So the move is complete and chaos has reigned. We were supposed to be out by Friday evening, however, my car’s transmission went out and now I’m car shopping at a time I can’t afford it. Spawn and I just might do one car for a few months, so I can save up some funds. No, we won’t fix the car – the transmission is 3500.00 to start and the car is 17 years old with 270000 miles on it. Pretty much everything under the hood is original, so I will be selling it for whatever I can get. Either way, out landlord gave us through Saturday and we locked the door for the last time just at midnight. It hurt. I can’t tell you how much we cried all the way home.

Moving on.

I showed this earlier. 

Yeah, it’s pretty.

I have no storage, no garage, so I now have 2 storage units as well as a wrap around porch and deck that are full. Starting sometime this week, we will be working hard to get everything at the house done in 3 weeks, so I can decorate some for Christmas.

I mean, I have 3 trees. Sheesh.

The porch overhangs already have light hooks up. Yay.

The bedrooms upstairs are bigger than what we had, but everything else is smaller. No storage…

well, there IS storage, sorta…

This is sad because it’s really a big shed. Almost the size of a 2 car garage! There are shelves, a potting table. Sadly, it leaks and the floor might as well be a trampoline. Sad.

And you can see how soggy. This was 2 days after the rain.

The bedrooms upstairs are bigger than the bedrooms we had, which is amazing as the bedrooms we had were huge! The master bath is nothing short of amazing. I have a tub! I’ve not had a tub in a master bedroom since I can remember. 20 years??? More??? I took FULL advantage of that tub last night.

Yesterday’s mood. Nice. Getting out of it was hard. Not that I wanted to leave, I just couldn’t crawl out!

While bigger bedrooms are nice…The living room and dining room is combined, meaning it’s smaller. 2 pianos don’t fit in the living room, so we had to have one of the pianos placed in the 4th bedroom.

Yeah, there is a 4th bedroom downstairs. It’s a guest room – bedroom, half bath and a closet.

Well, use the word ‘closet’ loosely. As there is no coat closet in the house, this closet in the downstairs bedroom has been designated the coat closet except…

yeah. Want a better look?
It holds 3 coats.



My previous living room while narrow, was rather looooooooooooong. In the end it held, a 7 foot couch, comfy chair with comfy ottoman, a rocking chair, 2 bookcases, a short bookcase and 2 pianos.

Not happening here.

For about 3 days, this actually looked nice… sorta.
Originally, the second piano was where the buffet is, but with the 2 pianos, there was no room for the couch, so the 2nd piano went into the 4th bedroom. I know it looks all cozy now, but I’m strapped for space.

Dining room is equally cramped. IN the formal at the house of the Shady Vale, I had the dining room and chairs, buffet, a big bookcase and all of my albums. I had wall space….

Not anymore.

The buffet is on the wall between the windows. It can be seen in an earlier photo.

Somewhere, I need to put the baker’s rack and the bookcase for the cookbooks in there somewhere.

THe 4th bedroom is the family room. Lots of books, the 2nd piano, the so-called coat closet. The lazy couch, the television how I have no clue how we’re going to hook it up because the cable is in the dining room. There is a coaxle hook up in the dining room and in Spawn’s cave.

Right this minute, there is a path to the bathroom. That’s it.

AH! The kitchen. Again, smaller than previous…

See all those cabinets under the counter? They aren’t cabinets! They are drawers. There is a cabinet under the sink and one cabinet in the middle on the other side. The rest are… drawers. The pantry is smaller, the frig is smaller. I will be digging my kitchen rack as soon as possible to put in the kitty palace to handle my pots and pans.

And then, there’s the upstairs. Of course, to GET to the upstairs…

15 of them, straight up, very steep.

My feet, legs and back HATE me. HATE ME!

Gizzy likes to hid on them. I’ve fallen twice.

You have to watch out for her. She knows she’s bad.
My bedroom is plenty huge… but…

It will be home to not only my bedroom, but my cave and the closet is really too small. REALLY small! I’ve commandeered the closet in Spawn’s cave, which, believe it or not, bigger. The bathroom, is beautiful!

Continuing on…

Spawn’s bedroom and bath. That is not Spawn’s furniture.

I should get a picture of Spawn’s shower. The tilework is gorgeous. And that is his cave. Home to the closet I’ve taken over.

My white whicker chairs will go beautifully on my front porch, the turquoise arondacks on the back deck. Our bbq’s are in the storage unit, but there is an extra one in the ‘shed’. We have a clotheline – I love a clothesline – and a firepit.

It will beautiful decorate in December. If I can get it clean.

All in all it’s a beautiful home – it’s been well kept, decorated beautifully, has brand new carpet, and I don’t like it. It’s too expensive, it’s too small. I live on a dirt road, which is killing my lungs, and while the county maintains it on a weekly basis, they scrape it just before the trash comes through and seem to think it’s their job to knock over every full trash can they can. I was warned.

I’m grateful for it. I’m glad it came available. I was afraid everything would be going into storage and Spawn and I and the cats would be living in a motel. It came really close to that. My leasing agent held it for me on Friday, we looked at it Monday, signed the lease on Tuesday, started moving in that evening and had a truck with furniture loaded in on Wednesday. I drove. It wasn’t pretty.

What really bothers me is the house we had decided on before the house of the Shady Vale, came open this past weekend. 4 bdrms, 2 ba, LR, DR, Family room, breakfast room, Screened back porch, wood baricade back yard, shed…. garage. and only 50.00 more than the House of the Shady Vale. This one is $350.00 more on the month. That’s a lot. Wouldn’t be so bad had I not been put in the position of needing a new car. Now.

But it’s okay. This one will work, we’ll just need to… budget and work it.

It means eating at home a lot, it means getting rid of the clothes of mine I’ve not worn in a while as well as getting rid of the clothes I can no longer wear.

Too big. It’s really a nice problem to have. I have clothes that are too big. Bras that are too big. Underwear that is too big.

But I have a roof, I have a warm or cool place to live, there is a kitchen Spawn can cook in and we had a welcoming committee when we moved in…

and when life gives me lemons…

There will be a Guy and Gen ficlet this week. Friday, for Guyday! Something funny and sweet and sooooo Guy.

Even if some ‘fans’ don’t like him and think it’s okay to dis Guy and every fan of Guy in the universe. Fuck ’em.