And no, it’s not political!

Which is rare and people should look the other way when a situation has me so frustrated I need to scream! 

But I digress. 

First – the week on the beach was wonderful. My friend has already arranged a week for next year. Highlight of the trip – the helicopter ride and gang of Canadian geese off our back porch and the turtle that pestered them. Pictures will follow. 

Spawn’s yearly cardio went pretty good. He’s gained weight and need to take it off. Other wise, his heart is still pumping. It was what I needed to hear.

We are at my parents – I rented a truck and we hired loaders and unloaders. We were to pick the truck up at 8:30 this morning,

We’ve been packing and arranging. There were a few HEAVY items I can’t move. Somewhere, I pinched my sciatic nerve a few weeks back and my back doesn’t like me much. 

LATE Sunday night, the guy we hired to unload the truck at home cancelled. This means the only people available are the expensive ones. We did manage to get one – much more than we hired and oh – you have a piano – that’s more. 

Fine. Just be here at 9:30! TS Danny is coming through and I’d like everything loaded before he does.

I get up this morning, take care of necessary, and log on to my laptop to get the codes and the directions to the place and see not one, not two but THREE notices… 

They’ve moved my pickup to 45 minutes away and pick up 3 hours after I requested. 

A frantic phone call to Uhaul got most of it fixed but I STILL had to go 45 minutes away. In Atlanta rush hour.  

They gave me 50 extra miles. I’m giving them a thumbs down rating. 

IN the meantime, Spawn is on the phone with the loaders. They have to be in mid-town Atlanta at 11:30. This hurts.

Uhaul keeps us stuck for an hour. It was more than a bit from what I originally agreed upon but I was in between a rock and a hard place. We FINALLY get to the house at 10:10. 

Loaders informed us, they would stay until it was DONE. Which they did. They loaded everything in an hour. In the rain. I was so grateful. SOOOOO grateful. 

We don’t have much room left on that truck. All the work I”ve done in the garage is going out the door. Lots of Christmas. Another tree. The piano. A bed, a computer desk, my high school vanity. 

Did I mention lots of Christmas? My mom’s metal porch chairs that she’s spray painted countless time. They will spray painted again in a few weeks. Pastel yellow. There are 2 large white wicker rocking chairs. That truck is full. 

And we will leave in a few hours with the car loaded up as well and I will drive it – with my sciatic nerve taking gymnastic lessons across my back and side. Gonna take 7 hours. 

And someone will unload it tomorrow and some hour, some time. 

I’m terrified to drive it. That piano is bungied into place and lots of stuff around it. Pray it goes no where. 

Pray I don’t tip the sucker. That’s my biggest fear. I saw that happen once and I cried for them because it was a 26 foot truck and when it went over, the top came off. EVERYTHING was destroyed. 

Just cried.

Hugs for Mezz. She knows why.

So, beautiful man for Mezz! 

and eye candy for me.

I believe he feels my fury.