Somehow, somewhere

earlier this week, I stumbled on the mecca of freebie books. one led to another and in the span of 3 days, I’ve downloaded almost 250 books from parts unknown. This is what happens when you have time on your hands and your leg is propped up and in a brace.

However, for every book I downloaded, I was added to the author’s email list. Guess what my inbox looks like.

It has been a very difficult week. Yesterday was horrid and my son showed up to pick me up with a Coke. He said I needed and deserved it. I drank a small portion of it. The rest is in my frig at home. I’ll deal with it later.

And tonight is my cheat night, so he’s making tagliatelle. It’s very good and if anyone wants the recipe, tell me and I’ll post it here this weekend.

Note it is NOT really diet friendly, I don’t think. I have several friends on FB on WeightWatchers or are actively trying to diet. I’m toying with a private FB support group complete with recipes and meal plans that work and taste good. I think that’s my main issue – food needs to taste good and when I’ve dieted in the past, healthy food was sawdust.


of course, so far on THIS plan, THIS week, it’s been pretty okay good. know what I mean.

It is GUY DAY! YAY! So have some Guy!!!!


Mimi has done some motivational Sir Guy for me… they are on my harddrive at home. I’ll post them tonight!


I have spent the last 3 hours in the ER with my knee. Apparently, when I told my kids the floors don’t bounce when you hit them, it’s the truth.

I have a serious contusion on my knee and the first three toes on my left foot are sprained. Bruising is in my near future. So is swelling.

I do have LOVELY pain killers.

My tunic arrived… and was delivered to my neighbor who won’t answer their door. They better tomorrow.



I have been a good girl and working hard. I have eaten 20 of my 33 regular points – the almond treat my son makes will be the death of me –  and I don’t want to go over that as I was bad bad bad and cheated yesterday. Then again, I didn’t EAT on Friday….

I had A pancake for breakfast. Let me tell you something. I can make a pretty pancake!


And it tasted good too!

I decided last weekend that my garage wasn’t getting unpacked and dealt with like it needed to be. It should have been by now. So I set a reasonable goal last Sunday. A box a day or 7 boxes a week. And one of those 7 boxes has to be a Junque box. I’ve almost run out of room on my bookshelves. My next major purchase – this week – will be a bookshelf. Maybe 2 bookshelves.

Considering the diet and the fact I REALLY am doing this and dealing with the diabetes, I got my cookbook shelf in order.


It’s not neat neat, but it’s workable. That white basket is where the WW stuff and my diabetic cookbooks are going. *nodnod*

The most important piece of furniture in this unpacking thing is this.


Which doesn’t look like much of anything, but when one considers I have boxes and boxes of paper trail and documentation and I couldn’t find any of it if I wanted, then this piece of furniture becomes very important because…. voila!


So far, 3 junk boxes have been whittle down into this or trashed. I’m quite proud, yes I am.  I figure when we move the cave around and turn it into a – gasp – a FAMILY room, it will make a nice end table.

An organized Zee is a happy Zee. That garage is going to be done by June. I hope, I hope. I’m trying to decide if I want to go ahead and break down the empty boxes I’m keeping, or not. Hmmmm.

So what’s new in YOUR world?





So I started Weight Watchers

This is soooooo going to be fun.


I’ve gained back every pound I’ve lost. I’m upset about that, but now I’m counting and recounting and all of that and sometimes I think I’d just rather say to hell with it, eat like I want and die a happy, bloated corpse.

I think my son would be upset tho. A little bit.

So I started it yesterday and I have a journal to keep track of my smart points and my fitness points and my frustration points and my anger points.

And I get up at 4 AM this morning with food poisoning. I haven’t had any food today, except a few bites of a chicken sandwich and coca-cola and water. meh.

My gut is still churning something horrid. At least I’m not vomiting anymore. Chili isn’t good the second time around. Spawn is wanting to go out to eat and I’m just… no. Just no.

So I’ve been home. Reading. Writing. Gary’s next chapter is almost done. Yay.

I hear ‘Brain on Fire’ has been picked up by Netflix. Yay.

