Good morning and Happy New Year!!!! 2016 is officially here all over! It rained last night, so we didn’t get to set off our fireworks, however apparently there is a park behind our neighborhood and the city set them off! They were gorgeous and the best part is we stood in the family room and watched them from the window! WHOOOOT!

We’re going to find the park today. Maybe.

Yesterday, we were supposed to work in Spawn’s room – getting curtains hung, cleaning, putting clothes away. Instead we spent the day shopping. There is a really nice (expensive) Tanger Outlet Mall down the road a piece and my shoes that I bought for work in July fell apart – literally – when I went to my folks for Christmas. I found a pair that I fell in love with and were oh so comfy, but dang they were on sale for 70.00 and I ended up elsewhere. Not AS comfy…. and now I’m having second thoughts.

What I NEED to find are rain boots!!!! The South’s River Basin is flooding people. Really.

We also needed to buy hardware for the curtain rods. (I have curtain rods, no hooks to hang them up.) I have a power drill, I’ve learned to use it.

And a few other necessary – and in my case, expensive – lady things. Gravity is not your friend. Even Rome fell.

ANYWAY! We’re going to work in his room today and we’re also going to go up to the little theater up the other road a piece and watch Star Wars – AGAIN! It’s my understanding we’ve reached our high already this morning – it was in the 70’s at my parents and knocking the 80’s down here  pretty much all month and NOW it’s going to finally get cool. Meh! Cool is good, Cold is okay, Cool and wet or cold and wet sucketh.

So as most of us have already seen on other blogs, WordPress is doing the ‘*INSERT YOUR BLOG NAME* IT’S YOUR STATS!’ thingy and I found mine to be surprising and interesting.

First off, I’ve always known my numbers aren’t huge here. That’s fine. This is my quiet garden. If I want drama, if I want action and activity, I’ll go to Tumblr and actually respond to the hate that is routinely left in my inbox. (It’s been bad this past week. People are digging. The children are home. Bored.)  So I was shocked to see that my visitors here could have filled the Sydney Opera House… more than once…. more than twice… actually more than 5 times.


Again, I’m sure all of you could boast of numbers that would populate countries. I’m not striving for that! I’m just striving for a little quiet corner for me.

I was surprised to find that posts from 2014 registered on my 2015 list. What’s up with that?

Activity on my 2015 blog was triple from 2014.

I averaged loading 2 pictures a day. 848 guesses who MOST of them were of????

My most popular day was in early June. We’ll get to that one.

My longest daily posting streak was 10 days. In June. Personally, I think that’s 9 days straight too many. I apologize for flooding your inboxes. (Yes, I’m aware many people post on a daily basis and that’s fine. I look forward to some people in my inbox telling me they’ve spewed on the internet and I do go and read.)

In 2014, I liked to post on Tuesday.  In 2015, I posted mostly on Mondays and Thursdays. You want to hear funny? I originally wrote, last year I liked to post on Tuesday and this year I posted mostly on….  I see checks and stuff having scratched out dates.

My top referring sites were the usual suspects – WordBlog Reader. Yahoo.


Really? Should I send a cheesecake? *feeling very humble dunnowhyanyoneisinterestedinwhatihavetosay*

There were also 2 sites that links go nowhere on. and I’m sure these are harmless….

aren’t they?

Most of my visitors come from the US, Canada, and Germany. 81 countries total. Mostly Europe. Australia. Russia.

I have a few people who are really active on my blog. I’ll not mention names to protect their reputations. *nodnod*

But finally I wind my wordy self down and present – My Top 10 posts for 2015! (echo echo echo)

I’m shocked. Really, I’m VERY shocked. I thought my #1 post would be this one!


You know, the one I announced I was moving to the coast and POP!Thorin went into hiding. It didn’t even make the top 10. #13. Of course, this stat series is going on VIEWS… not responses – in which, this post would have made it close to or at the top!.

It seems my top 10 was made up of either my Adventuring or me bitching about something or other. To be my quiet garden, I certainly whine a lot in it. hmmmmm. Food for thought.

#10 –  We are back

Returning from a grueling 2 day trip into the interior and having words with POP!Thorin about his travel expenditures when I go to sleep.

It’s not pretty.

#9 –  Since we’re all confessing

There have been a smattering of whiney bitches upset that there are Richard fans who appreciate the beauty of not only his brain, character, and personality, his talent, but also his physical attributes. The boy has a nice ass, lovely pecs, and you better believe if I were given a chance, I would slap that behind and tweak those nipples. But God forbid I should mention it.

So I did. Made you look!

Don’t try to shame me or my friends for being normal (which is very close to hormonal.) We have eyeballs. We look. Get the fuck over it!

