The Deep South

Bio: Musician, Mother, Writer, cranky person, Conservative, Teacher of music and history. But mostly a mom. And opinionated. Yeah. Don't forget that. I'm opinionated. But I'm a mom first.

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7 thoughts on “About”

  1. squirrel.0072 said:

    Have you got something like therapeutic education of the diabetic patient, where you are living now. It could be good to help you to understand what is wrong around therapeutic, food, sport… Take care and be strong!

    • Summer before last I worked with a diabetic dietitian. I also have PCOS, which can make me – I forget the term, but my body can fight insulin. Exercise and diet is very important and the truth is, I’m lazy and I crave chocolate and milk shakes at night! LOL!

      • squirrel.0072 said:

        Do you know Banana and Chocolate light Milk-shake recipes?

      • I tend to dislike bananas as a whole, although I love banana Popsicles and banana bread. I very much like chocolate diet milk shakes – just not Glucerna’s. Ulk.

        Are you following RABBBWW?

  2. squirrel.0072 said:

    No because I afraid to join and receive mails when a new comment is written.

  3. squirrel.0072 said:

    Would try when my son (IT engineer student) will come back.

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