You know, like the year. The Year comes to an end.

Don’t think I’m stepping down or closing up any time soon! I’m on a mission to bore the shit out of all of you!

For those who don’t want to read my wanderings and go straight to the meat – my top 10 posts – scroll scroll scroll and click on read more.

The day before yesterday, the alphabet ended at ‘Y’. I read the first 6 books of Sue Grafton’s Kinsey Malone series and I have up to W. As per my usual, I wandered off between books and stacked them up to read at a later date – just like Ellis Peter’s Brother Cadfael, and Elizabeth George’s series.  I think I have up to W.  I KNOW I have up to W. Need to find them – and X and Y.

I had hoped to watch Berlin Station Season 2 this holiday, but that hasn’t happened yet.  I still have to Monday. (Along with laundry, going out to see Star Wars, grocery shopping…) I return to work on Tuesday, finish setting up my room. I went in for 3 hours Thursday and got down to 6 boxes. All 6 are the crip-crap boxes and anyone who has moved knows what crip-crap boxes are. I have to prepare sub plans for 2 days.

Also, my school year is half completed. I had decided back before Labor Day to transfer to a new school next year, but things… are now on a holding pattern.

I finally got my Christmas Tree up and finished – on December 27th. I won’t apologize.



It includes: 3 boats, 4 lighthouses, 1 Bert, 2 Ernies, 2 Mickey Mouses, 3 pianos, 14 OTHER instruments and musical notations, 6 handmade Cross Stitch Ornaments (that I made) 4 handmade ornaments that Spawn made, and 38 Angels.


Also, a bunch of little blue ornaments, a few snowmen and a hand carved nativity.

There is also a large, lace, hand crocheted snowflake. The snowflake was gifted to me by a professor – a choral director who set up a tree the last week of college decorated with these snowflakes. They were a labor of love, and it irritated me when she told us to pick one for our trees, I overheard several bitchy senior sopranos, mumbling to themselves saying they weren’t as big as last years. I recall mumbling back – go make your fucking own, then and after that, I was the nasty little freshman. Don’t care.

The choral director was past the first stage of those lovely forgetful golden years and I understand she retired, way past retirement the following year. I didn’t go back.

Because of the late finish, the tree will stay up until we return (again) from the Interior NEXT weekend. Spawn is having an MRI Thursday morning in Atlanta at Emory. They want a REALLY good look at the slowing pulmonary valve and see if he’s a candidate for a heart cath.

So back to End of the Year stuff. There used to be a cool little app that did all this for you and made it easier. I have since learned that WordPress isn’t about making things easier – they love making things difficult. But I’m finding this about most social platforms. Facebook is a joke. If it weren’t for my anti-adware, my reading space on Facebook woud be about 3 inches wide. I don’t know for how many months, I was spammed to Follow Mark zuckerburg or Zuckerman or what ever that hypocrite goes by. I x’d him out, deleted the spam, I think I even once asked him on the follow page – do you not have ANY friends? I finally blocked him. That did the trick.

Either way, I managed to find the Stats page HERE and was able to cobble together some semblance of a wrap up. I learned a lot from it.

I learned that I was REALLY popular in 2015. REALLY popular. Especially during POP!Thorin’s travels and job hunting and moving. I wasn’t alone on that odyssey, and I’m grateful for it.

I learned I was NOT popular in 2017. I was pretty boring, to be honest. I AM pretty boring. Clothes and reading and not very much Richard or Beefcake. My readership dropped 60%. I can hear it now – if you weren’t so bitchy, if you weren’t so hard-nosed, if you weren’t so Conservative, my God your politics, if you didn’t hate…. and if you weren’t so shallow!

I tell people, I don’t debate well, that’s why I don’t discuss politics. That’s part of the reason. The other part is the friendship is more important to me than the arguing over elections and candidates. I respect people have differing opinions than I do. I hope that’s mutual.

Clothes is an easy one to explain. Before Spawn, I was a clothes-horse. I had a killer wardrobe before Spawn. My first apartment had a 12 foot long closet, that was 4 feet wide and my clothes were JAMMED down the 12 foot side and across the 4 foot side and I STILL had flat out-of-season-wardrobe boxes on top of the racks. I had (and still have) an old-fashioned wardrobe JUST for girlie underthings and sexy stuff and it was full. I worked for sometime at a furniture store and I recall one of my co-workers- who worked the same shift as I did tell me – I don’t GET it! I’ve worked here over a year and I’ve NEVER seen you wear the same exact outfit TWICE!

Because I’m a clothes-whore. When Spawn arrived and I never GOT back down into those pre-pregnancy clothes, someone at the Salvation Army had a good day. And Spawn was expensive to upkeep, so my closet shrunk considerably. I added a bit to the wardrobe when I started teaching, but eventually, I outgrew them or wore them out and they too, found new homes from the Salvation Army.

