! And I think we are going to head to the beach this weekend.

How about some beefcake???


All police should wear this getup!

tumblr_mp6f5vGo0o1sy6eqdo1_500yes-sirhot-men-taking-their-shirts-off-and-then-putting--2-24896-1452007335-0_dblbig18 erar ww

Shower time!



Today is my friend Vi’s birthday and she is celebrating it in Heaven. Next Sunday is another deceased friend’s birthday. She is celebrating in the Summerland. I have had a bunch of books I’m reading the past 2 months that I’ve thrown before I’ve read 33% of them, my Sunday School class moved and didn’t tell me, they’ve changed the schedule at church so it’s pretty impossible to go to service and Sunday School, so pick one, Facebook Gameroom sucks, my blood sugar is super way up (mostly because I forget to take my meds) and something I do NOT want to talk about is irritating the bejezus outta me. Oh and NanowritMo starts in 3 weeks and I know the beginning and end of mine, but not the middle. But I’ve written by the seat of my pants before. And I’ve not written a word of my Big Bang. AND I”M SICK OF POLITICS! If you’re so afraid your insurance is going to cut your birth control, you can buy 300 condoms for under 50 bucks! Please! Go ye forth and wrap it up! And it’s October and we still have temps in the 90’s!!!!

But hey, the Melatonin gummies I bought yesterday work great! Took one last night and was asleep in under 20 minutes.

Have some Richard.