13 days! 13 days! 13 days!!!

You should know what that means!

I’ve had good news – I have more money in my flex spending account than I thought – like a huge shit ton more than I thought, meaning dentist bills won’t be a problem AND I get to get new glasses! Yay go me!

I want wild purple sparkling glasses! yes!

13 days! 13 days!

In addition, one of my coworkers informed me it looked like I was losing weight. It made my day.

This past month, it looks like I did very little reading. This isn’t true. The books were larger than normal. As I’ve stated, I’m trying to finish as many series that I’ve started over the years. I’m current on the  Crispin Guest series, I finished the Lana Harvey  and the first week, I finished the Iron Druid.


There are 3 short stories – I have 2 of them on audio and I would like to burn them so I can listen to them in the car. It probably would be wise to listen/read as it introduces new characters and 2 new dogs…

I have LOVED this series, so I was looking forward to the conclusion. It was not what I wanted to happen. It was not what I envisioned, much less expected. I hoped everyone lived happily ever after and feared everyone would die! Niether happenedI was unhappy with the ending. I want to write fanfiction to FIX it. It’s like…. 12 years of work and the author just erased all the past for 3 Druids to walk away in 3 different directions and 2 not speaking to 1. That’s all I’m going to say.

Since the Iron Druid finished, the next series to complete that I pulled from the bowl was to finish Sarah Woodbury’s Gareth and Gwen series.

This series takes place in Medieval Wales – about 20 to 25 years before Ribbons. Owain is King of Wales and has just married his 2nd wife – Christina. The marriage is not accepted by the Catholic Church because Christina is Owain’s 1st cousin and at some point, he will be excommunicated over it. Gareth is the lead knight for Owain’s second son – Hywel. Gwen, his wife, is the daughter of the court bard – and sings pretty well herself. The two tend to solve murder mysteries. They get mixed up in Empress Maud and King Stephen of England’s ‘argument’, they find the mummified body of a princess on the beach – one who everyone thought had run off with a Dane 5 years before, but obviously didn’t, and the murder of a dreamer… who seems to have 2 wives… these are books 4, 5, and 6 of 8.

I woke up sleepy this morning. In the last 2 weeks, I’m up on an average 3 times a night. Every 2 hours. I stayed sleepy all day and finally succumbed to a nap the last 45 minutes of the day when I didn’t have a class. I had a salad for lunch, so no carb nap. I”m concerned. I have felt like a busted can of biscuits all day.

So I’m going to go to bed.