19 days! 19 days! 19 days!!!!

Next week, my little ones are concerting. For real! The following week, my firsts are testing with me, art, and gym – i’m still so NOT stoked about the stupidity of that. And after that… Moana, baby!

I have one week to finish the 3 books I’m working on. One on my fire, one of my ancient kindle and one on my PC Kindle. I know how to multi task and I’m halfway done with the beta edit of the next chapter of William Edward.

Our electric bill came in. Under 60.00. I think this will be the last electric bill under 100.00 I have for at least 6 months.

That Man will be in my neck of the woods this weekend. I should NOT have looked up his daughter’s softball schedule.

And someone in their wrong mind sent me a 250.00 credit card for Roaman/Woman Within/Jessica London….



Day 3 of Guylty’s Challenge – A favorite piece of fanart.

Okay, now I LOVE EvanKart’s stuff, but she has a total hairy if you repost her stuff for ANY reason – which is fine, I guess, so look her up on Tumblr. It’s been awhile since she drew LOTR, but what she has is exquisite. Her Thorin is gorgeous.

For the record, none of this is mine and if you press the point, I can tell you where MOST of this originated from.

In my wanderings while writing Manna, I would come across stuff that WASN”T RA-centric that gave me bunnies for Manna….

30 angel_by_chevsy-d53u2dq32 tumblr_mligat89i31qfijmro1_50033 maximillian leibenwen33 tumblr_mzdq5kgS8I1rdy3s5o1_50036 EvaMarie Toker The hounds white cloakedward dulaksexy lace panties girls underwear bow from gailalice on storenvy-f89223SHade by Eleni Tsamivalient sword by rob alexander



But I digress.

I admit having a love for Pirate Guy

oEeFxo5 (2)

I was graced with some beautiful graphics for Manna that I am particularly fond of.

36 514344356

JollyTr did this for me and several others.

There are things that are just too cute for words.


And things equally beautiful


but my absolutely most favorite piece of fanart is by Lily Fox and yes, I emailed her personally for permission to use this little piece for Gen

lily fox