Richard, baby, it’s lovely when you film things and make movies, but it’s NOT lovely when you’ve done all this work and then it takes forevah to get released. 

So here. Happy Weekend everyone. Have some Richard! It’s Guy day!!!


No Guy Day is complete without those strutting leatherclad peaches. Hmmmm mmmmm finger lickin’ good!



Shrines and celebRAting love

There are days I am reminded that I am loved and worried over.


Some Hershey’s Dark Chocolate accompanied these. They are truly lovely.

There are things that remind me daily that I have the bestest friends in the world – many of whom I’ve never met.



This little shrine doesn’t include quite a few of my favored mementos. NOt hte collection of DVDs or the books that inspired said dvds. It’s not showing Thor-out or his traveling companion, Tauriel.

It doesn’t include my new pouch, that I’m now using more than my purse – well because my kindle fire won’t fit in my purse.


It doesn’t include my poster, which is hanging at work. My kids think it’s funny that I have so many future husbands.

Crucible programme

OT – I’ve pretty much talked myself out of the pretty peacock tunic, unless someone wants to talk me back INTO it.


There is much more RALurve on this now… see earlier pictures.

But that’s my little shrining area(s) for my RAcollection. Nothing much, just me.


For CelebRAtion.

I’ve tucked this in The Shepherd storyline, although it doesn’t rightly fit for reasons. But here it is, none-the-less.

The Shepherd


She was waddling and it made him smile.

Of course, with waddling came swollen ankles, poor sleeping habits, going to the toilet at all hours of the day and night. There were the strange cravings, back aches, crying jags – oh dear Jesu, she cried at everything! When she was sad, happy, frustrated. Guy had never seen a human being cry as much as Genevieve did.

He took that back. Vivienne cried with all of her pregnancies. She cried because they weren’t married, she cried when they did get married.

But of course, Vivienne was Genevieve.

This was Genevieve’s third and final pregnancy. This one had been more difficult than when she was expecting Ghislaine and Ghislaine’s birth had been difficult. This C-Section was planned, three weeks away. Guy’s vasectomy was planned as well, although Genevieve didn’t know it yet. Unlike her first pregnancy, she was willing to hand over the reins of her architectural firm to her office manager, Val Oelle, who, alright fine, was an angel, as in wings and halo angel, and an office staff hand-picked and capable of many things.

Including verbally assaulting a former architect, who attempted a hostile take-over of Genevieve’s firm, but who remembered that silly thing?

She had reached the phase of her pregnancy where she was at a low point in her self-esteem. She lumbered, she wasn’t feeling very attractive, not realizing or understanding that right now, Guy thought she was most beautiful. She glowed, she… she was gorgeous.

And it was Valentine’s Day and he wanted her to know just how much he needed her; how much he desired her, cherished her.

She chose that moment to plod through the family room, with a basket of laundry on her hip.

We have a maid for that, Genevieve.”

Yes, I know, but she’s left for the day and I didn’t want the kids clothes to wrinkle.”

Roger could care less if his pajamas are wrinkled. Put that down. Come here.”

With a sigh, Genevieve set basket down on the ottoman and waddled over to her husband. “Yes, Master?”

Guy shook his head and patted his lap. “’Tis not very convincing when you roll your eyes, mon petite. Sit.”

I’ll squish things.”

Guy’s eyes went stormy gray. “Pray tell, you did not just denigrate yourself.”

With a much put-out huff, she slowly and not so gracefully lowered herself on those long legs of sex. “There. How’s that?”

Guy pulled her close, his nose in the crook of her neck. “Where are the children?” he breathed. He found that special spot behind her ear.

Uhm… they’re… they’re in the upstairs rumpus room, watching Zootopia.” Genevieve felt him smile against her neck. “Roger thinks Gizelle is … hawt.” His tongue found her earlobe.

My son has good taste. So, they will be busy for a while?”

Hmm hmmm. Put your tongue back in my ear. I’ll do anything.”

Guy quickly complied. “I am the Dom. You will do what I tell you.” His arm found his way under her maternity top, fingers stroking stretched skin. “Today is Valentine’s Day. I am going to ravish you.” His tongue began to do just that to her neck. Her own hands found their way beneath his shirt.

