I’ve whined so much lately, I sat in the tub this evening and decided to count my many blessings. It’s been a hurtful painful year. My mom passed away, cleaning out my parents house was painful, I’m still trying to get over Covid. I found WHO my friends really were and discovered some I thought were my friends…


My siblings had a difficult time of things and we ended up dividing into factions and taking our grief out on each other for a time.

There’s a LOT more, but I’ll stop here. Because I need badly to count my blessings.

Starting with the fact I have a TUB to sit in. Typically my bathroom doesn’t have a tub. Spawn’s got it and it’s usually nasty. He’ll clean it, but it can get grody. So I’m thankful for a tub in my bathroom, where I can light candles, put fizzy balls in the tub, set up the laptop and listen to music or someone reading.

We KNOW who that someone is.

I’m thankful for my tub.

I am thankful for my bathroom. It’s the first room I completed and I’m very much enjoying my tub.


As you can see, I have a special spot for His RA-ness.

HEY GUYLTY! Did you get a gander at this???

I thought it looked kinda familiar.

I’m thankful for the roof over my head. We were within less than 2 weeks of being homeless, the situation was that dire. I don’t like the house, there are issues – it costs WAY too much for starters, there is no storage, no garage, living area downstairs is too small, my closet is miniscule. Stairs. Killing me. But I am pretty positive they are the cause of my weight loss! I have the roof and the heating and the air conditioning. I’m thankful for that.

I’m thankful for my job. It has its days and moments. I spent the most of my return last year in the cross hairs of upper administration. They know I know that threats were baseless but they don’t know I had alternatives they didn’t think I knew about. The situation is still a far cry from desired but it is a huge improvement from my previous situation. Right now, my star is rising and I’m okay with that. I’m thankful my job is sufficient to pay my bills. There isn’t much left over and I will forgo new clothes for a while. Some people might say that’s a good thing, however if I keep losing weight, it’s not going to be. I’ve sent several bags of clothes to the charity shops and I’ve decided to send my mom’s very nice things to Thred up.

I’m thankful Spawn and I have reliable transportation. During the move, the transmission went out in my car. It’s a $3500.00 fix, but the car is 17 years old and has 270000 miles on it. not worth it. Spawn said we could share his and split the insurance. Save both of us money until I can sell the Impala and get my tax return back. I’ll haunt the government auctions and see if I an find something until then.

The only problem with this set up is I don’t get off in time to get home when he works, so I end up at the local Waffle House for 7 hours. That’s a long day, but I”m thankful we have a solution.

I”m thankful Spawn and I sat down with 90 of our closest relatives today. The original generation is in their 90’s and we didn’t have a big to do last year. 2 have passed away since the last pow wow and I miss them more and more. I have a few cousins I’m very close to I’ve missed. I have one we SERIOUSLY disagree with politically and at times the Facebook is on fire. But there are things we agree on politically and we also agree that we are family and we can simply agree to disagree.

I’m thankful for the food we have in our pantry and frig. In times of plenty I tend to stock up on pantry staples, like salt, beans, dry soup mixes. I am grateful for the 14.6 pound turkey that is thawed out in my frig, waiting to be roasted. We’ll eat tomorrow and then split it up for various turkey soups and turkey for the White Lightning Turkey chili.


In a few weeks the same people who gave staff turkeys will give us a ham. That will be great for cooking a dinner and then splitting for sandwiches and beans!

I’m grateful for Red Baron Pizza. It’s nummy. and cheap.

I’m thankful for Gizzy, who came into my life when I was feeling so empty. I’m quite certain she will be the death of me, (she walks between my feet and trips me – especially up and down the stairs) but she’s my little needy sweetheart. My dad said even if we found her another home, she would always remember me because I rescued her.

I’m thankful for my son, who worries about me and cooks for me and is a bigger help to me then I say. He’s nothing short of amazing and I’m going to hurt when he moves out.

Today is his birthday and this time 34 years ago, I was crying because the doctors had called in specialists because of his heart and was making arrangements to move him to one of the best children’s hospital in the US. I’m so lucky it was local because I’m certain those doctors saved his life. And when MY hospital finally released me 5 days later (not that I gave them a choice. I threatened to climb through a window, which would have been funny and painful even though I was on the ground floor.) because my baby was at Egleston, which is the Children’s’ Hospital of Emory University Hospital. Shout out because they are the bomb. I’m thankful for them.

I don’t have a lot and that’s okay. Wealth was never my thing. I look at my siblings who are better off than me and that’s okay. We fuss, but in the end, we are best friends and I’m thankful for them.

I’m thankful for my dad. He’s strong in the face of difficulty. He asked me today – when are you coming home?

End of next school year. I’ve got to pay off a loan and set some fundage aside. I drove the trucks here several times. I am NOT in the mood or think I am able to drive a 26 footer 400 miles. Also, I need a job. I’m looking at retirement in 5 to 8 years. Sounds like a loooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooong time, but it isn’t. 6 years ago, I moved to the coast. That didn’t feel like forever.

I’m thankful for the weight I’ve lost. I’m thankful for the difficult times. Tells me I’m pretty resourceful. I’m thankful for my friends that stuck around during this horrible time.

I’m thankful for the people who’ve pissed me off. I have a backbone and resolve and sometimes, I need to bitch. I might not do it here, but I do.

I’m thankful that The Wheel of Time is out, the Witcher comes out in a few weeks, after my birthday and I heard a rumor that RA’s new thriller Stay Close is coming out end of December. I have stuff to watch over the holidays! I am SOOOO thankful for that.

I’m thankful for trains. I find their call peaceful and we have one that runs at this time every night. Reminds me of slower times, up in the mountains when they flew by the front of my grandparents home and my siblings and I sat in the front yard, counting cars, watching butterflies, eating honeysuckle and helping my grandmother string and snap green beans. We remember their song at night and we’d sit at the window, trying to count the cars from the emblems on them that shown in the dark.

I’m thankful for all 5 of you who still follow me even when I’m being a weenie. You’re da best!

I have a lot to be grateful and thankful for. I don’t have a lot but what I have is gold. And that includes all of you.