Good morning from the coast and Happy Monday to you. A week from today, I will be sitting in the first of 3 boring professional development courses, none of which have ANYTHING to do with what I do. Both my ancient kindle, and my kindle fire will be completely charged with books primed. I’ll have a notebook, so I can write if I desire and I plan on sitting in the far back, lunch bag filled with COLD water.

So yeah, 4 more days with kids.

Starting this evening, we are looking to ONE week of 80-100% RAIN! Temps will be 10 to 15 degrees cooler than what we’ve had the past week to 10 days. (90’s) Spawn and I plan on laying out the rest of the potting soil in my little flower patch (will probably be weeds) and getting seeds sown before it starts.

All this rain means Field Day will be cancelled. 😦

Oh and as of today, I have gone 8 days WITHOUT BUYING ANY CLOTHES OR SHOES! I’ll take each day at a time. I’m also trying to cut back on the cokes.

Yesterday, Spawn took me to a local comic con for Mother’s Day. Compared to Dragoncon, it was – waaaaaaaaaay itty bitty and in Spawn’s words – humble. I’ve come to understand that his definition of ‘humble’ means small and intimate. He dressed as Bob Ross and was QUITE popular!


We would take 10 steps and someone would cry out – BOB ROSS!!! I NEED YOUR PICTURE!!!


Many of the comic artists there stopped him, took his picture and than talked and talked. This guy talked to him for 20 minutes!


The Battlestar Glactica model weighs 40 pounds.

He bought me three books –


that are all signed by the author!

And I got 2 fluffballs!


That would be Rey and Kilo!

And we got an addition for his cave!


It was a great day!

Oh. She still likes wearing my shoes!


And now – for some ManCandy!


Y’all have a good day!