Zee Reads

I don’t know about you, but I’m tired of the Flu Season. Our school – both staff and students – have been laid low, Spawn has a URI and I’m suffering from asthmatic hacking. Life sucks when you’re sick, y’know?

You know what else sucks? Some of these freebies I’ve been offered as of late. I’m thinking…




Alpha beds a virgin… Is this the BEST you can come up with?

wha 1

Honestly, if you can’t come up with a better title than this, I don’t want to look inside your book.

And yeah, right now it seems surprise babies and Alpha Billionaires and MC and step-brothers are all the rage. Well, not for me, they aren’t but…

I’ve spent a LOT of time in the car as of late. Several trips home – Thanksgiving, Christmas, Spawn’s MRI (Got good news – that valve is plugging away and it doesn’t need to replaced anytime this year. YAY!) Either way, lots of time in the car, and he drives because I’m a lead foot. Fewer tickets and him driving means, I’m reading.

Shall we begin?


I quit reading this 1/3rd of the way in. Girl is vacay/camping through Alaska with Boyfriend and their 2 friends. Boyfriend is a douche. Basically ensures she’s not going to get home in time to her VERY IMPORTANT JOB in another state. Strange Dude at the bar they stop at offers her a ride to the airport some hours away. She takes him up on it, beds him between point A and point B. Goes home, Makes her meeting.

3 days later, she’s feeling sluggish and strange Dude from the bar shows up at her door. Informs her she’s pregnant, they are mates and she must quit her VERY IMPORTANT JOB and return to the outskirts of the town in Alaska and have his pups. Yeah. He’s a shifter.  And she goes and quits her job…

and that’s when I quit reading. For real. Short novella and all of that in the first 1/3rd of the book.

Secrets to reveal

A rather interesting Regency. AU. Imagine the Napolean Wars fought with Shifters, Wizards, and Vampires. Don’t forget the Ghouls and Ghosts and Spirits. Oh and a female code-breaker. And some nice sex.

Season of Blood

While I’m not personally enthralled with the author, I do love Crispin. I love Crispin ALMOST as much as I love Sir Guy. Watching him and Jack grow up, in more ways than one, has been a joy. This is probably one of the best of the series. I understand she plans 4 more books. Honestly, I hope she spends less time on her side characters, whose stories lend nothing to the story line and more time on sexy Crispin.

Steal the Light

Lexi is one of my favorite authors and I have adored her Masters and Mercenary series. She’s wrung that story line out and it still keeps going. She has several series and all of them tie together in ways. I’ve been sitting on this one for a while and decided to try the first one. I’m NOT a fan of paranormal romances – vampires, shifters, nope. Not really. But as of late, I seem to be reading a bunch. I don’t know why. I do know why with this one – I love Lexi’s writing. Last year, I read a fantasy-romance trilogy that involved Fae and Vampires and shifters so I figured, what the heck? Definite Urban Fantasy, with Vampires, weres, witches, demons and this little lady who steals things. Of course, she ends up in a menage with a fairy and a vampire. Go figure that. The whole thing is a class act riot. I’m eyeballing the other 4, seeing as it sort of left with a cliffie.



Ah, this might be why I’m reading paranormal, all of a sudden. Lana Harvey, Reapers Inc. I wasn’t expecting this series to wrap up this soon, but it has. Funny, Blasphemous, deadly serious. Twists and Turns in the plot up until the last chapter. The series probably at some point deserves a binge read, as I really enjoyed it.

You would think that I’ve wrapped up a series, therefore I would continue on series I’m currently in the middle of – Mary O’Reilly, Anja Creed, more Lexi Blake, Gareth and Gwen, Matt Turner….

nope. I started a new series…


As delightfully deep into most of the world religions as Lana Harvey was, she pretty much ignored the Celts and Druids. This makes up for it.

Meet Atticus O’Sullivan – a 2000+ year old Druid – the LAST true Druid, who speaks 42 languages, is on a first name basis with most of the Celtic gods and goddess and actually has a few pissed off at him – mainly due to a sword he picked up in a battle that belonged to one of the Celtic gods and has since refused to give it back. He’s wandered the earth, met many other dieties – including Jesus Christ – and is currently living in Tempe Arizona. Not so much because he’s fond of the desert, but because the trees the Fae love so much – as well as the Celtic gods – DON’T GROW THERE! It’s desert. Either way Atticus (Not his real name, by the way. It’s Irish and long and has a lot of consonants so I look at it and my eyes cross) Oh and his dog – an Irish Wolfhound that he can mentally speak with – that dog is awesome! I’m telling you!

