Day 2 and Welcome to Day 2! How is your Day 2 going? It is already setting up to be a steamy day here in the South and it’s just 9 AM. We’re in for a whopper summer. Considering it was not really COLD long enough, the bugs will be in abundance this summer. Yeah way coolies not.


20 days 20 days 20 days 20 days….

So Day 2, The moment you fell in love with RA?

You know, I think it was a gradual thing. There wasn’t a ‘bam’ moment. Nothing… intentional.

My original reason for being on Tumblr was Karl Urban. After seeing The Hobbit, Richard Armitage became a permanent tag fixture and I realized I was following more RA well wishers than Karl. By spring of 2013, I was unfollowing Karl posters, figuring, that’s what the tag is for, right? And while down for a 6 week round of walking pneumonia, I actually started watching the vlogs and interviews and digging into that that was RA. He was much more than Thorin Oakenshield. I am fully aware that there is a difference between The Character and The Man Behind the Mask of The Character. I am completely content with the information that Richard provides about himself – which is precious little and at times contradictory, but that’s a privacy issue for him I respect. Either way, what I was seeing was really nice.

And I was impressed. Really impressed.



Not to mention, I’ve always been attracted to tall men with dark hair and blue eyes.



And this…. didn’t hurt…


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I must say, the Dwarf snagged me, but the Leather man reeled me in. But that’s a story for another day.