And how are we all???

We had horrid storms last night – as bad as the ones last week! I was up from 3:30 to 6:30 this morning listening to it, waiting for the tornado sirens to go off. They didn’t, there doesn’t seem to be any limbs or trees down – no damage. Knock on wood.

pollen down the drain.

Trust me, there is NO pollen in the trees right now!

This past weekend, I watched woodpeckers and cardinals climb the trees, looking for food. Beautiful birds! Also watching the mama bluejay pick up things to build her nest. I”m pretty certain she’s in the tree behind my closet. I have never been much of a birdwatcher until this spring.


Today I’m doing a lot of video recording for school – reading to my kids. Also singing, dancing, and washing my hands for a music video. They might use my little snippet, they might not. Even if they don’t, it was fun to do!


For the record, it appears when I went on my clothes buying spree, I bought skinny yellow jeans.

What the hell am I going to do with skinny, yellow jeans?


The kitchen isn’t clean and I’ll be damned but I’m going to watch things next weekend! The Stranger! I”ve only watched the first episode. I might watch Castlevania again – all 3 seasons!

Speaking of Castlevania – that little smutfest is almost completed. Maybe I’ll get it done by tonight. off to betas. Hmmm mmm

Trevor's pecs

I keep reminding myself… it’s JUST a cartoon….


Yup. Sir Guy’s progeny, no doubt about it!

Been in a Southern Rock mood today –


It says Lynyrd Skynyrd, but it’s Rossington Collins,

How about some ManCandy? All Richard version (because I’m lazy)


Stay safe today!