When I moved here in July of 2015, I had 2 pairs of work pants to my name and 4 or 5 tops that could be worn at work and 2 pairs of shoes – one of them fairly well worn out. My first paycheck purchased a pair of leggings and 2 tunics. For 6 months, once a month, I added another tunic. I wore those leggings out.

And then Former-Future-Former Suitor (aka Bill) showed up on the scene and I discovered Zulily and WomanWithin and FullBeauty and JessicaLondon and Ellos and Roamans and ThePyramidCollection and also discovered there was a CatoPlus across the street. And Roaman’s gave me a credit card. WHICH I keep up with and pay more than the minimum on. And right this very minute, I do not need ANYTHING because I’ve bought myself silly.

Although there is a lovely black and white poncho top….


I love books and music but clothes are my obsession. I like shoes, but not like my sister likes shoes. My sister – and her daughter LOVE shoes!

So I resolve not to post so many clothes pictures anymore. And more Richard and more beefcake.

I did discover that those long tunics I adore with the crazy, long hemlines and lengths are hard as hell to get OUT OF THE WAY, when one is trying to drop pants and sit before wha needs to occur, occurs.

For those who asked privately – this is the lovely stone around my neck on my last picture.


I have a good friend who knows I love all that is purple. (And red, I love red, but I REALLY love purple) and this is what he got me for birthday/Christmas.

And as it’s been cold here and I’ve been sick and stuck in the house, I decided to pamper myself a bit last night.


I discovered I lost a few followers sometime over the last 24 months. One I knew about, several I expected. (RichLee shippers. Has that ship sunk yet? I think it’s sunk.) One was a surprise. Really. Either they blocked me or deleted their blog. Oh well.

This year, I didn’t read so much, I didn’t write so much, I didn’t do a lot of things. I did lose weight, or it rearranged. People seem to think I’m thinner than I think I am.

This year, my top 10 is really my top 13.

There were 3 tied for #10.

10A – in April, I finally finished something!

10B – In which I prattle about and post Richard pictures and talk about books and clothes and a lot of things because I hadn’t posted in 3 weeks.

10C – Every year people ask me ‘Why don’t you do Nanowrimo’? Because, it’s November and I’m gearing up for the holidays and school is busy and I’m home for a week and there is NO writing that week and and and… just a lot of excuses. This year, I bit the bullet and tried. Despite careful planning for 11 months and background and historical research and a bullet arch, I only got 25000 words and a prologue and 3 chapters out. Sickness, Thanksgiving, Birthdays, moving school and me worn down took it’s toll, but chapter 3 seemed to be a big hit.

Coming in at #9 – In which I admit I have no idea what I’m doing.

#8 – I had a major rant. No really, this was bad. Looking back, I’m now seeing it – along with my coworkers – that this was a sign of something was WRONG, not someone was on a power-trip, which is what we thought. In this rant, I bring up something that has come back to me over and over in the last year or so when things have gone bad.

#7 – IN which time moves too fast and I’m left off balance wondering about many things

#6 – I ask for Spawn’s opinion – and get it.

#5 – Spawn had a long overdue doctor’s appointment. We are STILL dealing with this.

#4 – Testing testing testing is making me testy! It also means things that should happen on Monday actually happen on Wednesday.

#3 – Normally, I do not write pink and fluffy and I would definitely say that Sir Guy is NOT a pink and fluffy person. And normally, he misses the mark when it comes to romance. But this time, he got it right.

#2 – Where I tell people do NOT read past the line and they did anyway. My mother, whom I love, has a knack of praying for things for me, that usually end up irritating me. Things like washers, dryers… men.

#1A – Yes two things at the top! This is a post where I do a lot of things: Slaughter German ArtSong, celebrate 6 days left of school, challenges…


#1B – Where the fragility of my health rears its ugly head.

I need to find this fear again. I need to go back to Weight Watchers. At least go and buy a shitload of chocolate smoothies.

This year, I resolve to try to get healthy. I resolve to continue to lose weight, post more Richard and Beefcake and less clothes. Try to be less shallow and less irritable. 

Well hell, I’m going to be irritable, so screw that.

This year, I resolve to be kind to myself and others. To not overspend. I resolve to eat at home more and out less. I resolve to do things this summer and spring break. I resolve to smell the roses and look at beautiful things and appreciate them. Spawn and are are doing a vacation this summer. We are planning The Brown Sign Tour. Ask me if you’re curious!

I will not lie. This has been a pretty horrible year – professionally and personally. I dropped out in the middle of challenges, forgot challenges, forgot deadlines, forgot many things. Financially, things have been…. not as tight as in the past, but there have been a few paydays, my account was under ten cents when I got paid. At least I am gainfully employed! On my Facebook I asked my friends – tell me one word that reminds you of me and While most responded with music, books, Richard, one of my long time friends said – resilient.

But I survived and I’m stronger for it. I’m reaching a point where I need to look at an advanced degree and I need to start planning my retirement. 70 seems like a long ways off, but it’s not.

If I live that long.

Here. Have some Richard..

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