ManCandy Monday. I’m celebrating 86 days left until summer. 52 days left to springbreak.

Three day weekend next weekend.

Not that I’m counting or anything.

Spawn returns to college tomorrow. He’s excited, I’m excited. Really. We are excited for him. He’s been cooped up in the house now for a year. Enough already.

I’m resolving to stay off the cokes. That resolve is going to last until I finish this. I need something. Something that burns and NOT coffee or tea.

Yet again, I am amazed at the awesome outpouring of love from my friends. Mimi decided the Aside needed some graphics. Between the last chapter of Aside and the chapter coming up – that she has seen in rough – what she gifted me with was amazeballs! When I get home, I’ll share.

I might be home sooner than later. my sinuses are generating mass amounts of globbiness. I could sell it en masse if I had anything to market it for. Lube. Green lube. For your car. hmmmm.

And now…. what you’ve read through this (or maybe you just skipped it and went straight for the pictures!)

ManCandy Monday! hannibal 071115btumblr_nq4pdggEeN1syxc3so8_500

I want the name of the shampoo he uses


Fabio will always be on my Top 5 Sexay list.


Here. Have some MORE Richard…


PS – it is very cold here in the tropical south.

Yes, I know SOME of you have boo-coos of snow and we don’t but it still VERY VERY cold here. Right now it is 32 and will get to 43 today. Tomorrow’s high will be 67 and by Wednesday, back in the upper 70’s. No wonder I can’t get well.

Meh. More Richard