I got to school to find my entire room unloaded and in the hall. They are making a 2nd trip for my television, a few odds and ends and my chair.

Pictures forthcoming.

Sooooooooo excited!


I was waaaaaaaaay bad

000 shoes eawer

Really bad. I hope they are in by the 1st day of school. So I can wear them with this…


First day of school. I can’t wait!!!

In the meantime, I do believe my room is packed!!!


This does NOT include the bandroom which was all my instruments! I packed it last Saturday!

I have a few things left to do and it will take me all of 20 minutes to do. The only thing is taking this down will kill me.


It’s very high and well attached and I expect it to shred when it comes down. Of course, I can and will make another one, but this one was special.

Our interim principal – who I hope STAYS – informed us that recess was back on the menu. (there has been NO recess in several years) One of our teachers asked- so does taking them to specials (music, art, PE) count as recess?

I fear she was serious. Unreal. She was told no!

Either way! I’m really excited! Keys are turned in and other than a few things, everything is DONE.

And Monday, I start filling up this!


Here. Have some Richard! I didn’t do ANY of these`!!!


Another day

of trying to ignore the catalogues and emails. Of course, today I get an email telling me that I’ve earned points so – 10.00 off my next order.

In short, free shipping. Sigh.

My room is almost packed. Spawn and I should finish it tomorrow. I’m stirring up so much dust, I’m back to hacking. My whole head hurts.

3 more days until Christmas break.

3 more days until we move into our new facility.

3 more days until I find out if I’ll have fundage to go home for Christmas.

Here. Have some Richard. None of these are mine.

3rd mr puddingston13b21b

As of late

my mother has worried me. Bothered me.

Pestered me.

Over the years, I have had a washer and dryer and I’ve gone without a washer and dryer and did my laundry at a laundry mat. When I had my house, my dryer went out and I put up a VERY long clothesline and I loved how my clothes smelled. The only drawback was in the winter. I would wash 1 to 2 loads at night before I went to bed and then got up 30 minutes early and hung them in the back flood light – so long as the temps would be above freezing. It just was.

In recent years, with Spawn and I not going through a lot of clothes, it is simply cheaper for me to go to the laundry mat. We go once a month (we are not panty poor and I currently have 5 bras) and we’re in and out in 2 hours. 2 and a half hours, tops. My electric bill goes up 20 to 30.00 when I have a washer and dryer and my water bill is 15.00 higher with a washer. Where we are now is the most expensive water we’ve ever had. More than double than when we were further down on the coast.

So I’m happy and fine without one.

For some odd reason, my mother decided this summer I MUST have a washer and dryer.

Oh did I mention the utility room is the kitty palace? It’s THEIR room.

But her need for me to have these items has caused some serious arguments every single time I go home or every time she’s been here. The woman HARPS. She knows what’s best and she tells me I simply just need to get over myself and purchase these items. I can go to a used appliance store…

I’ve tried to be nice. Mom? My utilities will rise $50.00 each month. I will be doing laundry around the clock. The cats will feel displaced. Lord Thunderbutt will go behind them and hide! They use the water spigot for the washer to drink from because Lord Thunderbutt splashes the water out of the water dish!  There isn’t enough room in the utility room for the washer and dryer and litter box and food bowls and food containers and…besides, you don’t live here. This is my house…

And then at that point I’m told to hush and just accept she’s right and I just need to go do this! It hasn’t dawned on the woman, I’m 56, not 15.

It’s stupid but it has dominated our conversations over the last 6 months. She’s starting with me now over the phone. I dread talking to her because this will come up.

I’m ready to have a temper tantrum. Right now, I have a full frontal cranium headache. We did laundry tonight. 5 loads, in and out in 2 hours. For some reason, the scent of fabric softener and dryer sheets and then going in and out, unloading and loading the car, set me off big time with the coughing spasms. AND that was after I’d taken the lovely happy cough syrup.

And of course when she found out – that wouldn’t happen if you would get a washer and dryer.


