It’s also Day 2 of the Snowflake Fandom Challenge, but I’ll get to that tonight.

Good morning and welcome to GuyDay! We, here in the south, have a 3 day weekend. We celebrate Martin Luther King Jr’s birthday and holiday, meaning we’re off. I need it. I’ve been fighting crud for a while and this week, it settled into my bronchial tubes. It triggered a nasty asthma attack yesterday in class and I need to build up some immunity to whatever it is I am not immune to.

You know, like bullshit. I’m NOT immune to bullshit.


That’s not helping either. Tuesday’s high was 42. Yesterday’s high was 77. Rumor has it we’re in for it again. According to weather dot com, no we aren’t. The lowest high we’re going to see in the next 10 days is 67. Other than that… upper 70’s.

Meh. Just meh. Of course, I live in the sub-tropics. What did I expect?

I dunno… maybe a few weeks of WINTER????

I suppose that it too much. So bite me!

This ill-temper in my respiratory system is causing havoc with my reading – as in I bore with the book easily and I guess the end and skip to it to see if I’m right. I’ve been right twice so far. Not good.

I’ve also pulled out my ancient kindle, cleaned it off, put 20 books on it – the 20 I want to focus on for now and I’m reading there. I’m finding I’m very distracted on my Fire thanks to Gummy Drop and Hidden Society.

Oh heads up. William will update tonight. I don’t know what’s going on with RAfrustration. I submitted the LAST chapter of Aside 2 weeks ago. Nothing. I’ve submitted it again and I’m seeing it hasn’t been updated at all in over 2 weeks. Don’t know if the mod went on vacay or what. It’s been quite busy as of late, which I’m thankful for.

So I guess William will update everywhere BUT RAF.

Either way, my plans for this weekend is – clean, finish putting away the Christmas decorations (I need to get another tub. I think one more tub will do it.) Grocery shopping, see how much further I can get into Berlin Station – I’ve gotten through the first 4 episodes, I’m told the 5th episode is THE episode I’ve seen so many buttnaked gifs of. Since it’s going to be warm, perhaps Spawn and I will go to the beach and walk. I need to walk, I need to do something. I’ve gained back all the weight I lost. I’m not pleased. My sweet tooth is triggered bad.

And I have no self-control.

EITHER WAY! I need some Guy. Tumblr was a plethora of guyliner this morning. I have no choice but to share it with all of y’all!


I so love Wedding Day Guy. Marion was an idiot.


No GuyDay is complete without those leather clad peaches.


Now, go finish your Friday and have a great weekend!