And we still might, depending on things, although it will put us in late.

I’ve not been good to me while up here this weekend. It’s not that I’ve ate a thing or two I shouldn’t have had – every meal has been something I shouldn’t have done. Cokes galore. Doughnuts. Bad bad bad.

We were packing – we are packed, tbh – and taking everything to the mud room so I could load the car and I started feeling icky. Not nauseous, just dizzy and woozy and extremely sleepy. It was 11 AM, I should NOT be feeling sleepy! My blood sugar was high this morning and mom made a typical southern, hearty breakfast. I checked my blood sugar again.


Mom wanted me to go to the emergency room. I probably should have. I insisted on a bottle of water and just let me lay down. An hour later, my meter registered me at 385, her brand new meter registered me at 345. I’ll take HER meter. I might need a new meter. I”ve been using this one for 4 years. Her meter registered me at 273 15 minutes ago.

This is scary. I’ve got to get a hold and in control. If it means I bring a case of water and my own salads from now on, I will. One of the actor’s from Animal House died this past weekend – 62, complications from diabetes.

Complications from Diabetes. Type 2 Diabetes. How many wake up calls do I need before I get it? I’m not invincible.

Right now I”m eating a Wendy’s salad. The cheese is bleh.