#8 – Sigh

I was ranting. I ranted. I rant. Don’t whine to me about someone defiling your work when you yourself go and defile it. I don’t give a flying hootie who you are or who you think you are or who loves you.

#7 – It has been

In which Zee is told by the Georgia Power Man she shouldn’t be driving a truck for any reason.

#6 – Really Irritated

Moving frustrations. Okay, home hunting frustrations. I think back now on that particular place and shake my head. No way would I get my furniture in there, much less…


and that’s a 2 car garage. The one being lambasted was a one car. Nope. But the realtor was really nasty. I hope she gags on a contract.

#5 – Okay…

Absolutely one of the hardest posts I’ve ever had to write. I hate asking for help. I am a self-sufficient, strong woman. I can get shit done, when I need to. But I’m also a realist. It has been said that RA’s fandom community are made up of the most compassionate, giving people. You are. I couldn’t have done this without you. Thank you. Armitage fan And thank you Richard, for being your beautiful, compassionate, giving self and drawing all of us together. You are thread that holds this cloth of people together. I’ve met the most wonderful people through your ‘well-wishers’.

I’ve met some shit-heads too, but the wonderful people FAR out-weigh the shit-heads.

No, I am not a shit-head. Shaddup!

#4 – One Adventure Down

Part of that long adventure where POP!Thorin complains about my music selections and then rented Dwarf-porn.


Must you constantly harp on that? 

Oh, you betcha! I’m still waiting on payment. And no, white gems and green gems don’t cut the mustard!

#3 – Spread the love RA book challenge

Zee reads Dr. Seuss for a good cause.

Yes, we know Zee reads, but this was for a good cause.

#2 – Who did I piss off in a previous life

Not only did I have to deal with idiocy while looking for a place to live, I also had to deal with idiocy root kitting my Dell at the same time. I – of course – assuaged my bad temper by Over Dosing with much Sir Guy.

Sir Guy is good for that. *nodnod*

For the record, I did manage to get the Dell cleaned off, it took hours, but I still bought a new laptop. Windows 8.1 sucks.


#1 – Adventuring

AKA Pop!Thorin talks himself into navigating and reading the map on a road trip. Just please; no Elf Music.

I will be up front and make no bones – the reason why this particular entry got a huge (double the going rate than #3) hit count, was because apparently someone thought it was funny and ping backed it.

Still don’t understand what POP!Thorin has against Mozart. Or Haydn. Or Beethoven. Chopin….

This year’s resolutions.

  1. To weigh less than I did on December 31st.
  2. To eat healthier. Be more conscious of my sugar intake.
  3. To bring my blood sugar down and keep it down. Damn thing is like a roller coaster.
  4. To be a kinder and gentler person.
  5. I found my compassion chip in the last few months. Herding kittens will do that to you. I resolve to fine tune it. Make it bigger. Hold more Gigs…
  6. I will not resolve to curb my language. Not fuckin’ happening. no life before coffee odme1
  7. I resolve to continue to read. More mysteries, more Crispin Guest. Shadow of the AlchemistGood Tidings
  8. more of…. yeah…. that!!!! Dungeon ROyaleThe Spy who loved me don’t judge me.
  9. I resolve to post more Richard.tumblr_m7soite6GK1qc5k7uo1_r1_500
  10. More Guy.tumblr_n9m7huJklZ1sh6br8o3_400
  11. Resolve to post more stubble…. tumblr_n9lalvzvJK1rmxqfio2_500
  12. More bearditage tumblr_mk2nvdGIWh1rsd4imo1_500
  13. More sexy men in man buns. tumblr_nq4pdggEeN1syxc3so5_1280
  14. I resolve this blog will continue to APPRECIATE the male form. No, it is NOT objectifying. It is appreciating!!!! tumblr_nq9h4dA9qL1sguhjco1_400push up shortstumblr_nb541q6TX91qfdneyo3_250


15. I resolve to dance more. tumblr_inline_npj4klOg401st60aq_500

16. I resolve to listen to more music. Right now, I’m playing the HELL out of this…  I nearly forgot my broken heart and part of me. Someone said this man has the voice of a fallen angel. He does. An excellent description.

17. I resolve to continue writing, if for no other reason than a creative outlet. Guy is talking to me. So is Gary. And Reaper has reared his head after 2 years of silence.

18. I resolve to do this more often. blood blister

19. I resolve to go to the beach. I’m not as close as I’d like to be, but we’re still… close. 11188164_10152742887511717_7781414610089364494_n

So yeah. More music, more books, more whips and chains and men in leather,  more Richard. Sounds right.

It is lunch time! I have left over pizza and left over lasagna. Or we could go to DQ… Decisions… decisions…