And welcome to Guy Day!

It is a somber day here in the States. And here in my neck of the woods, the temps are down 20 degrees and it is raining. Has been raining since this morning. I’m in the living room, in my comfy chair with my feet propped up. It’s a lazy lazy Friday.

I got really good news yesterday afternoon. I was informed I didn’t have to worry about being short sick days. I’ve gone through the days the State has given me and I’ve also gone through my county sick days. I am in no place really to return to work. Even my doctor said, you’re not ready. There’s the residual bronchitis for starters. Either way, I received a text and an email and a phone call from peoples and after some paper work was filled out and turned back in, I have all the sick days I need.

Knock on wood and thank you, Jesus.

It is a relief and a weight off my shoulders. In the words of my administration – now you can relax, not worry, and GET WELL!


Are you ready for GuyDay? I am!

Thar ya go! (really don’t like this set up!)