I stepped on the scale today and discovered I had broken through a plateau I’ve not been able to breach since 2008.

Yes, I weigh less than I did when I worked further south over 10 years ago. I gained in quarantine, I gained in the hospital and after with the steroids and I’ve lost all of that plus some. I weigh 15 pounds LESS when I last weighed in in November. I believe returning to work, eating oatmeal and salads or yogurt for lunch, eating right for dinner and dancing with my kids (this week, we did the Electric Slide and discovered KC and the Sunshine Band as well as doing Body Grooves in the past) has done this body good. All of my pants are too big. I’m either going to have to buy a belt or have them altered. Can’t afford more. I’m still a porker, just not as big a porker!

Happy Guy Day!