Revisiting an old question

So last night, I was digging through a folder on an old external that I’ve not accessed in a few years. Since before I moved down here, to be honest. It stirred up bunnies (plots)


Could be used for purposes other than the what it was intended for – a different fandom…


(remember when I said fan art was plentiful?)

Some of it was funny!



and reminded me of something I’ve thought for a long, long time but for some odd reason forgot about when the question came up.


2018 RA Challenge

C – Name a book that you think RA should play in a film adaptation.


Lan Mandragoran, King of Malkier. From The Wheel of Time.

lan by james beverage

Lan is pretty awesome. Stubborn. Proud. And as king, very noble, even if his kingdom has been taken over by The Blight and he was snuck out as an infant by oh, half a dozen soldiers, the LAST Malkierian honor guard. And that man can fight.

Yeah. That’s who Richard needs to play.



Summer’s heating up

And I report back to work 3 weeks from today. Chances are VERY good that I’ll go in 2 days early to do the simple chore of setting up my keyboard lab. I’m looking around the house at the stuff I didn’t do – we still haven’t gone to the beach. still haven’t cleaned carpets, still haven’t cleaned out the garage. I told Spawn I was not joking – the next time we move, we will NOT be moving in a 28 foot truck plus a 12 foot truck plus God knows how many carloads. There is still stuff at my mom’s even though she swears it’s all gone. I’m missing 5 boxes I KNOW I put in the attic!

But we still have 3 weeks.

I bought a belt hoping to salvage some of my clothes that no longer fit me. While it will help with my jeans, I’m not thinking it will help with the maxi dresses. The armholes are now huge and the only thing will be to take it up in the arm and I don’t have the sewing skills to do that. My Mom does, so maybe next time we go home, I’ll take the two dresses in question. I really would like to get some more wear out of them. As I have to wear a sweater or jacket or bolero with them at work, I can still get away with it, but…

The first of the late summer, early autumn catalogs came Tuesday and I’m so screwed. Really. Really really screwed. I just have to convince myself that there really is no money on the credit card. It needs to come down. Down down down if I need/want/lust over any sweaters or late autumn stuff that will inundate my mail and email come September/October.

I did look at the shoes. Doomed. Doooooooooooooooomed.

What RA question am I up to? I should be pretty close to the end…

2018 RA Challenge

W – A prompt or AU for a piece of  fan art/fiction

You know, we need to get Claude out of jail… or maybe how did he get that piece that he threw Debbie under the train for. Did he know going in it a set up or did he get backed into a corner after it happened and he threw her under the train?

One wonders.

I would like to revisit a former question… but I’ll do that later. Right now, I’m off to run errands – like make an eye appointment to have my eyes checked and get new glasses. JOY!

Here. Have some Richard.




Man Candy Monday!

Happy Monday! I have only 3 more left! Sheesh! I live for summer and it goes by so quickly!

Today’s weather? Hotter than hell! Tomorrow? Chance of the same.  Maybe some rain. The Ice Cream Man is my hero.

(Before you yell, my sugars are pretty much in the 140’s – which is a damn sight better that 350+. A few times I’ve gotten them in the 120 range – once I got them at 119, so there ya go.)

Today’s RA question –

2018 RA Challenge

V – Your favorite artist gives you one request. What do you ask for?

Many years ago, when I was really active in the LOTR fandom, artists were part of yahoo groups and they drew for everyone. I think I’ve shown some of the artwork done for me and my fics. Graphics – man oh man! All of it was given in love and I adore each and every piece.

Today, artists giving freebies are few and far between. If an artist asked me if I wanted one piece, hands down it would be from the scene in Manna from Heaven when Guy and Genevieve married that first time in 12th century Nottingham. Picture from behind her, in red and a flower crown, a bouquet of late autumn roses and over her shoulder, facing her, waiting at the altar, is Guy, seeing her that first time.

That’s what I’d ask for.

And now, ManCandy Monday


As of late, for me?


I dunno if it’s the ropin’ muscles or the tight jeans…


I do love a man who is poured into his jeans.


StUUUUUUpid stuuuuuuuffffffff

And Zee Reads

I have NOT tasted blood today – hooray. I’m taking it that means healing has begun. Can I get an amen. Of course, at some point in the near ass future, we are going to tear up my gums something fierce, so I’m going to hang on to that tylenol 3 I’ve got still and go from there.

