The man drove hard into the mountains, knuckles, white due to his tight grip on the steering wheel. It was obvious by the glare in his eyes and the tightness of his mouth, that he was not a happy person.

“Ah, c’mon, Guy! So I know where we’re going!”

“’Tis supposed to have been a surprise.”

“That almost didn’t fly with Fulton County’s Finest!”

True. He wanted their destination to be a surprise. Several days of just them and no clothes. Ball gags. Oil. Butt plugs. Ball gags. Anal Beads. Ball gags. Vibrators. 3 sizes.

Ball Gags.

He planned this for some weeks, arranged for his mother to stay with the Terrifying Threesome for several days.

He wanted to surprise her, so he sat her in the car, blind-folded her, and took off up The Connector.

Except some busy body in another car called 9-1-1 to report a kidnapped and blindfolded woman in a black Mercedes…

It hadn’t been pretty.

Guy almost demanded if they knew who he was! Luckily, one of the officers recognized him and Genevieve. Recognized them from the BDSM Club and was kind enough to vouch for them and not tell how.

Oh, and Genevieve pulled her blindfold off and began to laugh hysterically. “North Georgia Mountains,” she pointed to the obvious in the distance. “You’re taking me to Helen! Huzzah!” She pointed at the officer coming towards the vehicle. “Belle! Is that you?”

Gen! How are you?” Too late, the officer blushed over her sunglasses. “Robert,” she nodded to her partner. “It’s the FitzGisborne’s. I think we’ve interrupted a weekend getaway surprise!”

Robert and Belle were members of the exclusive club Guy and Genevieve played at. Robert leaned over to look in the car. He nodded back to the other officers surrounding them. “I think we can leave these two alone!” He mildly glared at his partner, both in their occupation, as well as the BDSM club they participated in.

You know these two?” another officer asked.

Yes, we’ve been… friends for some time.” Robert nodded to Genevieve. “You okay?”

I was great until you ruined the surprise! Now I’ll have to deal with Lord Grumpy until we reach our destination!” Genevieve settled back in her seat and smiled serenely. “I love Helen. I’ve not been… in a long, long time.”

Meaning Lamar had accompanied her. The first return after a breakup was always the hardest and Guy felt this return trip was long overdue! So time to get thisout of the way and in a way that insured she would never remember she visited the historic little German town tucked in the Georgia Mountains with that two-faced twit!

Yes, they were friendly at functions they both attended. Yes, she sent a condolence card and flowers to his mother’s funeral last year. Yes, they nodded and welcomed him when he showed up two weeks later to the symphony with his new boyfriend by his side.

Yes, to all that. All of it. Genevieve didn’t think Guy heard her.

Well, no wonder he really wasn’t interested in sex with me!

So they were going to visit the little hamlet for the first time.

Up, up, up into the mountains they went.

Guy was fiddling with the radio, ripping through the stations and grumbling about the inanness of popular music. This made Genevieve smile. Sitting up, she gently brushed his hand aside. “I found this station last week. I hope we’re not out of range.” Down to the bottom of the dial she went, by hand, before the sounds of a lute wafted through the speakers.

Guy’s brow knit in a furrow over his eyes. “de Machaut?”


Guillaume de Machaut! One of the better known composers of the 14th century.” He stabbed at the sound system with his right hand. “That man could drink most anyone under the table!” For the next hour, Guy on occasion humming or singing along, the car powered into the mountains. Genevieve didn’t understand a word, but her husband seemed to be enjoying the music.

At some point, she nodded off. The week had been long, too many hours; the kids had been rambunctious and Guy had a big case that kept him in the office late as well.

There was a vacation rental community just above the town. Guy checked in, making sure the condo next to them was unoccupied and prepared to pay extra for it if necessary. Leaving Genevieve in the car, he took in their luggage – which was, not surprisingly, little. He returned to the vehicle and took her to dinner, a very nice restaurant unexpectedly tucked into the little village. Genevieve’s favorite – prime rib – was on the menu and her glee knew no bounds.

