Tonight, I’m going to be a bit specific and obvious in my Sunday Beefcake. Tomorrow is Richard’s birthday and while I have no illusions that he will ever see this blog, I still would like to wish him a happy birthday.

Honestly, it’s either here or buried in the piles of wishes on Twitter or Facebook, so here is just as well.

I have been seriously under the weather this weekend. I’m taking large doses of vitamin C, existed on dry toast and hot lemon/ginger tea this weekend. There have been other issues this weekend and I’m just going to live and let live. I’ve promised myself if I get as sick as I did this time last year, I will lay out. Perfect attendance be damned. No one should be as sick as I was and around people.

My Big Bang is complete, for those who missed it. Friday evening William Edward got a hold of my ear and the next chapter of Aside from Heaven is off to the betas. I’m hoping the next chapter rolls off just as quickly and Gary is elbowing his way to the front again.

Something came across my dash this afternoon that grabbed my interest. Of course, it’s one of those massive questionnaires I love that no one asks me a damn one, so I’ll do it here. You can join me…. or not. It’s about reading!!! And books! WHOOOT! One of my favorite things.

And now, as I’m yawning so much and I need to go to bed…. Sunday Beefcake, Happy Birthday Richard version.

I started pulling some of my favorite pictures of the man into a folder and realized if this kept up, I’d be posting the better part of 1000 pictures. Just for starters. Sooooo….

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The smirk, the smoulder, the smile, the bod (yesyes no I’m not objectifying. I’m appreciating!) the talent, but most of all, the compassion, the kindness. Sometimes, you drive us nuts, but thank you for being you. You are an inspiration to many of us. A very happy birthday to you. May your best day this past year, be your worst day in the coming.