The Elf in the Corner

A Vessel Misadventure

My mother’s breathing was labored and I knew she did not have much time left. The healers had come and gone, shaking their heads, unable to help. I sat by her bed, ready to do anything to make her more comfortable.

“Lera.” It was a barely audible whisper. I pulled my chair to the bed.

“Yes? Yes, Mam? What can I do for you? What do you need?

She touched my face, feeling the tears on my face. “Oh, Lera, don’t cry. I’m ready. I have been ready since your father died.” She patted my hand. “Do me a favor. In the trunk, in the bottom back corner, there is a handkerchief knotted in the bottom. Bring it to me.”

I went to the trunk at the foot of the bed. It was my marriage trunk, she always said. It had been hers and after my birth, it became mine. Over the years we had added linens and things to it. I found the handkerchief; it was heavy and the ends were tied together. I handed it to her.

“There is a secret I kept from your father. I kept it from everyone. But I must tell you because it concerns you. It was so long ago, but I remember it as yesterday.”

I had sat back in the chair and was leaning close, she could barely whisper.

“Mam? What secret? What secret have you kept hidden?”

“A few months after your father and I were married, times were hard for us, so I was working evenings at “The Lonely Knight…”


I bent over the bar, wiping it down. It was late and my friend, Annia, looked beat. She had three children and a drunken husband and the baby had been up all night and day with the colic. My husband was two days away, doing farm work for a large estate and I was trying to get as many hours of paid work as I could. We found a small farm for a decent price and coming up with the gold to buy it was proving hard, but feasible. I nodded to Annia.

“Annia. Go home. It is late and all that is left is a little cleaning. I will take it, you get some rest.”

“Oh, an angel you are. Bless you.” She nodded into a dark corner. “I have one customer left. He is quiet and I believe he has taken rooms here tonight. Just make sure he pays his tab and you can have his tip.” She laid her rag on a chair and whisked out the door. And left me alone with the man in the dark.

I went over, to see if he needed anything. I could see nothing of his features, except that I could tell they were sharp and angular. He was dark headed, with long hair and had glittering eyes.

“Can I get you anything else, sir?”

A deep, authorative  voice spoke quietly. “Do you have any food left? I just realized I am hungry.”

It irked me. This late to be asking for a meal. It was well after midnight. I offered to look in the kitchen to see what was left. He thanked me and said anything would be fine. And to please deliver it to his room upstairs. I headed for the kitchen, when he called out.

“Also, the tub and plenty of hot water. I have been on the road for several days and would like to wash the grime from my person.”

A bath? This late? Who on earth took a bath this hour of the night. My thoughts of leaving soon came crashing down. Hopefully he would tip me well. I went into the kitchens to see what was still warm and began boiling buckets of water. Luckily for me, John was still there and he carried the tub from the tub closet and into the stranger’s room. He came down as I was getting the tray ready.

“Mira. You must be very careful with the person in the room upstairs.”

“And why is that?” I made sure there was plenty on the plate, so I would not have to come back down for seconds.

“He isn’t a man. He’s an Elf.”

My heart stopped. I had heard stories of the Elves. They were different, stand-offish. I had never seen one and my father swore they were evil beings, living in the woods, up in trees where no decent human would live. It was rumored they mated with anything, anyone. My mother told me they were the wisest and most beautiful beings alive in Middle Earth and that their love for music and art was exceptional. She said they were marvelous archers and fighters and she had heard they were wonderful lovers – if you could get one to mate with you.

I took the food up the stairs, being careful not to spill anything. I knocked at his door and entered on the sound of his voice. I put the tray down on the table and scurried out, trying not to look at him. From the corner of my eye, I could see he was tall and lean. I did not look at his face to see his beauty.

John helped me carry bucket after bucket up the stairs. The Elf said nothing; just watched us as he sat and ate. I took up the last bucket.

“Thank you.”  I was caught unawares and looked up at him in the face. He was fair in features, beautiful to look upon. He did not look young, this one looked to be in his 40’s, with care lines etched, but not harshly. He had a sharp nose and his dark long hair, beautifully woven in braids, his pointed ears peeking out. His eyes were a glittering grey and he had a small smile on his face. “I would ask if you could stay and attend my bath.”

I had attended men in their baths before. It didn’t bother me a bit. They always paid a bigger tip and occasionally, they would get frisky. That was an even bigger tip, but I had not attended anyone in their bath since my marriage. I must have looked nervous, because he peered at me with concern.

“Lirimaer? Do I frighten you?”

I took a deep breath and answered “Yes. Just a bit. I have never seen nor spoken to an Elf, before.”

His smile grew wider and he took my hand. “I will not bite. Please, attend me.” and he stepped up to the bath and proceeded to disrobe. I tried my best not to stare, but as his breeches and tunic came off one at a time, it was obvious that this Elf was beautifully built. He was slender and pale and wondrously carved. He stepped into the steaming water and sat, gratefully with a sigh. I did not see the need to bathe more than once a month, but it was apparent this Elf was used to the finer things. I took up a brush and began to scrub his back. He let out a sigh of contentment. It was quiet except for the sounds of bathing for several minutes.

