I figure by now you may or may not be breathing again from the previous challenge – that would be the favorite RA costume that took me 24 hours and 2 posts to create at Tumblr. Either way – I am back from a vacay that went longer than planned. Old Zeepster damn near landed in the hospital yesterday, on the verge of a stroke. Folks. When you are diabetic, it is important to eat like you should EVEN if you’re on vacay, NEVER forget to take your meds, and don’t drink Coca Cola like it’s water.


RA Challenge #27 – Favorite Quote.


In this particular case, it’s rather true. It’s been a favorite for some time and it’s part of the reason why I fell in love with the man.

before bed

I own a damn library. Although I’m pretty sure our tastes in books are rather different, I still love a man who loves to read.