And so we come to the end of yet ANOTHER spin around the sun. Sometimes I wonder if I’ll survive another spin. But that’s rather… well… morbid.

I got an email from an author I follow. She loves New Years and what not. Weird considering most of the posts I’m seeing HATE New Years. I’m rather meh about the whole thing. It’s signals the end of winter break, I return to school in 2 days, but I also tend to reminisce on things I wish I had done. I didn’t do resolutions for years, but now that I’m OLD and my body is reminding me of that I need to take care of me.

For those who hang out at RABBBWW, i did a post of resolutions. Mine were pretty straight forward – lose weight and more than a pound. (The goal is 10 but I’d like to get under a specific mark, which is doable if I bite the bullet) bring my blood sugar to a reasonable number for good, read, knit, write, exercise…

I was looking at it and NONE of it mentioned music, which is my love and passion.

Last year I promised not to post so much about clothes. That went well for 5 months and in the last 3, went completely down hill. Sorry not sorry. I love clothes and I love shoes, Michelle wants modeling pictures. I remember when I was one…


I’ll never see that youth again.

But I love clothes…


That’s my summer closet. The winter closet is making my bar SAG by at least 2 inches in the middle.

Shoes? Let’s not discuss shoes. I have NO WHERE to put another pair. 24 pairs of shoes, 3 pairs of booties, 2 pairs of boots…


I’ve added I think one, maybe two pairs since this picture was taken.

I will not promise to post no more clothes pictures. Nope. Clothes buying NEEDS to slow down. I have bills… clothing… dental… yup. Even with insurance, I’m still going to be shelling out a couple of thousand buckies for the choppers.

ManCandy Monday will return next week. Spawn bought fireworks for tonight, but it’s cloudy and I wonder how much we’ll be able to see.

Which brings us to my top 10 posts.

My top 10 is really top 15 this year. Lots of ties. Yet again, my quiet garden is quiet for the most part, a relaxed atmosphere. I have more friends this year than last. Most of them seem to lurk and that’s okay. I seem to be a busier place of chatter this year. I love chatter. I do.


Number 10.

Zee Couldn’t Sleep…

Zee was having problems with a LOT of things… the abysmal state of ManCandy and what constitutes as ManCandy or a hot man. We all have different opinions and turn ons. I like cheeky and kilts. Others don’t. We all agree however THIS man is da bomb and the epitome of gorgeous!


Next up, one of several ties for #9

Zee connects the dots – a lot of her RA friends are wanting to start healthier lifesytyles, so she came up with RABBBWW

or Richard Armitage’s Bold Bodacious and Beautiful Well Wishers.

Come and join us for healthier recipes, feel good beauty secrets and plain old lift your spirits.

Tied was

Very short commentary of Berlin Station S3Ep1

It’s my understanding last night was just a 4 episode marathon. Oooooookay.

Our NEXT tie was a recent post…

Consisting of Scarfed WallPaper, me whining about how COLD my classroom is oh and a news bulletin I”m still getting.


Watching Florence – easily the biggest non-news event evah!

The next tied postings #7

Yesterday’s post and still truckin’!


In which I moaned about how funerals are no longer a celebration of a life, but a political bitch ceremony.Β  I’m sick of it.

Top post #6. Can we have #6 please… also a tie

I had a dilemma…

and we found Richard’s theater brother…

Top Post #5

For lack of a better word – clothes.


Concerns religion. Or, saying you want to discuss something, when you don’t. You just want to bash with like minds.


Guy Day. ‘Nuff Said!


Clothes. Sister post to #5.

and #1.

No one should be shocked THIS post was my top post for the year. On one hand, I find it humorous. On the other… maybe I need to make more deep posts that the silliness of my Halloween Outfit.

For the record, I love those pointy shoes, however they need to be taken in for repair as the little piece of elastic holding the buckle on the left on shredded and is holding on by a string. Literally.

And there you have it. My top 10 of the year. Considering how I’ve filled your mailboxes today, I’ll just say now that William Edward is going up later at DreamerFiction. It will go up everywhere else tomorrow – ffnet, Ao3, OEAM, and I believe effn. Just a heads up!


happy New Year, every one!