Here. Have some Richard and then it’s your decision behind the cut.


Seriously judgmental stuff behind the cut. 

You know, I’m not on Twitter much. I am She of the Long Windy Tirades and Twitter kinda curbs that. It was my place to be political, not so much anymore.

But I was surfing last week or the week before and something ran across my feed that sort of surprised me. I don’t follow anyone in the thread, I’m guessing someone in my circle liked or made a comment. That’s another thing I don’t like about Twitter – SHIT comes down my feed. Hollywood Liberal Bull shit, people I don’t follow, much less have any respect for (I don’t)  but I digress.

Either way, something ran across my feed and the subject disturbed me to the point I clicked out of Twitter. I had a crazy week coming up, so it was my intent to ignore it and just move on. We had Richard’s birthday, the auction, all of it coming up. I figured I had enough on my plate and I’d forget about it.

But I can’t. The last few days, it’s stewed in a special pot from hell and even if I can’t remember who what when where or why, I need somewhere to dump the contents. This place is well enough.

Basically, there was a discussion about the pros (no cons) of creating bogus accounts so one could pester people who annoy them.

Now I could be blowing this out of the context and it could be a joke, it could be a wander conversation from another thread, but on the other hand…

Back from 2005 – 2008, I was a victim of online, cyber bullying that was served up via fake ids. Dozens of them. Almost daily, I would open my email and there would be a special brand of hate, vile, nastiness, tailored just for me. It was always someone different – who had the same speech idiosyncrasies  and same problems with spelling as the persons (a set of twins) that I had the initial contact with. I was repeatedly called ‘fat’, ‘ugly’, ‘a joke’, ‘4 eyes.’ jealous of ‘beautiful slim women such as *name of my antagonizers*, neither of whom were slim, beautiful, or very successful financially. There was no way, someone as ugly as me could be a music teacher. A former model. My son was the product of incest, I was in an incestuous relationship with him. I was the product of incest. It goes on and on.

Most of the time it was amusing and I openly poked fun back at them. But it wasn’t until I started tracing IPs to the same place that I was able to do something about it. As a result of online trolling, sockpuppeting, anon bullying (harsh words, but that’s what this is) one of my trolls lost her job.


Because she didn’t learn her lesson the first time.

And this wasn’t the first time the Gruesome Twosome had pulled this. Using rudimentary tools, I traced their hate to other people they deemed ‘inferior’ or ‘annoying’ back into the early beginnings of Yahoo Fan Groups – the late 1990’s. I spoke to a previous victim. She sent me years of internet harassment from them and their sockpuppets/trolls. I was pained and disgusted by the identical hate mail, sent from different ‘people’ 10 years previously.

And in talking to others, I was able to gather info on how they did this before the internet. Snail mail. They harassed and bullied people through snail mail.

All in all, it made the hate I received back in 2013/2014 over Whoosits/Whatsits look rather tame, and perpetrated by amateurs.

But I digress.

As I stated, the conversation could be a joke, bantering between 2 friends. It hit me hard in a spot I thought long-buried and healed over. It dug up painful memories. Because if it’s not…

cracks knuckles

Aren’t you fucking special to think that just because someone annoys you, they are deemed unworthy and it gives you the right to create a fake ID so you can harass them without impunity. That’s bullying. Cowardly. There is a special place in hell for people like that. A place filled with elderly souls, playing endless games of checkers and old hymns playing in the background on an out of tune piano. You’re annoyed? What about the people who are annoyed by you? Have you thought about that?

See, I’m annoying. I know that and embrace it. I’m Conservative, that’s all it takes to annoy some people. So what? Liberals annoy me. I think we should start a game – next time there is a Democratic Primary Forum, every time Bernie mentions free crap, you should reach over and take a swig of someone else’s beer!

But I would never ever ever ever ever create a fake id to bully and flame and attack someone just because they annoy me. That’s cowardly. Childish. A tool for someone doing something immoral, illegal, or just plain old asinine.

I could go on, but I’m certain it would fall on deaf ears and my friends here are wondering  what, by all that is holy and pure and Richard, got into Zee? 

And friends who have been around for YEARS will say – grab a lawn chair, some cheesy poofs and have a sit. Zee’s on a rant. Pass me a beer. 

And so it goes.

I managed 8 hours of sleep last night. Of course, I was in bed, dead to the world by 8:30 and up, eyeballing the ceiling at 4:30. And old friend has meandered back in my life, for how long is anyone’s guess, and the recent topic of discussion was – How did we get so old and why does my body backtalk me? 

Such is life.

And 8 hours of uninterrupted rest is 8 hours of uninterrupted rest. I’ll take it.

Here. You put up with this. Go back and take a close gander at Richard’s ankles. He’s wearing footies. yup.