has been bugging me.


See, I have THIS blog for… blogging. And when I got this blog, I wasn’t really sure I knew what blogging really was. I didn’t think it was like a diary or anything.

And this has bothered me on and off since I got it almost 3 years ago. I think it’s been 3 years. Hmmmm.

This question has bothered me more lately. Seems everyone I know use their blogs to discuss the great questions of the universe or ponder Richard. Why do we love him? And we dissect his life, his career, that fine behind to smithereens. Not that there isn’t anything wrong with that.

There are blogs that discuss career choices, feelings, photos, lighting, The Precious to the nano nano detail. It’s heady, it’s deep.


And I’m none of that – you know, heady and deep. Sometimes I feel like my ‘blog’ is simply… a diary with pictures of pretty things. Somewhere to keep a list of what I’ve read.


This isn’t my political place. Truth is I don’t LIKE to discuss politics. I’m not going to change my mind. You won’t change yours. Can’t we just do something pleasant, like talk about Him and look at his Peaches? If I discuss politics, it’s because something has pissed me off and this seems to be my place to rant.

A friend of mine on Facebook who is uber liberal (Loves Bernie. Never mind Bernie thinks we have magical money trees and have magic unicorns who piss on the magical money trees to make them grow but I digress) went on a rant and opens it with – I love you anyway Zee – which tagged me and put her rant on my wall.

And of course all of her friends are going down with their… beliefs. And it’s on my wall. And I’m thinking – you know, I could be a bitch and respond. And when I do that, my Conservative friends will back me up and then there will be a blood bath on my wall. And I don’t want that. So I took the high road and untagged myself and removed myself from getting notifications. Because I teach all day, you know, to screaming children and this would be nothing more than an extension of it. If I’m going to deal with screaming people, I’d just soon get paid for it.

And honestly, I do NOT want to talk about it. I just want to rant.

And look at the peaches.


So it isn’t that I’m not capable of deep thoughts and discussion, it’s just… I’d rather not.

Does that make sense?

Ah. Don’t mind me. I’m fighting serious crud. Again. I’m run down and exhausted. Had a bad asthma attack in class today. Managed to find my emergency inhaler but it was scary. And today was overall a shit day and I only have 16 shitty Thursdays left. At least we have a three day weekend. Here. Have some Richard.