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Have some Richard before hand.

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Happy Guy Day!

And aren’t you glad?

Yes, I’m a bit early, but for the time being, I’m going to have to be ‘good’ about NOT being on Social Media at any time while Captain PITA exorts all control. Hopefully, he’ll relax by the end of the year.

Had my first angry parental phone call today. Apparently, she took offense at my bathroom policy. (In short, you don’t ask. I’ll say no, unless you have a doctor’s excuse. I see them for 45 minutes, once a week, and if I let one go, they all have to go. My class ends up being one giant potty break.) Child is 9 and is just now getting around to telling mom and mom informed me she didn’t CARE about the other kids – if her daughter wanted to go to the bathroom, I was let her go.

I told her send a doctor’s excuse and i’d be happy to oblige.

She then went off about how I wasn’t listening and by that time, I wasn’t. Spoke to the teacher, as well as a few others who told me the woman was beyond petty. She went after an office staffer and threatened to call the board, and the staff said – hold on, I’ll put you through and transferred her.

I’m willing to bet she sends a note and I’m going to ignore it or send it back¬† needing a doctor’s signature. People. Please. Even my kinders know better. She should.

EITHER WAY! Before I get started – LOOK AT THIS!!!!


Kill me now, can’t wait for The Stranger and WHEN IS CASTLEVANIA????

And now… highly anticipated Guy Day!

Guy Grins!

Have a good one!

ManCandy Monday – among OTHER things

Happy Monday and how are we all? I have today off – Martin Luther King Jr’s bday. It’s a big celebration here in the south. My fellow teachers up north and out west don’t understand the connotations of the day, but here, he was very much beloved.

Today, I am eyeballing the dining room for serious work on. I’m also going to target my room. I spoke to my mom last night – apparently I left 2 of my bras at their house and we’re expecting my W2 from my previous employer to show up there. This year, I’m going to do something amazing and actually file the first few days of February! I need those funds. Either way, they said they would either mail them OR just bring them on down to us.

Means I need to clean house. My mom visually does the white glove test and I never pass.

After weeks of temps in the 70’s and 80;s (yes, it was 80 Friday!) we are getting THIS!


Yeah, that’s cold down here.It will be back in the upper 60’s come Friday, but for the most part, it’s supposed to be in the 50’s for the next 2 weeks. Means I MIGHT get to wear some of my winter wardrobe!

I am in the process of moving my photos and artwork to another host. Photobucket decided to charge for even miniscule services after being free for over a decade. I started taking things out of there a few months back – I started with the things I didn’t care so much about. My mistake. At the time they were claiming we would still have a limited free service, with ads and less space allotted. Liars.¬† To add to the upheaval, they had a massive crash over a month ago and they SAY most people have their accounts back, but from what I”m seeing on their Facebook, that’s not the case. Many people who PAID to keep their accounts still can’t get in to them and they are demanding a usb with their things sent to them, plus a refund for their memberships that specify no ads. (one guy can get to the log in but it demands he undo his anti adware to go forward. Why should he disable it when he’s paying for no ads?) Either way, I can’t get in either and I’ll periodically keep trying, as I have artwork loaded there that I don’t have in other places, but in the meantime, I’ve found a new host and I’ll be exchanging this

photobucket sorry

for this


Oh, he’s nice to look at! This will take some time.

And someday, I’ll get my morning blood sugar below 200. Today, however, is NOT that day!

How about some Mancandy??? All Richard!

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That’s all, folks!

Happy Guy Day!

And damn, do I need it!!!

my kids were OFF the chain today. Worst day I’ve had this school year. One student told me I talk to much, and then proceeded to talk to her friend. 3 boys informed they’d rather be anywhere else besides my room. I offered to send them to the computer lab where the teacher there is REALLY strict. They changed their mind. My last class- 1st grade – was beyond horrible. Their teacher apologized after work and told me they were awful for her as well all afternoon.

Our new super implemented more rules. Mainly no social media – even at lunch and planning.

I’m thinking – you own me during lunch now too???

Means I might be quiet here during the day. They specified Facebook (which is blocked on the computer, but you can still get to via your phone) and Instagram. The only ‘social media’ I access is here.

Also, no cell phones. Even if the call is an emergency, we’re not to answer it if we are with kids. I use the thing as an alarm clock and I don’t answer or message during the school day, so I’m not all upset by it, but I do converse with my siblings over the state of health of my parents. Please.

This job STILL beats the heckers out of the last one.

My blood sugar this morning was 229. I was bad at breakfast (sausage and egg croissant and a regular coke) but with all the water and my healthy lunch (fat free yogurt with blueberries, sugar free chocolate pudding, sugar free applesauce and a cheese string) my blood sugar dropped to 80 at 4 PM, which for me is WAY low.

Time to start readjusting the meds. I see my doctor in 3 weeks.


Are we ready for Guy Day? I am!!!

tumblr_mqplm2bJsw1s82d30o5_250tumblr_n9u0spu4Cy1qfdneyo1_400tumblr_nad32pwApY1s1oat1o4_400tumblr_mptxnqGJuS1s82d30o1_250tumblr_an7edeoejm61sh6br8o1_1280tumblr_inline_mjqlu8jIZx1qz4rgptumblr_inline_mjqx1aY9kd1rbjfcbtumblr_inline_mjqxdfeoRm1qz4rgptumblr_njf80guZ3H1ttghqqo5_1280tumblr_nipk6eIwd71s82d30o4_400tumblr_mzp5jmR8lm1s82d30o3_250apple 02beautiful hairtumblr_mshgvaKmm01suhlrlo2_400tumblr_inline_or9x04Md3F1rwcdqz_540tumblr_inline_or9wte73y61rwcdqz_540tumblr_inline_or9x2dP9Np1rwcdqz_540tumblr_zmtecj3tyFe1sdnh2io5_r1_250tumblr_ndtj1iogBc1sh6br8o2_500tumblr_neo4boEiiK1ti1veeo1_250

Still prettier than you. Hmmm mmmm.

I have a 3 day weekend. After the Friday I had, I need it!!! Have a good one!