Heated palms on heated skin.

Okay, Guy. Sounds like a plan.”

Guy’s eyes opened. That sounded a bit…not right… too perky, in fact.

After,” she chirped happily, “we get the kids fed, and I pee, their faces washed, dishes put away, and I pee again, start another load of laundry, then bath time, I pee some more, their teeth brushed, Ghislaine will insist on a sippy cup and then a story-”

The Black Knight took a close look at his wife. She was exhausted, the pregnancy bearing down her. Aye, he wanted to ravish her, but she needed a ravishment of a different sort. “You know,” Guy whispered, his mind whirling, “if we get them to bed, we could watch Zootopia without interruption.”

You would be drooling all over Gizelle.”

Guy pulled back in mock disgust. “Please. She is hot, but not as hot or as sexy as the woman in my lap,” he stroked her belly, relishing the responding thump to his hand, “who is the most beautiful woman I know, cartoon or real!”

Even Jessica Rabbit?”

Especially Jessica Rabbit!”

Her husband was not the most verbal when it came to romance, so Genevieve knew how much the compliment meant. “God invented Cheesie poofs for a reason. Make it ‘The Secret Life of Pets’ and you’re on.”

And so Guy and Genevieve FitzGisborne, spent a ravishing Valentine’s evening, after the kids were in bed, cuddled up on the couch, watching kid vids and eating Doritos.

Cool Ranch.

Fandom Snowflake Challenge #5

Oh, this is a good one!!!! Go review something!!!!

Day 5

Leave feedback for a fanwork. Or multiple fanworks. It can be as simple as I liked this to a detailed list of all the things you loved about the fanwork. The key is to leave some sort of feedback.

If you’ve already left feedback in the course of a previous challenge, it totally counts. But you’re free to leave more feedback.

My yahoo groups used to post fanfiction out the whazooo. I remember that. Everyone was writing, it didn’t matter if you were great or what. We were creative and I loved opening my email every day. It was like Mecca! I really miss that, y’know? I know I know real life, and such. But If you’ve not read any fanfiction in a while, go find some. Really. My favorite haunts these days are:
RA Frustration (wish the mod would come back from her looooooooooooong vacay!) (they have a whole new site! Go take a gander)
Open Scrolls is on the fritz and has been for many months. I wasn’t able to load Wraith in the mist at all and no one seems to be minding the helm there. You can’t log in and if you can’t log in, you can’t read anything over a PG13 rating. Sucks.
If you found something you like, please tell us. Leave links!!!!
Here! Have some Richard!!!!

Parental units and a clean home

That ISN”T completely set up, but is enough.

As some of you know, today is my parents 56th wedding anniversary. They still hold hands, and play and have everything I want in a relationship and have come to grips that I won’t have. I envy them. It was a nice visit, even if I did run around yesterday like a chicken with my head cut off, trying to clean. It was a good thing I did. Landlady texted last night and said she’d be here in the afternoon to inspect the outside of the house. Things are getting old and she’d rather fix them before they fall down than after. I’m glad.

Either way, my house is CLEAN and I took pictures because this never happens. Spawn and I actually just had dinner at our table – a first in over a decade. I don’t remember eating at the table when we lived down the coast.

So, I took pictures (behind the cut) and it’s not to brag, but simply to a) prove I cleaned it and b) have a record of sorts to prove it. Spawn has stated he wants it kept this way. Well son, you’re going to have to help. His room and cave still look like hell and I’m thinking during my spring break, I’ll be cleaning it while he’s at school.

Speaking of Spring Break, ours aren’t at the same time so we only have 4 days together the first weekend and we decided to go somewhere – Charleston or Jacksonville. Nope. The parental units talked us into coming up there. That’s fine. I need a hair cut and they want to give us a 36 inch flat screen television. I”m good with that. Means I have to rearrange my cave. I can cope.

I will have RA love and shrines posted tomorrow. Well, pictures of said shrine, and a lovely little quickie – of sorts – of Guy and Gen. The quickie will be posted here, Tumblr, A03, Ffnet… I think that’s all of them…

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