The Beast is back.

Return, stripped, I’m starting it back from the beginning, but it is back and just in time! My loaner decided to add keystrokes and thought screaming at me was sexy. At 3 in the morning, when I am trying to sleep is NOT SEXY!!!!

So packing for today is stopped. I’m tricking out, finding my stuff, and will spend the next few hours resetting things. Thank GOD Google has kept my passwords and my home page and my links and bookmarks.

Someone tell me – is my son the ONLY person who goes into multiple orgasm when watching certain cooking shows, such as Gordon Ramsey or Jamie Oliver? I almost don’t want to even go into the cave! Thank God his new cave is around the corner in the hall, so further away than ACROSS from me now.

Blood sugar was beyond stupid yesterday. Today, it’s down 90 points. Still high, but under 200.

Here. Have some Richard?

Well… even new and clean, Google STILL is scrolling my archive. 😦 Oh well. Some smiling, smouldering, sexy Richard!