My afternoon appointment rescheduled for tomorrow. Which is fine, because the other agency that had several houses I wanted to see doesn’t have an available time until tomorrow morning. So I have 4 houses right now to see. Several houses I wanted to see won’t be available until August 2nd and one wanted additional pet rent.


Blood sugar is in the mid 160’s, sleep, while hard, was not enough. I actually went back to sleep after my text message rescheduling today’s appointment, so I got I think enough.

It is SO nice to sleep on fresh sheets in a freshly made bed! Really.

I’m out of packing tape. Actually, I SHOULD have 2 things of packing tape somewhere – need to find it. The house is starting to look naked. As I talked about last night, it’s kind of depressing. I’ve not felt this way about any other home I’ve lived in – even the one I owned – and while this one has issues (small kitchen, too small bedrooms) it’s been a home in ways my other homes haven’t been. I’m going to miss it.

I’m begging my muses to please not bite me after 10PM for the duration of the summer. William Edward should be wrapped up in a few chapters. We don’t meet his next reincarnate, Edward Crispin. he dies on Bosworth Field, but we do have an angry, angry Sir Guy ghost and THAT has been written. I’ll probably break it into 2 or 3 chapters. His 4th reincarnate – Sister Guyenne – will be a one shot. The incarnate after that probably 1 maybe 2 chapters.

Have NO clue what I’m going to do with Guy #6.

So, now we’re in the 1700’s and I think Hugh will be making the rounds during the early part of the century. And his installment will be sizeable. Hopefully not as large as William Edward’s, but still pretty good sized.

Dear Muses. The sun is up for a reason. that’s always a great time to have screaming bunnies!

And now, ManCandy! All Richard edition because i can’t find my beefcake folder!

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You’re welcome!