Are you ready for it??? I’m not.

First, as many of you know, the Eastern portion of the United States is socked in tight with cold cold snow snow ice ice baby and it’s a good weekend to snuggle in with books and/or wine.

Except we just have COLD and slightly wet weather… it’s icky outside.


This weekend, we are cleaning house. Really. I don’t care. Boxes are going out to the garage and I’m cleaning! And hanging pictures. And vacuuming.  My son has been doing the cooking thing, God love him….


That was dinner last night. Those green things are deseeded and deribbed jalapeno peppers. It’s Cajun Pot Roast Magnifique – Justin Wilson’s recipe – and it was Spawn’s first attempt at it.

He did good.

Either way, I’m heading out for a Music Teacher workshop – yes on a Saturday. I could have gone during the week and gotten a substitute, but my kids see enough subs with their regular teachers! Either way…

I’m doing the cleaning and I’m going to paint the bookcase…


And we have laundry to do this weekend. Don’t ask. On top of our regular laundry, I have a pile of at least 397 loads of things that have been in storage forever and a day.

I’m hoping to take time tonight and sit in my corner and read or knit. Or possibly tomorrow night.

Really, I want to get everything CLEAN and pictures hung so I can take pictures. I’m so proud of my little place. Really and I’m not making the progress I’d like to be making.

And it’s cold. Windchill 27. Yes, warmer than many of my friends and relatives, but it’s still cold. I mean, you can look at the window and you can see how cold it is.

Oh. The next chapter of Gary is up at all the usual places. Will be sent to RASF tonight.

OH! Conversation at my desk yesterday.

2nd grader looks at my computer wallpaper.


“That’s your future husband?” 


He has pretty eyes! 

Yes, he does.

He’s nice-looking!

I think so.

Does he like music?


Does he like to read?


Then he’s perfect for you! 

Ogle this!