a bit miffed


I might talked about it later


I might just go ahead and talk about it here and not worry about tiptoeing on eggshells or being nice about any of it. It’s my blog, right?

000 your quarantine house

This made the rounds last week. I love House 6, but all the testosterone… same with House 2.  House 7, I’d be sleeping by myself, with a gun, House 5 is halfway full of douchebags, House 1 is rather… meh…. for me and House 4, I’d gain so much MORE weight because the Daddys would feed me until I couldn’t move. Am NOT familiar with anyone in House 3. Except the good doctor.

Sigh. I’ll take House 6…. maybe house 4

I’m waiting on clothes to arrive. FedEx said they were out to be delivered yesterday. They never made it. FedEx says they’re trying again today and look for them on Monday. They’ve been in flipping Savannah since Thursday. I could have gone to get them!!!

I’m still miffed.

here. I’m just pissy. Have some Richard.