So we have our house picked out – which is a massive relief. Paperwork is filled out, all I need is my app fee. I get paid Thursday, but I’m thinking I’ll put it on the credit card and pay it IMMEDIATELY when I get paid. The plan is to go to the house after the current tenants are out (mid-July) and measure rooms. Have to figure out where all of my furniture is going to go! The living room is smaller, the dining room is smaller, the family room is smaller. They’re all good sized, don’t get me wrong and the bedrooms are a a bit bigger, a huge plus, but my living room is going to be stuffed. Also, more windows, less wall space! I have a lot of bookcases to deal with. Been working on them today among other things.

Spawn seems to be coming to grips with the move. For those who don’t know or don’t remember, Spawn has Asperger’s and something that all people who have a PDD is a great fear of change. They like their routine, they like knowing what to expect, they like a lot of routine routine routine. This move is disrupting the routine. He’s not had a Classic Meltdown yet, but I expect it sometime in the next few weeks.

I went into the family room this morning, to find his tripod, his camera, his games have been taken down and put away. (He’s been filming himself playing a lot of OLD ninetendo games. Don’t ask me why, he does.) and when he got up this morning he told me – we have a lot of work to do and we can’t do it while I’m playing games. So apparently after filming, he told his followers on his social media that he’s taking a sabbatical – long enough to pack and move. One month.

I’m really proud of him. I am. This is a big step for him and for him to take it on his own, Yay. Also, he’s packed up his video tapes, been putting away clothes in his dresser, really has done a lot! I found four packed boxes in his cave closet!

In the meantime, we’ve decided to take a load of school stuff to my new digs tomorrow. I don’t want stuff to get mixed up with the movers. And if I can get it out of my house and out of the garage, the better for me.

According to the work order, my Beast will be overnighted out today and I’ll have it tomorrow. And then the new re-tweeking and finding the things I did backup and reloading them. And sometime between now and the NEXT crash, I need to redo my externals so I won’t have a little bit here and a little bit there. And burn like crazy. 9 Externals is way too many. I have no clue where anything is!

And last, before I forget. A good friend of mine has started a Gofundme for me. She says between the flood, the wreck, the pissiness of HP and the move, that would financially strap anyone.

If you could share this, I’d be appreciative!

Here. Have some Richard!