Wow! I’ve not updated The Vessel in over a month! and I’m late with my monthly reading. wow! AND i’ve not update Rabbbww either!

I’m sooooo behind.

Spawn and I went to Myrtle Beach earlier in June. He also hAD HIS YEARLY CARDIO appointment. his ticker is doing well and he’s lost some weight! His cardiologist has taken a new job so next year, he’ll meet his new cardiologist. While in Myrtle Beach, my car started running hot and that killed us to fix. I’ll tell you what! I have the bestest friends looking out for me. I do! I really do! It was not a cheap or inexpensive fix. For real.

And now, what did I read in June?


The final 2 installments of Tube Riders. No happy in this series. Nope. not a it. Well written, interesting, I read all 4 so hey!

I also finished all of what is written so far of Foreigner.

Ilisidi’s great- grandson has his friends from the spaceship come down to celebrate his 9th birthday. It’s a free for all. In the meantime, the aliens come or a visit and Ilisidi makes a deal with the Marid warlord. Bren and Ilisidi head into the Marid and her grandson’s only advice and request is to ‘Keep her safe’ knowing there is an assassination’s contract out for her. We also get a closer look at her grandson’s wife. The two have an unusual marriage – a permanent one. Bren also spends 2 books in Mospheria – land of the humans. They are taking the 5000 humans that are on the space station that were rescued from the Reunion space station that the kyo attacked. The first settlers are to be the heir’s friends.

I have really enjoyed this series and am looking forward to the next installment.

that’s it for now. 11 books. Not shabby. I’ll get the next installment of The Vessel up later or in the morning.