Atticus looks 21, thanks to a tea he drinks – Im Mor Tal i Tea. Yeah. Think Gandalf when he was young and is actually Irish.

First book – Atticus owns a book and tea shop in Tempe. He also has a library of rare books, including what he thinks is an ancient Egyptian Cookbook for Lamb.

However it’s NOT and it’s stolen by a wizard, who you will hate when it’s over.

Hounded – excellent also. The original owner of Atticus’ sword wants it back. In the hilarity that ensues, the Irish dieties start taking sides, or NOT taking sides. Either way,  the sword’s magical property is it cuts through armor. No armor can withstand it. Everyone is warning Atticus – you know, he’s calling up trolls and all sorts of bad juju, you might want to leave. Atticus is tired of running and instead decides to stay and fight.

There are 2 little novellas on the back of this.

I enjoyed these two books and have the 3rd one loaded up ready to go. There are 8 (so far) and I just might binge read them and then draw straws for which series I’m going to finish next.

Then again, I have a lot of Morgan Rice…

To my friends who I share my books with, I’ve sent the Iron Druid series to you. Check your mailboxes. Atticus is a pretty down to earth sort of fellow. A modern day hippie of sorts. Of course, he’s a Druid, and don’t even pretend he’s a white robed, with holly in his belt druid. He’s the real thing.

It is late, Spawn is wandering and he can’t take more anything until tomorrow morning. And I have to go to work. Meh. Just meh!


Man Candy Monday!

Good morning or afternoon and how are we all? Did your to do list for the weekend get done? Mine sure didn’t. Spawn has come down with a nasty upper respiratory infection and I have a wretched full frontal sinus headache. My house looks like a tornado swept through it. We DID manage to get all the Christmas decorations and trees to the garage. Finally I can walk through my dining room. Either way, I’m home, monitoring Spawn, trying to accomplish ONE room clean. Looking for my paycheck and praying my bonus/overtime is in it. Some is going to the slush fund, but by golly I’m buying a futon for the family room so we can sit on it and watch Berlin Station someday! I also need to fix the keyboard on my laptop. But that can wait.

The RABBBWW (Bold Bodacious and Beautiful Well Wishers, for those who didn’t know) is up and running and there have been some awesome posts made. It’s not all about food, we’ve discussed cheating and pampering, among other things. I’m really excited about it. Come join us!

Considering I didn’t do Zee Reads in December, my reading list for this month is impressive. I did manage to read in December and the beginning of January. We traveled a lot and as Spawn usually does the driving, I was able to put down some major reading. My muses have been strangely quiet – they’ve not been this quiet since I lived further down the coast, when they all went to the beach the second week I arrived and didn’t return until we left, 4 years later.  Every now and again, the muse in charge of William Edward pokes me, but it’s just a poke, nothing- ZOMGYEWGOTTAWRITETHISNOW!


I tossed out no less than 75 various catalogs over the weekend. Really! 75! I am now being inundated with emails with those dreaded words – 75% SALE! GET IT NOW!



I have sworn to myself, until I get the credit card paid down to under 100.00 or April, whichever comes first (It is within my power of getting the credit card down to that in 3 paychecks – or mid March.) no more buyee for me. Nope. Not even an Easter Outfit. I did see an outfit I would like for Easter – when I was flipping through a new catalog before I  tossed it – and of course this spring’s colors are NOT the colors in my closet, but that’s okay.  They are ‘channeling Cupid’. Please. Someone shoot that little mischief maker in the buttocks and send him away. I saw a REALLY cute shoe in my flippings…


Except I would REALLY have to buy an entire outfit to go with them and the Easter outfit I’m eyeballing is white/blue/yellow.  So no. No matter HOW CUTE…

Either way, I’m now just deleting the things and tossing. My closet is sinful and I see me during a purge in a few weeks – if I’ve not worn it in 2 years…

That sure is a pretty shade of pink, though.

