Excessive whining below the cut.

A week ago Monday, I looked at a Townhouse. It is in a nice neighborhood and the rent was right. When I called, the realtor/agent told me it wouldn’t be available until November (which is fine) and that the current renters requested that they only show the home M-F from 9 – 5. Which honestly is ludicrous. However, I had a teacher workday last Monday so I scheduled a viewing at lunchtime. I let her know I was a teacher and that it was impossible under most circumstances to schedule during the day.

I got stuck behind a bulldozer, so I was running late. I called the number- which was the home office – and told them I was running late and stuck behind a bulldozer. I was either disconnected or hung up on.

I get there and the agent is rather terse. She had another appointment (I noticed them sitting behind her in another car.) I explained I called and was stuck behind a bulldozer and she could have shown the house to them while waiting on me. She rushed me through the place and really wasn’t helpful on any questions I had. The living area downstairs was tight; my table and buffet wouldn’t fit, nor would my biggest bookcase. The kitchen was a one person deal. HOWEVER the bedrooms were large, the back yard was private and had a stockade fence and there was a full length garage, so the big bookcase could go there and I can forgo the storage unit while I go through our things.

After looking at crappy homes this weekend, I called her on Monday and asked to see the house again. I’d like to measure and make sure the majority of my things will fit. We scheduled for 4:30 yesterday. I also let her know that I was intending on filling out the application so please bring it and I would fill it out and pay for it there.

At 11 she called and emailed (I had a class) and asked me to reschedule to 3 PM. Seems the renter has now decided they don’t want to let anyone in after 4. And still not on the weekend. I explained again that I had classes until 3:35 and then bus duty until 4-ish and it was impossible for me to take off as I couldn’t get a sub.

She emails back – again, the renter has requested this and they have decided to honor the request. Would 3:30 work?

What part of I TEACH UNTIL 4 did you not get?

I emailed her back – and CC’d the owner of the firm – and told her that showing a home only at the times MOST people are at work and expecting them to leave their job to look at a place was poor business practices. I know they have a dog. That didn’t bother me. I could not take off work sooooo therefore I would be taking my business elsewhere. Sad when I was prepared to fill out the paperwork to rent the place.

I’ve heard from neither one.

SO I”ve decided that obviously that isn’t where God wants me. The downstairs was tight, too tight, Spawn and I couldn’t get in the kitchen together, I have furniture that won’t fit and our bedroom furniture and most of our stuff would have to go upstairs, meaning some poor soul, *brothers * would end up helping to haul all of it up the stairs and then as it was a rental, at some point, haul all of it BACK down the stairs. My piano would be on an outside wall.

I have until November. Something will pop up.

I hope.

It is raining and I am hacking.

If you read through all of this, you deserve to be rewarded. Here’s some Richard.

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