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Title: Use me Once

Author: Zeesmuse

Rating: NC17

Pairing: Legolas/Éowyn

Warnings: Het sex, character assassination (I don’t kill him, he just… well, feel sorry for Faramir!)

Beta: May

Archive: WoC, NF, EC, TS, EL, OS

Disclaimer: I’m not Tolkien, I don’t pretend to be the Great one, I didn’t sell this, yada yada yada.


Notes: End of ROTC – during the marriage of Arwen and Aragorn

Spoilers: none

The woman stood close to the top of the White City looking out into a smoke filled horizon, fires from Mordor still smoldering months after the end. The battle was over, the One Ring had been destroyed. Middle Earth had survived and would be rebuilt. Her uncle had died, along with many others and would be remembered in songs and stories for centuries to come. Her brother had ascended the throne of Rohan and had accepted the offer for her hand in marriage to Faramir, the Steward of Gondor. The King of Gondor had returned and asked Faramir to retain his title as steward.

She was settling. She knew she was settling. She wanted Aragorn, but his heart belonged to another. An Elf. She wanted to hate her, but couldn’t. The Elves were beautiful and many a mortal had tried to capture the heart of one, but they were elusive. However, Aragorn was no mere mortal and Éowyn didn’t blame the elleth for falling in love with the ranger. The she-Elf had reached him first and Éowyn stepped back with her heart before she had made too big of an idiot out of herself. Faramir had pressed for her hand during that retreat and she had accepted without much thought.

He’s kind, he’s good looking, he has all of his teeth and they are white, she thought to herself He doesn’t seem to have any bad habits. He has fighting skills and he will have property, of some sort, we are sure. Hopefully, he bathes on a regular basis. If not, I am not without my wiles. He was a good match for the Shield-Maiden of Rohan, niece and sister to the King.

There was just one small problem.


Faramir had been dealt a horrible blow during the fight of Gondor and had almost died. Would have died had it not been for the quick thinking of a small, frightened hobbit. Pippin had found his courage the day he made sure Faramir had been pulled off the funeral pyre, but while the physical injuries healed, an emotional injury persisted.

Faramir was impotent.

The healers promised both it was just a phase. It was temporary, he was healthy, it was still there, and it worked when he passed urine. Surely, given time and the time she had asked to bury and mourn her uncle properly he would be able to get it up.

Right! And some day, men would fly to the stars!

She would die a virgin. Untouched. Loved, cherished, but untouched. With no children to keep her company. And tomorrow, she was supposed to go to the wedding of Aragorn and Arwen and be happy for them. And while they made mad passionate love, she was going to cry alone in her bed. What was it about the Elves that got a person all hot? It had to be more than the pointed ears! “Éowyn. Is that you?”

Éowyn turned and looked. It was Legolas, the Prince of Mirkwood. She ran to him and threw her arms around his neck. He had come to Helms Deep and could have died helping to defend her people from the Uruk-Hai. He had been the only Elf there and while she had been forced to sit locked in cave, she had heard of his exploits, his bravery, and his insane tally of kills that he kept with the Dwarf. She stood back and looked at him.


So blinded by Aragorn, she had not paid much attention to the quiet Elf. And she realized, he was beautiful. Tall, slender, and graceful he exuded a regal composure that she wanted to get to know.

He also smelled good.

“…the wedding tomorrow?” So caught in her own thoughts, she had not paid attention to what he was saying.

“The wedding? Yes, I am going to the wedding.”

He smiled. Did he realize how beautiful he was when he smiled?

“And Faramir? He will be going with you?” Apparently, he had heard about the engagement she had agreed to in the depths of despair.

“No. He is not recovered.”

“I am sorry.” The Elf looked thoughtful. “Would you consider being my companion for the evening, then?”

“Yes, yes, I would love to be.” She kissed him on the cheek. “I will see you on the morrow then.”


The wedding was long and tedious, just as Éowyn had feared it would be. She did fine through the ceremony, sitting next to Legolas in the best finery that could be found on such short notice. He wore a white high collared tunic with dark leggings, with his hair long with its neat braids. He smelled of wood and she sat as close as she could without being obvious. She was glad he was at her side, because she didn’t think she could have borne it alone.