“Lirimaer? Has anyone ever scrubbed your back?”

The question shocked me. Someone help me? In the bath?  My family did not own a tub, nor did my husband or I. They were considered luxuries and our bathing consisted of dips in the river. “No. No Sir, no one has.”

He turned and looked at me. “Please, come join me. The water is warm and you look tired. You have served me well this evening, without complaint and I would like to show my gratitude.”

Part of me was intrigued. A real bath. Of course, I was married, but what could a bath hurt? I quickly slid out of my dress and stepped into the tub in between his legs. 

The shock of the feel of soap and his hands on my back quickly turned into feelings of sheer bliss. I immediately understood why people – and Elves – of means bathed on a regular basis. I would pay for this feeling daily if I could. He kneaded the sore spot between my shoulders and the stiffness, the aching diminished, almost magically. His hands moved to my neck and his fingers worked the same enchantment. I was aware of being lulled into sleep. His hands moved down to my back to my waist and he pulled me back against him. I could feel his erection.


“Shhh, Lirimear.” His hand continued their work on my sides and lower back. Slowly, I began to lean on him, my head lolling backwards on his shoulder. I suppose, in that act, I exposed my neck to him, because gently, silently, he rained sweet kisses from my ear to my shoulder, his tongue sweetly lolling in gentle circles. My husband had never done that! It sent a thrill down my spine and a tingling between my legs that was quite pleasant. His hands moved to my breasts and he began to tease my small nipples. I half-heartedly protested and he half heartedly shushed me; I could hear the humor in his voice. Slowly, his hands moved lower, and lower to between my legs. Out of habit, I clamped them together. His chest rumbled in gentle laughter.

“Lirimaer! Have you ever known a Man?”

“Well, yes! I am married…” His mouth began to rain kisses on my neck and ear.

“So you have received pleasure?”

I tried to look at him, but it was hard. “Pleasure? A woman is supposed to receive pleasure from a man’s attentions? My mam always said it was something we had to suffer through>”

His head lifted and those grey eyes looked into my green ones. “Suffer? Nay, ‘tis a sweet thing. Relax.” and his hands slid to my woman’s area.

Never had I felt such delight! This Elf was wicked, doing wicked things to me, but I didn’t care. The pleasure was intense. I must have moaned, because he instructed me to put my arms behind me, around his neck. His fingers danced around my folds and despite the water, I felt myself get very wet. The pleasure intensified and I felt an explosion of little twinkles envelop me. He held me close, until my spasms subsided and as my breathing returned to normal, he stood up and took my hand.

He led me to the bed and gently lay next to me. His kisses were intoxicating and never had I felt anything like what this Elf was doing to me. He slowly moved down my body and he kissed my breasts. The nipples were huge and he sucked on them, much to my delight. Slowly, he continued to lower himself, down my ribs, to the indention of my belly – he seem to take great pleasure in teasing with it – and then lower and lower.

His tongue touched the nubbin between my legs and the fireworks went off again. I was aware that I was moaning and the tension built up. I could hear lapping noises from between my legs and I was dimly aware that his tongue was in a place that my hands had never been. The tension was sweet, but before I could complete my climax, he moved away and up my body. His mouth came down on mine and I could taste the saltiness of me. His rod slid into me; I was grateful for the contact and he rode me to completion for the both of us. His staff was built like he was, long and lean, and never had I would have thought that a woman could experience joy in the act that we were doing.

For several hours, he taught me the skills of Elven love; he taught me how to take his member in mouth and stroke it with my tongue until his juices spilt forth and I lapped them up; never tasting anything like it before then or since. He played with my bottom, teasing the smaller hole and wishing aloud he had more time to initiate me into that kind of love. He had me ride him, a wonderful experience that took me years to approach my husband with.

Finally, he murmured sweet words in my ears and I fell into sweet oblivion. I awoke early, refreshed. He was gone, my sweet Elven Lord and on the table, he left payment for his tab and this gift for me  in the handkerchief.


I held the heaviness in my hand. “But Mam?  You never used it, always kept it hid?”

Her breathing was labored. The end was soon. “I hid it. I could not tell your father how I had come by it. I used one, once. He had gone to work on another farm for a month and food was scarce for you and the others. I used it to buy food and other things needed. But there was another secret, part of it.

“Soon after he left, I discovered I was pregnant. I did not know who my baby belonged to and I prayed to the gods that Elvish characteristics would not be noticeable. You were born fair and lovely, with beautifully rounded ears. You looked like me, until you opened your eyes. You have his eyes, grey diamonds that glow in the night. And what is in the scrap of material, I hid for your dowry.”

I untied the knots and discovered nine gold pieces; a treasure.

“He gave me ten. I hated using the one…” her breathing was more and more labored. “I never told your father, he would not have understood. Every time he took me in that manner, I thought about my Elven Lord to make things easier.”

“Mam.” my voice choked. “Did you ever know his name?”

She looked at me, stroking my face as I watched the life light slowly die from her eyes.

“Elrond. Elrond, Lord of Rivendell.”

And as she passed, I, Lera Mere, cried.




lirimaer – lovely one