I froze in the middle of this and I hoped to find what I had written in my drafts, but WP has hidden drafts. I only ever find it by accident. I swear, this is the most convoluted/journal I’ve ever kept. Meh.

My summer vacay is days from being half over and I have yet to accomplish anything I set out to do. I’ve barely touched the garage and I MUST make room in it for school shit. I’ve not been to the beach, not taken in a baseball game. We’re planning on going to Charleston for 3 days in late July – do an antebellum garden tour, plus some. I need to make a dental appointment and get an eye exam. I need massive dental work (hence the reason why I do not smile for pictures) and my glasses are 10 years old. I need stronger bifocals as well. The family room transformation is going VERY slowly. Come to think of it, nothing is really UBER expensive – the couch will be the most expensive thing and it’s not like it’s THAT expensive, but still… and the rug and the curtains. The curtains aren’t so bad, but I need so many of them. 8 panels. I have a wide wide window to cover.

I’ve done very little writing and I’ve not gotten my bullet arc for my Nanowritmo done. I NEED to get that done. Really.

I have 2 more installments for Guylty’s RA Challenge. I suppose I could wait until she returns from holiday, but I might just go ahead and finish it this week.

Also, I am being sorely tempted. But more on that after ManCandy Monday and it will be behind the cut, because we know what tempts me these days.

Mancandy Monday!

images (16)John-Tristram-50s-Biker-vintage-beefcake-8814408-259-320mm4QG2xZQ4hxmYMUWbpKrJAshirtless-real-hot-cops-unnamed


This girl is crazy for a sharp-dressed man!

And now… I have a dilemma… I am being sorely tempted.

The latest round of clothing catalogues have come and my inbox is crawling with summer savings…

And I’ve been good to delete the emails and just toss the catalogues straight to the garbage without looking.

However, I need a new bra. Or two. And I need another pair of shoes. And I have a 10.00 coupon (meaning pretty much they’ll pay for the shipping.)

And I love these, but they are out of my size in this color.

000 shoes

They have them in black, however black is too stark for my color on white summer maxi dresses and I really like them better in brown.

But of course, to get TO the shoes and the bras, I have to go through…

000 tunnic asdlkajser

zomg, this is so pretty and it would look lovely with my red or dressy black pants if I had like…. a date or something, which I don’t and won’t and never will again so I’m not even thinking of that, and it’s really not WORK appropriate so but no! NO! Turn the page!!!


000 tunics dsadlkaliur

You know, summer HAS arrived down here on the coast. Temps in the 3 digits but of course they won’t TELL us they are in 3 digits, but my car doesn’t lie and it’s humid as all get out and that’s really cute… but… it’s 50 bucks, so no! Turn the page!

000 tunic erouerwer

Okay, this is so cute and it would look GREAT with my white pants and… and… but those horizontal rows would make me look REALLY wide. I don’t need that kind of help! Turn the page!


000 tunic erert

GASP! I love it!!!! And I don’t have anything really in WHITE and and and… you know it kinda looks like this…

000 tunic awwueirt

and I have this in yellow and in print… or it’s BUT I have THIS in yellow and print… so maybe….





I need a bra… or two…. and new shoes…..

000 shoes wewer


000 shoes wewaerer


000 shoes werwere

dear000 shoes werrwere

Sweet…. oh squeeeee

000 shoes weoiuwer


000 shoes lkuerwe000 shoes eawer

These…. these…. I have to have the boots…. to go with that top and the BLACK leggings…



000 shoes awerr000 shoes erlskjsf

I’m in Deeeep deeeep shit. My only saving grace is the music shoes are on a different website and while they aren’t bad (the boots are 70.00) they’re not IN my budget at this time.

Let’s hope they’re still on sale at these prices in October.