Legolas looked down at the beautiful woman next to him. She wore a dark green gown with a low round neck. She looked tired and sad and to him it was obvious she had put on a front of composure for this very public wedding. He knew she had loved Aragorn and suspected that she had accepted Faramir too quickly. She was proud and she would stand by Faramir regardless, but he still felt badly for the dignified Shield Maiden. During the ceremony, they played finger games with each other, her hand on his thigh, his covering hers at times. At the dinner afterwards, they danced. He enjoyed holding her slight body next to his and his loins reminded him it had been a very long time since he had been with a female. But he reminded himself, she was taken. When Aragorn and Arwen left the festivities to consummate their marriage, Éowyn had had enough.

“Legolas. Could you please escort me to my rooms?” Legolas took her hand and led her from the king’s quarters. They walked quietly through the sun-drenched streets. They were alone because everyone was celebrating the return of the king and his marriage. As they walked along, tears flooded in Éowyn’s eyes and by the time they reached her rooms, she was in a full-blown cry.

Legolas was at a loss for words. He had never had a crying female on his hands and he had no idea what to do. He refused to leave her in such a state. He led her out to the balcony of her rooms. There was a wide couch and the scent of flowers hung in the summer air.

Éowyn put her face in his chest and sobbed. She couldn’t believe that she was wailing like a child in the arms of this beautiful Elf.

“Please Éowyn, tell me what is wrong.” She got her tears under control and looked at him.

“Tonight, Arwen and Aragorn consummate their love and I know I will die untouched and unused. I will dry up and I don’t want to pass this world without knowing the touch of a lover.”

Legolas pulled back from her and looked at her tear stained face. “Éowyn! You are engaged to Faramir! You will marry in a year and he will give you many years of pleasure and many children. You will be well loved and have a full, happy life.

“Legolas! Faramir is unmanned.” She spit it out without thinking. She continued on without taking a breath. “Something happened when he passed through the flames of the funeral pyre. We kiss and rub each other, yet his manhood does not stir and I am left bereft and frustrated. He caresses and suckles at my breast and I ache for fulfillment and he can’t give it to me.” Legolas hugged her close and waited until she had gotten herself completely under control. He kissed her brow. She looked up into his grey eyes.

“Use me, Legolas. Use me this once. Use me tonight.”

Legolas had been taught well by his father. Never turn a female down when they ask nicely. He kissed her lips, finding they tasted like wild strawberries. He gently plundered her mouth’s delights, their tongues intertwining in an ancient dance. Her fingers went to the tips of his sensitive ears. She realized that while entwined, he had undone the fastenings of her gown and it dropped at her feet to the stone floor of the balcony, leaving her dressed in nothing but her hair. He easily picked her up and carried her to the bed. The sun was setting and its rays were cast across the bed. She watched him undress and was fascinated by lean build of his body. She reached up and slowly drug her fingers down his chest. He allowed her to explore his upper body with her hands. The feel of her cool hands on his nipples nearly unmanned him. Her body burned with anticipation.

“Use me, Legolas. Use me now. Show me what to do!”

He slid into the bed and took her in his arms. He kissed her deeply. “Put your arms around my neck.”

She did as he asked. He trailed kisses down her slender throat. His fingers brushed against the side of a pert nipple and she strained to fit herself into his hand. He rolled the nipple gently between his thumb and forefinger as his mouth found the other nipple and nibbled gently. He heard her whimper low in her throat as he kissed and suckled on the little pain he had inflicted on her swollen nipple and he teased her in this manner for a few minutes.

His hand that had been teasing her nipple, stroked gently down to the junction between her legs. “Open for me, lirimaer.” She spread her legs enough to allow his hand access past her curls. His fingers slid through the deep folds of her hidden pearl. He stroked it gently, while his mouth still enticed her nipple. She clamped her legs together on his hand, arching up. He lifted his head and looked at her flushed eyes.

“No, lirimaer. I cannot reach you. Open for me. Relax. I will try not to hurt you.” She opened her legs again, trusting him with her soul. His fingers swiftly flicked over her swollen clitoris and moved down to the hot core of her desire. She was wet beyond reason and he slowly inserted one finger.