Tried to write today. Wasn’t pretty. I’ve never been one to delete stuff, but I deleted that mess.

This month will go surprising fast for me. I report back officially on the 27th, but I’m going to go in a day or two early to at least set up my room. I have 3 things to set up – the general music class, the keyboard lab and then a choral corner. I need to find my Young Singer and Patterns of Sound books. I’m looking forward to this year. I really am.

I’ve been told certain children will NOT be back. Praying. Oh I’m praying.

2018 RA Challenge

U – Have you added anything stupid/cracky/hilarious to your fandom?

hehehehehehehehe. Suffice to say….

And now Zee Reads.

It was an extraordinarily dismal month in terms of reading. I’ve gotten in a habit of reading before I go to sleep. Or in the car while traveling. We’ve not traveled much and I’ve been going to bed exhausted, so at best I’m only getting a few pages in. I had wanted to wait until Christmas to replace my Fire, but I’m thinking it will be replaced in 2 weeks. OR maybe I’ll wait until I’ve finished the 3 other books I’ve managed to download that is on it. I’ve done some shopping and I can probably get a 5 button Kindle for under 20.00 on Ebay or I can bite the bullet and just get a new Kindle Reader on Amazon for 80.00. It has 2G of book storage, I should be able to take books off or archive them in the cloud (put them back on the PC Kindle) easily and if I have wireless bluetooth headset, I can download audible books. That’s a plus.


Maggody Arkansas is a hick town, with a small population, half of whom are Buchanan’s. It’s a one-light town, with one police officer, and nothing ever happens.

Except murders and cheatin’ partners…

If I were Arly, I’d not only ask for a working vehicle and a police station with a working air conditioner, I’d ask for a raise.

Unexpected ally

I managed to download the last 3 current books to this series. It’s probably the last books I’ll be able to download to this particular kindle.

I have learned to appreciate this little series. I’ve had it for some years and it took gasping for more Crispin Guest to pick them up in the interim. While I lived further down the coast, I had a hardback I’d picked up from a used bookstore for next to nothing, Circle of the Stones. It was the story of a young Irish noblewoman whose father had given her to King Owain of Wales. She was one of many mistresses and mother to Madoc the Explorer. I should find the book and reread it. I’ve been curious about the legend and have found precious little. It’s been interesting to read about him and the family about 20 years before my little Ribbons fic.

If you think politics NOW are scary, trust me! Politics during this time period takes the cake. Everybody is married to everyone else’s brother/sister/aunt/uncle and everyone hates each other. Sound’s like a winning plan, right? Either way, I’m enjoying Gareth and Gwen, and their little family. And it’s nice to see another insight into the life of the time.

A friend of mine had a quadruple bypass on Friday and she’s having a rough go of it right now. And one of my mom’s younger brother’s is fighting cirrhosis of the liver. He was admitted to the hospital tonight. I think we’ll be cleaning house tomorrow. I suspect mom will be heading this way.

Here. Have some Richard.




Ssssshit ssssssshit ssssssssshit! No sweet T

I am heartbroken.

Last night, Spawn and I went to the Freedom Rings Celebration. The county owns a big piece of undeveloped property within a mile of us and several times a year, uses it for County Fairs, Spring Festivals, Autumn Festivals, Family functions, Amusement purposes and 4th of July Celebrations. Parking is free and it’s a fun time for all. The firework show – while short (15 minutes) was really nice. Spawn and I got there just before sunset, got ourselves great parking and a great place to set up. One of the radio stations was there and they had erected a dance floor for the kids.

My kindles were charged and with me as we had a 2 hour wait, (yes, 2. An ancient 5 button that I read the most on and a Fire I’ve been unhappy with for a while. I have 4 books on it now that I AM reading (series) and I was thinking after I deal with the dental issue this year, I might indulge and purchase another kindle for my birthday. I’ve been pricing them and as much as I hate it, I’ll probably buy another fire – believe it or not they are MUCH cheaper!!! Go figure!

As I went to bed last night, I couldn’t find the Fire. I figured it was in the car, but this morning, I went to look and it wasn’t. I remembered the last place I saw it was in my car door. I had it out while we waited 2 hours for the show to start. As we pulled out, I discovered my back door was opened, so I got out to shut it. I guessed it was in the field.