Several times, she looked up from her plate, prepared to make a statement, a comment, anything, only to be silenced by Guy’s deep stare.


You look,” she whispered, “as if you want to eat me.”

His grin was lop-sided and slow. “I am the big, bad wolf.”

Genevieve’s circular moue was lit by a knowing fire.

It was dark and the temperature dropping when they returned to their condo. It was warm, Guy obviously turning on the heat when he dropped off their things. He steered her past what she thought was the master bedroom and the stairs leading to the second floor, into the living and dining room area.

Stay here.” His voice took a deepening hue. “Take off your clothes.”

Genevieve grinned at the order. So! It was going to be a naked games week-end! It had been a long time since they had enjoyed one of those. She started to suggest, they could have gone to the club, but closed her mouth, before she could utter a sound. The club meant a few hours. This was going to be at least 2 days.

That is, if the children didn’t do something to land one of them in the emergency room. That had happened before, when Roger wrecked on his bicycle and ended up in the emergency room with a broken arm.

Her clothes laid in a pile around her ankles and feet and despite the warm air in the abode, she shivered, her nipples standing firm.

Do not turn around. Close your eyes.” The smell of leather surrounded her as his arms circled her. “Tip your head.” A drop encasing a cold stone made its way around her neck, dangling gently between her breasts. His breath teased the delicate shell of her ear. “It has been a long time,” he whispered, “since you have submitted to me.” There was a sharp crack as the flat of his hand met her southern-most cheek.


I love to watch it jiggle!” He smacked the other one, chuckling softly. “I smell your desire.”

It was now Genevieve’s turn to smile. There was no pain, he told her a long time ago he would never hurt her. And he never had. If anything, even when they were having swing from the chandelier monkey sex, he never hurt her.

Open your eyes.”

She opened them to stare at the back deck curtains, blessedly closed. Her hand went to the cool stone about her neck. She looked down to see a beautiful tear-shaped diamond drop, surrounded by rubies. “Guy. It’s beautiful! You spoil me!”

You are getting ready to see how much I spoil you,” he whispered. “Turn around.”

She did so, discovering the scent of leather wasn’t from his Club-Dom leathers. Rather…

“Oh my goodness,” she whispered. “That’s what you were wearing when I first met you!” It occurred to her that it had taken time to have it made and probably cost a fortune. From the chain link in the sleeve, to the tooled etching and –

-the lace-up pants…

“You like?”

“Oh, very.”

Her husband took her by the hand and drew her backwards into the downstairs bedroom. “What is your fantasy?”


“Did I not make myself clear?”

“My fantasy?”

Again, the one side of his mouth turned up into a grin. His knees backed into the bed. “You fulfill my fantasies always. Your turn, your fantasy. What is it?”

He looked rather pleased with himself and Genevieve knew he wanted this weekend uninterrupted just for them.

But he also looked… tired.

“My fantasy?”

Guy nodded.

“Fourteen hours sleep and a breakfast buffet.”

The confusion was obvious.

“Fourteen hour-”

“PSYCH!” Genevieve pounced, knocking him backwards onto the bed. Her hand snacked up one long medievally clad leg and rested on the ties at his groin. “I’ve always fantasized about this!”

And she lowered her mouth.


42 minutes later

Guy collapsed from behind her with a roar, before rolling onto the bed. As he fell on his back, arms outstretched, Genevieve rolled in to them and snuggled into his side. He glanced at the bedside clock. “God, when did we get old?” He yawned.

“Speak for yourself, Mr. Millennium!” Gen was picking at her teeth. “Oh Lord!” she spat. “I believe there are leather bits in my teeth! Phppt! Phppt!”

His chuckle rumbled from his chest, where his wife’s head rested. “Serves you right! Unlacing me with your teeth.”

She continued to spit. “Admit it. You liked it!”

He held her tighter. “Aye. I did.” It was quiet for a minute. “Fourteen hours sleep.”

“And a breakfast buffet.”

She could feel him smile. “I think I can manage that.”

And there was peace.




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