He expected her to be tight, but not this tight. Her honeyed walls clamped tightly on his finger and he probed her maidenhead. He was reluctant to break it and decided to try please her in other ways. He lifted his head from her breast and she groaned at the break of the contact. He pushed up and with one knee, pried her legs further apart and settled on his knees between them. He looked up the length of her body. The sun had set and the rays played gently on the flushed rosy tips of her breasts.

“Take me Legolas. Use me.”

He shook his head. “I would not wish to do anything you would regret, my lady. ” And with that, he took the top of each leg where it met her body in each hand and spread them. With his thumbs, he spread her wet woman’s mouth open to his view, exposing her sweetness and did to her clitoris, what he had done to her nipple.

She bucked, banging her pubic bone against his brow and he saw stars fly around his eyes. He released her right leg and used his hand to press her belly down. His mouth returned to its work at her nubbin and she reached her climax, legs locked around his head, his nose in her damp curls.

She floated gently back to earth and he took her into his arms. After her breathing returned to normal, she realized she could feel him pressed against her hip.

“You have not found release.,” she whispered.

“I will not seek it. I do not wish to take advantage of you and cause you grief tomorrow morning.”

She looked into his eyes, the sun’s light almost gone. ” ‘Tis unfair, that you give me pleasure and not take any yourself.” She took a deep breath. ” Stand up, my lord Elf. I wish to taste you as you tasted me.”

He stood up next to the bed and she swung slender legs down to the floor. On her knees, she explored with her eyes and her hands, his long, slender cock, raising upward and away from his body. She gently tested the weight of his testicles, gently tickling the underside. His anus tightened while she played with his sacks and his prick begged for a touch, a submersion into heat, anything. Her hands stroked gently upward toward the head and one slender finger coiled around the head of his shaft, the others coaxing the foreskin above the first knuckle of her finger. She was surprised he was wet and she turned him loose to look closely at the drop of fluid on her finger. He gasped when she released him and almost fell over from the breaking of her contact. He watched as she licked the pearly drop from the tip of her finger. And then watched in amazement as she grasped him and slid him into her mouth.

Now it was his turn to groan and his turn to buck as her mouth ministered to his body. Her grabbed her by the hair and set a rhythm with their bodies. She nibbled on the ridge of his cock and her tongue slid sinuously over the eye of his being.

“Éowyn! Please I can take no more.” She leaned back, holding him tightly in both hands.

“Take me Legolas. Use me once.” He fell to his knees beside her.

“Éowyn, please listen to reason. What if Faramir regains his manhood? What he went through was horrible and all he needs is time. If I take you and he recovers, how will you explain away your maidenhead?”

Éowyn’s tears slid down her face. “What if he doesn’t recover, Legolas? What then? I am a Shield Maiden of Rohan. I ride horses. Use me once.”

Legolas pulled her up and stretched out on the bed with her. His cock was beyond rigid and he knew he would not last long once encased in her tight body. He returned to his original position with his face between her legs and she became angry.

“You will not persuade me like this! I want it! I want all of you! I want…” and his mouth slid over her clit, sucking it gently. Her climax built quickly and she bucked like an unbroken mare. At the point of her greatest joy, he raised up and slid into her hard and fast, breaking through the maiden’s shield. Éowyn screamed and clamped her legs around his waist and his climax rode with hers together. His hair fell on her face and they curled up, entwined and still joined.

She awoke the next morning and he was gone, leaving a lily and a strand of hair on her pillow. She was sore and bloodstains were on her legs, but she did not care. She went home to Rohan to grieve her uncle and discovered that Legolas, Prince of Mirkwood, had left her another gift.

A year later, as she climbed upon her horse, her brother looked at her closely.

“What are you going to tell Faramir?”

She looked down at the sleeping bundle tied to her chest. “I will tell him that her mother fell in love and died bearing this child. And that I adopted her.”

“You could tell him the truth. If he is not man enough to accept you made a mistake, he isn’t man enough to accept you to wive.”

“No. I will not do that to him. He is a good man and he did not deserve my perfidy. We will keep this amongst ourselves. He will love her as I do and I will gladly give him many children. Come, we ride.”

And with that, she kissed the blonde head of the sleeping child with small pointed ears and rode off towards Gondor.



lirimaer – lovely one