So are we ready for some ManCandy????


imagesPourquoi-Brock-O-Hurn-excite-autant-InstagramSunday beefcake Ben Godfre 060608fyes-sir


Yeah, I know, fully clothed, but there something damn fine hunky sexy about THIS man commando in sweats! I’d like to wake up to that! MWAH!



Fri – GUY DAY!!!!!

And welcome to the weekend. I only have 4 classes today – sadly, the last two will put me through my paces, but that’s okay.


Yet again, I have HOUSEWORK this weekend! It never ends. Really! I need to get my Christmas stuff OUT of the house (it’s down and packed, but it’s  been too cold to go outside for long) and into the garage and rearrange my cave. I’m expecting a nice bonus for working over the holidays and I plan to put some in the slush fund and use the rest to buy a futon, so we will have somewhere to sit while we watch television or while Spawn plays X box!

If you’ve not checked out RABBBWW, please do so and join us! The food – so far – has been exciting and… well… Richarding!

And now, before my first class arrives – GUY DAY!!!!

tumblr_mmly16Omk91s8lq3ho1_400tumblr_inline_mp2ioiCKQy1qz4rgpdoor guy 01tumblr_mjn27cx8ja1ql9ebno6_250a (2)tumblr_mjp9qjDbsn1s82d30o1_500 (2)fAV GIF WERESDF

Oh, we love to watch him strut!

Overheard in a music classroom somewhere:


Child: Ms Z? Are you wearing heels?

*looks down at cute suede booties with 1 and a half inch heel*, well, yeah.

Child: Are you sure you want to wear them?

Teacher: When I was in high school, I didn’t wear a shoe unless it had at least a 3 inch heel, so yeah, I want to wear them.

Child: Are you SURE?

Teacher: I have been wearing heels for going on more than 40 years. Why are you so concerned?

Child: Well, we don’t want you to fall down ‘cuz we don’t think we can help you out of the floor….

ManCandy Monday!

Ah yes! And we are counting down to Friday!!!! 80 days left until the end of school! NOT that I’m counting down!

If you missed it, the RABBBWW blog is open and doing business! (That would be Richard Armitage’s Bold, Bodacious, and Beautiful Well-Wishers) Business  being healthier eating and living habits and support and of course, Richard. I have a link here, I think the previous post or you can chat me or Guylty up! Healthy food does NOT have to taste like sawdust!!!

Are you ready for some ManCandy? Remember, we are not objectifying; we are appreciating!

0000images (11)imageHEARTHROBS

There are supposed to be puppies in this picture….


Have a great Monday!

RA’s BBBWWs – and Guyday!

In recent weeks, I’ve been reminded, seen, read, that more than a handful of Richard’s Bold, Bodacious, and Beautiful Well-Wishes have decided to embrace healthier eating habits.

Healthier Eating Habits, sounds much better than DIET. I know. I need badly to get back on the wagon. I have not taken my meds as I should since I got sick in November, and I see my doctor the end of this month.

Okay, I’ve taken them TWICE in 7 weeks. Not good.

I realize I miss my meetings, but right now, I have some financial obligations that are keeping my funds tied up. And this is something I can do, I just… well… encouragement, you know? Seeing how so many of my friends and my friends friends are spread out all over creation, but we now have at least 2 things in common – Richard and trying to be healthier, I propose the following.

Create an RA BBBWW blog here? A place where we can post openly, share recipes and food blogs,  be a shoulder, cheer each other on. Just be a positive force with each other. We can be our OWN group, y’know?

I’m tired of yo-yoing. I’ve lost the same 20 – 30 pounds for the last 3 years. I’m tired of being really good in my blood sugar for several months and then relapsing. It gets HARDER to fix my blood sugar anymore.

We can do this! We can! We are strong by ourselves, but mightier and a force to be reckoned with as a group whole. Who’s with me??

Here. While you’re thinking about it… Guyday!


tumblr_mc0q6e1WAY1rohkmi (2)tumblr_inline_mp2ioiCKQy1qz4rgptumblr_inline_mmr7y5j7H91qz4rgptumblr_mgt8h0r37y1qc25v3o1_500door guy 01tumblr_mjqexlP99B1qex0dmo6_r1_250 (2)tumblr_mjp9qjDbsn1s82d30o1_500 (2)tumblr_mjmuwzz5Er1rukpipo5_50005tumblr_mpwbd2yAWI1r2w1cro1_5001512691_424776214321003_2124588603_n