And how are we all?

I am under the weather, feeling a tad bit better than I did yesterday, but still not up to where I need to be. Friday is gearing up to be my challenging day. Not that I have THAT many challenges, but still. Doesn’t help I have very little voice. I’m down to the last 2 classes of the day and I’m thinking Moana is on the docket for today.

I’ve at a point in my unpacking where I can’t do ANYTHING until the boxes are out of the way. Somehow the boxes I packed back in 2002 are the ones that came into the house. How did this happen? I’m going to work on the boxes that are #2 and then put these rogue boxes out in the garage to take their place. Actually, the vast majority of the rogue boxes are destined for the trash or the filing cabinet. Perhaps I should just deal and put the extracurricular in another box and…

See the problem?

Regardless, I need to get furniture placed where it needs to be. That would be the bookcases in the living room, the table in the dining room, my cave, and the family room. At that point, I can deal with boxes.

Spawn and I are looking at an extremely lean month come September. When I get paid next Friday, that’s it until the end of September. Gas is going to be an issue as are other bills.

Either way, I need some Guy in my life. How about you?

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Enjoy your weekend!!!