This is unreal

Okay, so we know about the Townhouse mess I whined about yesterday. I logged in later and discovered the really nice ranch I”ve been calling and calling and emaliing about for over a week has a renters contract on it, so forget that. Everything else sucks. I slept really bad the night before last so I crashed totally before 6 PM – never a good thing, because then I was UP at 11 PM.

I log on my computer to discover that it is running slower than snot – I mean, really, this is bad slow and find out that Chromium has installed itself on my computer, along with 7 other programs. Took me over an hour to remove the extra programs. I contacted the Chrome people and blasted them for updating Chrome without my permission. (I”ve been telling them NO for the past several week) only to find out that Chromium ISN”T part of the Chrome OS or browser.  I’ve removed everything in my programs and run a virus scan.

Virus scan tells me these lovely people have left behind over 120 bugs. I’ve allowed them to remove them.

Except something called “WBRedirect’ is still hanging out and open itself up every 30 minutes and every time I open a new tab in my browser, or when ever just because, it opens up a new window.

On top of that, I get an email from Ebay this morning informing it’s been so long since I’ve signed in to buy anything that if I don’t within the next 30 days, they are deleting my account.


And in order to complain about the email, I have to – you know – LOG IN…

I have a choice. Wipe this monster or bite the bullet and do what I’ve wanted to do forever – buy a new laptop. It will make things tight as I’m… you know, trying to find a place to live, turn on utilities and such… moving truck… I imagine it will be difficult to impossible to find a computer with Windows 7, especially with Windows 10 launching.


Here. It’s Guy Day. Have some Guy…

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