I binge watched it yesterday (admitting to watching the last 20 minutes first to make sure if I needed Kleenex or not.) I am thoroughly happy with the ending of this series. I am happy with the individual endings of each hero, badguy and almost badguy. Episode 9 is my favorite for the non-stop action and I’ll probably watch episode 10 many times as I’m going to want to write fanfiction, probably short one-shots.

There was one character I cried for and it wasn’t the death, but the last vision that was heart breaking!

This is from my favorite scene which was in episode 9 and I’ve screen captured some of it. Not very good as I’m such a novice, but mine nonetheless.

I have shipped Trevor and Sypha from the beginning and LOVE these 3 together. I might even consider a threesome for them, but the writers – and therefore the canon – left the serious possibility of a healthy love interest for Alacard that should be explored.

I STILL really despise this new ‘unimproved’ WordPress. It’s just shit.