And discover you’re missing something you didn’t know you had.

I live in a bubble.

Yesterday, I was informed that Angie- Fedoralady – passed away very suddenly.

I didn’t know Angie. It seems she was moving on about the time I entered the scene. Her name was familiar (similar to someone I occasionally cross paths with in another fandom) so I went on a hunt, finding myself somewhere completely different than I anticipated, but still I found her, saw why her name was so familiar.

The last 24 hours, my WordPress, my facebook, has been filled to the brim with much sadness, condolences to family and friend. Fedoralady was a writer and had a much beloved blog – The Armitage Effect. And now that it’s too late, I think maybe I would like her because she loved someone I love very much.

I should be satisfied that her blog and her many writings are still available. I found her at Dreamerfiction, so when my life quietens down in the next few weeks, I’ll head that way. I say I should be… but it’s not the same.

I’m sorry I missed you, Angie. Much love and condolences to your family and friends.