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I’m going to rant and if you want to skip it, just go to the ‘read more’ and click the link for hot men.


As many of you have witnessed, we have a lot of striking teachers in this country. Salary varies from state to state and school board to school board. Urban areas tend to make a higher salary than rural and in many cases, certain subjects in high school pay more. There are subsidies for department and grade level chairs, teachers who are active after school and weekend (that would be coaches and band directors) and pay also increases with specialty certifications and degree levels.

Despite all of that, in many places, a teacher’s salary isn’t enough. Cost of living, etc… Hawaii can’t keep teachers longer than 2 years at the most, due to the high cost of living. I did a cursory search when I was unemployed and the cost of a 2 bedroom scummy apartment was ridiculous. Ours is a profession that loses a large number of teachers within 5 years. We’re working out tails off – I just fed 2 of my kids breakfast. Most of the teachers I work with, work part-time after school and summer jobs. I’m going to have to find summer work the last 5 years I teach if I can’t afford to get my Masters. I might do that for a few years and use that money to return to college to get it!

So my rant is – if I have to explain to one more yahoo that teaching is NOT a part time profession, we really DON”T have the summer off, we stay late, bring work home after school, the weekend, the holidays, I’m going to blow a gasket. We take classes, learn new curriculum, learn new teaching tricks, anything to keep fresh, during the summer. We do a lot of advance degree instruction during the summer. We are not reimbursed for that. We purchase materials for our classroom that isn’t provided for us, again out of our own pocket. I kept records last year from August to August – I worked just as many hours as someone who works full time with 2 weeks vacay! Please!

I told one person if they thought it was so easy, please come down and sub for me for a week. You’ll run with your tail between your legs.

There! Rant over!

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