We said goodbye to the house of the Shady Vale.

It was not a happy parting. I didn’t get a new job somewhere, didn’t move closer to my family.

No, the owner decided to sell it. Quite a few trees need to come down, there are repairs that MUST be made and he doesn’t want to make them. An older couple purchased it and are planning to take down ALL the trees.

And it will be the House of the Shady Vale no more.

It won’t look right.

This was the perfect home for house – room for everything. My junk, my mom’s junk.

Both pianos. Yup. 2 of them.

We have a new home – last minute.

Looks huge, don’t it.

It’s smaller than the House of the Shady Vale and $350.00 a month more. . The bedrooms upstairs are plenty big and there is a 4th downstairs, however living room/dining room and kitchen are smaller. MUCH smaller. Pantry is smaller, master bedroom closet is teeny tiny. We’re going to have issues where my clothes go. There is no coat closet and the closet in the main floor bedroom will hold 3 coats and that’s it. Half bath. There is no garage and no storage. There WAS a nice, large storage shed, but it’s a lean-to now and I doubt they will want to fix it. There is no breakfast room for my cave, so my cave and bedroom are one and the same. Actually someone took great care in decorating the inside of the home. As I get it together, I’ll show you. it sits on 2 flat acres – very big yard. Trees surround the edge of the property line. YOu know what that means?

Big, fargin’ electric bills!

BUT! No water or trash bill! County provides trash and the house is on well water. No chlorine, and it tastes sweet. Already filtered.

There is brand new carpet. Gizzy has already chucked on it. Good thing I had the pet carpet spot remover in my bedroom.

The transmission in my car went toasty-cheese a week ago. We are down to one car. This was the WORST time for this to happen. Isn’t worth fixing, so I’m going to pray I can sell it, we get MOST of our deposit back, and now that I found my 2020 W2, I can file my taxes and pray I get something back. Everyone I know is telling me they are getting less back or worse – owe! Spawn is getting up to take me to work. ON days he works, I hang out at the Waffle House 7 hours. So not fun. I made the mistake of having chili last time. I farted nasty green fumes for 3 days. Ew.

I have been broken out in hives for 3 days. Can’t find my meds.

As we were loading up the last, I caught Spawn crying in his old bedroom. He wants to know why we’re just having the worst luck right now. He asked me what this is called, when nothing goes right. He said he feels attacked. Yeah, we are.

Spiritual warfare. That’s what it’s called.

There isn’t enough room for my books, my bookcases, some of my furniture. I have TWO – count ’em – TWO – storage units.

I can’t afford this. At all. I’ll be culling that badboy down quickly. Within a few months!

I am doing NOTHING tomorrow. Maybe take a fizzy bath, put on an ugly moisturizing face mask and listen to Richard read something.

Might write. I have a silly Guy and Gen fic almost done. Not big at all. 7 or 8 pages max, prolly. I could use a Guy in my life right now.

I wish my mom were here. She’d have had this house packed in no time.Last time she told me, she wouldn’t fuss at me. I never moved well and wasn’t organized enough to get it done. She’s right, was right. Nothing mean, just… the truth.

My kindle is charged. I’m going to bed. I’ll probably post shitty fic this next weekend.

Oh wait… maybe not. I have laundry to do. A lot of it! At least, I have a clothesline in the back yard. I LOVE a clothesline. Clothes smell so good.

Here. been a long time. Have some Richard.