It’s been so bad, I’ve not told her yet that there is a good possibility we won’t be able to go home for Christmas. Between my student robbing me and then 3 days sick without sick pay, I’m going to be very very short. As we have to go to Atlanta for cardio tests the first week of January, it probably won’t be financially feasible to make 2 trips in 10 days. Spawn is already making plans: small ham, glazed carrots, mashed potatoes, gravy, Hawaiian bread, green beans, apple pie. (Sugar free) and several days of Christmas movies. Oh and the new Star Wars movie. 🙂

Sorry to just… spew. It’s just been a long, long day.

So Spawn goes to the mailbox

And brings in 9 Christmas Catalogs.

They went straight to the trash. I didn’t even want to look! I mean, yeah I WANTED to look, but…

Okay I did look and seeing that I have a 20% off coupon as well as the standard 20.00 off 60.00 or 40.00 off 100.00, I went to snag this

foil jeans

because said coupons or deals would take enough off the 69.00 price tag…

however they are out of them in my size in both colors so never mind.

I’m hoping that the next time they come around, (if they come around) I’ll be down another size. At this point of time, the 22’s are starting to be a bit saggy. Next time I’m in Cato, I’ll check out the 20s. (In pants)

(I also admit to wanting the shoes for a long time, but the reviews on them is if you have a W to WW foot, the strap is too short. Ah well.)


Zee Reads – among other things

I am so glad to see November done and gone. Nanowrimo was a bust. I got a nice condolence email from the site seeing how I didn’t get my 50K in, offering up many excuses.

I was sick, I was sick again, and then Thanksgiving… and other things.

Good news tho – I started it. Something original. Yay. Go me.

That said, I’m STILL sick, I have a headache from coughing and my ribs hurt. And I pee every time I cough. It’s disgusting and embarrassing. The weather is not helping. Tuesday’s high will be 79. Thursday’s high will be 49. I’ll never get well!

Of course, the minute midnight the 1st hit, William Edward started saying nasty things to me and his chapter should go up in the next 36 or 48 hours.

I’m concerned that someone new will pick him up and think he’s a sexual predator, what with all the stuff going on in the world right now. And he’s not. He’s not grooming her, he’s not stalking her… well he IS stalking her, but there are reasons besides the obvious coming up. I’m rather fond of William. That has shocked me. I thought William would be hard to write and hard to love, but he hasn’t been either. Roland was easy to love, but William…

Weird. Falling in love with a fictitious character YOU wrote.


Serious packing of my classroom has commenced. I have a few classes that will help me tomorrow. Okay. ONE class will help tomorrow.

I’m thinking I’m going to need some beefcake tomorrow. It’s been a while.

While down for the count (bronchitis) I decided to watch some of the things I’ve downloaded. Parks and Recreation – I wanted to like it but I quit before the first episode was finished. I just wasn’t seeing the humor or intelligence in it. I’ve also tried to watch Jersey Shore. My lord, the language and I’m not seeing anyone there with any sort of brain power. I would be devastated if my son acted like that for television. I’m crazy and I wouldn’t act like that knowing it was going to be televised. Sheesh! And they squeezed 6 seasons out of this? My God, this is what’s wrong with the world.

So I’m having problems staying interested in television shows and I’m having problems staying interested in books.

And I’ve not watch any of Berlin Station yet. Week after next. When the room is finished packed.

Our new principal has started a festive Christmas countdown. Tomorrow is Crazy Christmas Sock Day. I’m ready.


I really hope she sticks with us for the long haul. I like her, she’s tough with discipline, but the staff really likes her. I’m starting to love my job again. There will always be difficult students, but now I feel like admin has my back.

Zee did read this past month. When out to eat, the kindle was with me. In the car traveling too and from the Interior, I read. It’s becoming my bedtime habit again.  A nice one. Two books last month – both Tubby Dubonnet.

I’ve got 9 of this series. I read the prequel a month ago? Everything about the series said, funny, likeable, New Orleans Lawyer with a love for good food…

I don’t know if I like Tubby or not. the prequel was quite funny, kinda of a dark, but worthy ending. Kharma. however, the first two in the series… yeah, at times it’s funny, but Tubby works with the underbelly as well as people behind the scenes and on the scene. Corrupt people. Corrupt judges, corrupt system, corrupt clients. He looks the other way at times, finds himself in situations that you have to wonder. Confessions, clients who take matters into their own hands… and at times I think I’m being too judgemental and what would I do in that situation and I think, maybe I would have done the same thing.

