or maybe, Ophelia, we don’t want ta feel ya….

I think I’ll give up on song writing.

Anyway! Friends, Countrymen, Romans, lend me your ears. To all of my friends in Ireland and England and Scotland, please batten it down and stay safe. Extreme wind and rain is heading your way tomorrow and Tuesday.



If it’s outside and can blow away – even if you don’t THINK it can blow away, yes it can so bring them in! Park your cars somewhere safe, away from trees! Charge up all the batteries and cell phones and laptops and kindles and nooks. Have flashlights and candles ready, firewood and kerosene and make sure you go to the store and buy everything on the shelves!


Stock up on canned food and make sure you have a hand held can opener because that can opener that plugs into the wall won’t do you a lick of good if the power is out! Same with bottle openers! Trust me, I know these things!

Above all else… just stay safe, k?