I finished watching Berlin Station. I’m glad I did – I enjoyed the last 4 episodes MUCH better than the beginning. Once all the threads started coming together, it was really interesting.


Daniel is damn, fucking fine, yessirreebob! I’d like to be kissed by that man. Won’t happen, but it’s a nice fantasy!


I DID have a problem understanding the different ‘accents’ and had trouble reading the caption for the German. My eyesight is pretty poor.

But I liked it and I can’t wait for the 2nd season.

I have an appointment next Thursday afternoon with an orthopedist for my foot. Personally, I think I have a bad case of bursitis and my foot was complaining about the floor. Might be something more, I dunno. We’ll find out.

Oh. PILGRIMAGE!!!! Richard in medieval armor. I might not survive! Although, what is with the funky haircut??? A tonsure in reverse?


Guylty is doing a new challenge. You know, I have to do it!

#1 – My first encounter with Richard – or how I discovered him.

You know, I was doing my damnedest to avoid any spoilers to the Hobbit. I wanted to be surprised, mesmerized, and blown away by the movie when it was finally released. I didn’t read the book, beforehand, didn’t want to do the awful comparison we do when our favorite book or story is made into a theatrical work, because the movie is NEVER as good as the book! NEVER! I recall when the Harry Potter movies were released, many Snape fans were furious because certain scenes – that weren’t necessary – were cut from the film. I mean, did we really need to see Alan Rickman, running around in a night shirt, legs show….

ahem. nevermind.

Either way, I was really trying my best – I didn’t watch the vblogs, stayed away from any news flash, reel, notice. And then…. they released the original makeup stills, introducing us to The Dwarves.

And yes, I looked.

For 2 years, Karl Urban had been my wallpaper – and I was feeling rather pervy and guilty about it because he was a happily married (at the time) man with 2 kids


And I thought to myself – well that’s a damn fine looking Klingon!

When this still came out, Karl was replaced for several weeks with this –

Except my computer at the time, showed it like this…

richard-armitage-the-hobbit-an-unexpected-journey1 wwerwer

And tbh….


My mother does NOT share my taste in men and told me I needed to ‘grow up’ and do something about finding a real man rather than fantasize about fictional characters.



Regardless, as I had never HEARD of Richard Armitage, I didn’t know what he looked like without the makeup and prosthetics until the San Diego Comic Com…


And Karl was no longer my wall paper.

And I made ‘moist’ look pretty… well…. benign. Truth is I was more like a leaking oil tanker.

Sorry. Not.