And that’s what bothers me about Tubby. Ah well.

Right now, I’ve picked up the first in a new Lexi Blake series. There are several Masters and Mercenaries I’ve not read yet and I’ll get to them. I just needed something fresh. We’ll see.

This is too much thinking to be doing while one has so much mucus in their head. If I could think of a worthy thing to make out of this stuff and a way to market it, I’d be a millionaire.

And I’ve not begun to decorate. Got to clean the house.

Spawn is being secretive. I’ve asked him if he has special plans tomorrow. He said – I’m thinking about it. We went to the store and he snuck off and bought something away from me checking out so…. we’ll see. Last year, he bought me a DVD burner. He wanted one bad, so he got it for me. For him to borrow, of course.




When the Ribbons Dance – Chapter 04

I had hoped to be able to finish this  fic, or at the very least, put down 50,000 words, however, between the stomach virus, my current, on-going battle with bronchitis for over a week, my principal passing away, 5 days away from everything, it was not meant to be.

I’m not abandoning it, in fact, I will be able to develop my characters now and give it the attention it deserves. Sadly, it also means it will be added to my growing pile of on-going fics. At least, this one will be original and all mine.

This is all I have for this chapter. At 4,444 words, I think I’ll consider the chapter complete.

When the Ribbons Dance

Chapter 4


The good father was taken to the nearest dwelling and put on the table. Glenys rushed off to fetch Aelhaearn and someone else was sent to retrieve the village wise woman. The fires in the fireplaces were stirred to roaring, heating up the dwelling. The man was breathing, painful, racking breaths that rattled his chest. Aelhaearn arrived first, Glenys behind clutching a large satchel. Much to the priest’s ire, his robes were cut from him, laying bare his pale, concave chest and abdomen. Glenys paid no attention to the man’s protestations that she should not be there and continued pulling small bottles and sacks from the bigger bag.

Continue reading

Well, so much for that

I went to my doctor earlier today. He has diagnosed me with bronchitis, RX’d me the meds the quack at the minute clinic refused to give me and then told me to stay home until Thursday earliest. I’m out of sick days, I’m short over 360.00 because one of my kiddos decided they needed the funds more than I did and lifted it when I was breaking up a fight. We don’t know who. It’s going to be a blue blue Christmas in our household. But, we have each other and we have food and I’m okay with that. We’ll just sit around and watch movies and look at the lights on our trees. Or better yet, resurrect an old tradition we started when we were REALLY broke back in 2001 – each night, cruise a neighborhood and look at lights, with Christmas music playing. Spawn loved it and it was quiet time for the two of us to just be with each other and not let outside distractions bring us down. We focus on our blessings and we have plenty of those.

And, yes. I said TreeS. Plural. There was one in the attic from a previous tenant so we’re going to put it up and use it. God knows I have enough decorations and lights! And tree toppers! We’re going to celebrate the Reason for the Season and bypass the merchandising. Make it more real. And we’ll dig in our pockets and throw our change into the Red Kettle and bring the bell ringer some hot cocoa.

As a result, my Nanowrimo will not be completed this month. It will give me time to spend on it like I like because I actually like the characters and I want to flesh them out more. and make it  look like it was not written on a whim. Between the stomach virus, bronchitis, Thanksgiving, my principal passing away… It’s just… no. No. I’m run down and I’m getting ready to go into the craziest season for me and I’m NOT going to even get 2 weeks off. I’ll spend the first week of Christmas vacay, unpacking my room and setting it up. Which reminds me, I have to Pack it up. They are opening the school 2 Saturdays for 5 hours and I have TWO rooms to pack. I just can’t do all this.

To make it worse, Spawn is coming down with it.

Part of me KNOWS I just can’t and another part of me feels like a failure.

And now, the meds are taking over. I better clear off my bed.