Happy post Merry Christmas! Did we have a good Christmas? Ours was… okay. For the 2nd year in a row, Spawn and I celebrated quietly by ourselves. Mom loved Christmas and I didn’t have the heart to decorate. Okay, so the Christmas penguin and the Christmas woodstick reindeer are on the banisters outside and one of my Christmas angels is on top of the buffet, but no tree was put up and I was just… meh…

Next year should be different.

Be as it may, we had a great meal –

*that pork loin was delish!* no recipe, bought in the wrapper herbed up already. Peel and roast!

There was cheesecake too!

So – first world problems. I’m discussing my unexpected weight-loss at RABBBWW. In short since October, I’ve lost a lot of weight. Several dress sizes. The belts I bought to extend the life of my pants are now too big. My tops that were tight are no longer tight. They’re baggy. I should grin and bear it and buy more clothes, but I’m trying to get financially sound this coming year and pay off at least one loan, pay the credit card way down and get rid of a storage unit. THAT might not happen. We’ll see. But I should have the one loan paid off by summer, the major credit card paid down and both clothing credit cards paid way down.

If I buy no clothes.

Except underwear. My underwear is falling off. Nasty.

These are first world problems.

In addition, I’ve started getting my reading challenge set up. I figure I shouldn’t have to buy any books. I have over 60,000 – 53,000 on my PC kindle which does serve as my general library.

I should be ashamed. Almost all of them are freebies. I realized when getting started setting up this journey, I have the ability to sort these into alphabetical order. Meaning it will be easy to find a book that starts with the letter Q

For the record, that’s a MMF rather than a MFM – which I’ve read one ONCE before and it wasn’t my cuppa…

also, other pesky letters –

I have 175 books with the word ‘Zombie’ –

I figured I’d have to use a word for x – ex-boyfriend, my ex bff’s brother or something. Nope.

First world problems.

I found these two books in my library. Have no clue why they call to me.

Weird, eh?

I’ve not really scouted my free book sites in a few months. So since Christmas I’ve been perusing the sites, only to come up with a LOT of this…

Interesting. You’d THINK I’d know if I had a book or not. Obviously not. On occasion I get this. As of late, almost every one, I have it.

The one that really hit home was this…

2014? Really???

But then 3 books later…



I’ve owned the book since 2012. Really???

And no, I’ve not read any of them.

Part of me wants to do a grand reread of a few things – Wheel of Time, but honestly, that would take a few years! Harry Potter. Maybe add the next few Alex Archer’s Anja Creed series. You know, the reincarnate of Joan of Arc with her sword and the immortal French Knight who is a dead ringer for a certain someone. Now, why can’t they do THAT extended series? My God, if they could put Dwalin in The Witcher (which was fabulous btw,) they can put Richard in a Anja Creed series!

Or a Wheel of Time. What a great Forsaken he’d make!

In my mix is the last Crispin Guest book. RA would make a great Crispin! But… the last one. I’m very sad. I love Crispin.


Right now, I’d love a nap. Face hurts and we’re going home tomorrow. Brakes. Time with Dad and I hope I don’t sleep through it.

*looks back through the books*

First. World. Problems. And over 30 pounds down since September?