SO I drove back to the field and found my kindle in the grass. It had been run over at least once, probably me, and the face is pretty cracked. But it still works and I’ve got it plugged up now to see if it will charge. I hope so. I’m not really in a place to replace it. I’d rather have a paperwhite or even a refurbished 5 button. I don’t think they even make them anymore. I’d like to figure out how I can reregister my old 5 button. I like it better.


I’m thinking this spot in my mouth is going to be sore for a little while. I’m going to try tylenol and see if that helps. Usually Tylenol is useless after I’ve been taking Tylenol with codeine. The 2 teeth they filed down to anchor the bridge don’t bother me anymore – the extraction does. Meh.

2018 RA Challenge

T – what was the first thing you ever contributed to a fandom?

Fanfiction. Are we surprised? I’ve been involved in the LOTR fandom since 2002 – after the first LOTR movie came out. I admit, I was smitten with an elf – and NOT Legolas! I had just kicked out The Sponge (who did more financial damage to me than my divorce) and my sister took me to see it at the dollar theater in July. I went in hating men and came out wanting THAT man. Either or, I did a huge internet search, and discovered FANFICTION!

Most of it written by teenaged girls who had never been kissed, much less laid and wrote in long-winded run on sentences in net speak with no punctuation –

so i saw legolis an i sed hey what u doin an he sed nuttin much so i sed wanna go 2 the river an maybee fish or go over 2 rivendell an c 1 of teh twins or go 2 lorien an c halder or hiz bros an he sed that wood b gr8 lemme get my bow…

Yes. This was written and posted on a group board and you wouldn’t believe how many – MOAR MOAR! THIS IS GR8! responses there were! It was unreal!

So after trying to stomach my way through that stuff, I realized that my daydreams are better put together than this drivel and I started writing what became a 175k word epic that I put down in under 10 months.

I discovered that people either LOVED it or HATED it! There were entire threads on flameboards dedicated to it. Folks, did you know because I write such dreadful fic, that I’m obviously a dreadful mother? What shocked me most was the person who went after me the hardest – in fact started most of the threads – was a fellow forum member who felt her fic didn’t get the well-deserved attention it warranted because of mine.

And WHY did they hate it so? I hadn’t read the books when I wrote it. I stomped on their precious canon. I think several people stated that even Tolkien stepped on his own canon – and didn’t follow LACE (Laws and Custom of Elves) so what’s the big deal?

Oh and I dropped a modern day woman into Middle Earth. Obviously, that was the most heinous crime of all.

I have learned a lot since that first fic. A lot. No, I won’t tell you the name, or the pen I was using when I wrote it. If you REALLY want to know, ping me privately, it’s still up in a few places.

I think Richard would have made a beautiful elf, don’t you?

I’m going to find some Tylenol. That hole in my head is uncomfortable. And my Kindle Fire is charging. It’s just going to have to hang on for a while.

DLiLDdMXcAAtn5Dtumblr_n1hh25fdon1tt76sfo6_250 (1)18 sdertet


Good morning and how are we all? It’s Friday and we all know what that means!

THE WEEKEND!!!! Oh and Guy Day! yeppers!

Mouth doesn’t hurt so much this morning. I think every time I pass something that reflects, I grin.

The next question on the RA survey is What Actor(ess) would you like to see Richard work with next?

You know, the funny part of me would like to see Guy and Loki do a version of Pinky and the Brain. But really, I’d like to see Richard and Benedict Cumberbatch pair up with something – Some wild, comedy adventure. Really.

I need some Guy.  I bet you do to!

aaatumblr_nchv0sCkSI1sh6br8o2_500crotch shot 1crotch shot 2crotch shot 3getting out of handmassive guy linertumblr_bnaighkB0F61qg3l0so1_500

He makes everything better!


So I go to the dentist today, thinking I’m getting a deep cleaning and instead, we started on my main dental work.

Good news is, they were able to salvage one of my front teeth so the bridge cost half as much. Still – the one tooth they extracted and the 2 teeth they’re using for bridge anchors… ouch. Really. I’ve taken massive pain killers and the whole front of my face hurts.

It’s not going to be a good night.  😦

BUT! I can smile. If I felt like it!