I just spent 55.00 at the laundry mat and I only did 1/3rd of my laundry.

Before you hit the floor, the majority of it (7 of the 8 huge ass double loads) were linens and towels that have been in storage for 5 years. No way am I putting that stuff on my beds or in my linen closet.

I’m discovering/remember that my mother unloaded linens and stuff she didn’t want back when I moved lower down the coast. I didn’t need king-sized sheets then and I don’t need them now. I have twin sheets as well. Of course, I DO have 2 inflatable twin mattresses, so those I might keep, but the mismatched sheets and king-sized sheets are going bye-bye.

Yessiree Bob’s yer uncle.

I wrote half of the next chapter of William’s story and then double checked my history. William’s in deep ca-ca and I’m in no mood to rehash all of that, so I believe 7 pages of sweat is going to get dumped and I’m simply going to set down at point T rather than point B.

For those who are curious, the time line is in that 4 year period Edward II and Isabella have just about had enough of each other and Hugh the Younger is completely off his leash and Hugh the Elder is about as enabling as a parent can be and Roger Mortimer is in France stirring up all sorts of shit and the barons are in disarray because Edward executed his cousin, the Earl of Lancaster, who seemed to be the only person who could control the Despensers.

And William is somewhere in the middle of that, stirring shit for both sides.

Nope. Just not going there.


Are you ready for some beefcake? I need some beefcake. I’m under the weather, it’s cold and there is school tomorrow. I feel like crap.



Sam is 71 and still looks gorgeous. I’d make time for him!



I could use the guy around the house to just do stuff, y’know???

And my favorite beefcake…


That man is sex on legs!

I’m in the mood for…

beefcake fail copy

Behind the cut for those who can’t stomach it…

Dresses made out of weird things (10)

I wonder if I can find that lingerie in my size….