The Vessel 12/45


I am taking my last trip into the Interior. I probably won’t be back until Thanksgiving and that hurts. I have a lot of work to do here at the house and then when I return, I will have one week to lesson plan through the end of September and clean and rearrange the house before my landlord does the bi-yearly inspection in mid-August.

I will also take Gizzy to the vet for shots and tests. As much as I hate it, I don’t think our home is the best home for him. I will be talking fostercare for him. It’s breaking my heart.

The Vessel

Chapter 12

Scream to me, my love – or – Trust you, my arse. 

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There be


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a whole lotta hissin’ going on – and L’il Giz is holding his own! Albeit, he holds his own standing between my feet. If I leave my bedroom, he sits in my chair until I get back.

And whines and fusses and climbs and wants to play with the electrical cords!

Tell me, who would leave such a precious baby in the middle of nowhere???? I would do them a hurt if I knew who did it!

Excuse the mess (just got home) and the make shift litter box!


Wednesday, this sweet baby found itself on my parent’s carport, crying and hungry. A total love and sweetheart, a right purr bucket and quite the chatterbox. The foster cares in the area won’t return my calls or emails and the shelter charges for surrenders and won’t guarantee they are a no kill. So it looks like I have a 3rd cat, that I can’t afford! I’ll have to quarantine him until I can get his shots and have him checked for feline leukemia et al. My two adult cats will NOT be pleased.

Meet Gisborne.

Dis’s Dilemma



Dís’s Dilemma

A Thorin and Family short

“It’s got to come down!”

Dís stood in the doorway of her sons’ shared sleeping area, arms crossed over her formidable chest. “I know they are teens, I know this sort of thing is normal, but that-” she stabbed a short finger at the wall, “must come down!” She put her hand up to her sons’ outraged and in Kili’s case, mulish expression.

The cause of the uproar in Thorin’s home was a pinup of a dwarrow, proudly hung between the beds of Fili and Kili. It was a reproduction and the original artist was rather talented.

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The Vessel 10/45 LOTR

Howdy Hey and how are we all?

It feels like I just got home and I’m going back into the Interior again! AGAIN! This will be my last trip. We are expecting Tropical Storm Elsa tomorrow – hefty winds and probably 2 to 3 inches of rain. Reminds me to bring the porch chairs into the garage. I’m taking clothes to mom (she’s lost a LOT of weight) and a badly needed bathrobe to Dad. Star Trek, James, T, Kirk, yes indeed! My siblings told me gold or blue was just fine, but do NOT get him a red one! As long as the thing keeps his proton torpedo covered, it’s good!

Every time I go up, mom has gone further downhill. She has now been in the hospital 6 times since February. There are things going on besides her blood sugar – at least it seems to have stabilized. They are settling in to their new abode. I’ve hung up pictures and such so it seems homier.

Close friends and family members are screaming for me to see my doctor. I’m exhausted and keeping a low-grade migraine for the last few days. I have scratchy eyes. I think it has to do with the fact my June was NOT restful. 2 trips into the Interior, a well-needed vacation in Myrtle Beach, (lots of wrecks. a 4 hour drive took 7) Elsa coming in, my blood sugar is up, driving a 15 foot truck for around 6 hours. Getting in and out of that sucker hurt.

Just lots of factors.

Slowly, my parents things are being integrated into my home. It will be MORE apparent at Christmas, but right now, my bedroom…

For more than a few years, I’ve wanted this quilt set so bad, and the included side things – the throw pillows and the big picture, but I never thought that day would come. Well, it came, arrived and I think it’s beautiful, but I would give anything to have it go BACK to my mom and dad’s and for them to be home, healthy, and mentally intact. Really. It just feels wrong.


Moving on.

The Vessel

Chapter 10

de pain, Haldir, de pain or Who’s your bitch?


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