So funny stuff first.

I’m taking a page out of Guylty’s notebook and posting a few funny memes. I didn’t watch or listen to the inauguration – I was working and honestly I had better things to do and don’t bitch because we all know I lean right and I’m less than ecstatic about the horrors my country getting ready to go through.

Look! I even have a ‘Find Bernie’…

Rant. If I offended you last time, I will again. Read at your own risk.

You might have noticed, I’ve been quiet for a while. A couple of months. Pretty much everywhere. All of my social media. I’ve been at a loss at what to do with this blog. I honestly thought my little splatter of spit would be met with crickets. I was rather shocked at the response. So, for the last few months, my thoughts ranged from dumping it to dumping it to…

well. Dumping it.

Nope. That’s not me. I have a responsibility to be true to myself first and foremost. My country has been burning for quite some time. And I watched and fiddled like Nero, pretending I didn’t know or care, when I did and was appalled – and I wasn’t appalled by our president! I watched a president – who I didn’t vote for the first time – get beat to death by a political party with absolutely no agenda except to demonize him and anyone who didn’t support THEM as well as to rob whoever to get the man out of office.

I am aware I offended a few people. Not sorry. I stand behind what I said. I believe it whole heartedly. I’m not spreading lies. I’m not a Conspiracy Theorist. Liberals offend me all the time. But… you know… freedom of speech. I believe in it. You are welcome to believe what you want and I’m welcome to believe what I want. And say it!


I suppose I could have found a better way of saying what I said.

Gropey Grandpa has dementia. He can’t string together 3 sentences most of the time. His days in office are severely numbered. Originally, the bets going on was end of the year. Now we’re thinking, 100 days? His cognitive abilities are sliding bad.

Same with Diane, but that’s another rant.

As for his VP, there is really no nice way to say it. She got her start in politics on her knees in front of her boss’s dropped drawers. She brags about it. Destroyed his marriage.

Personally, I think feminists would be shitting bricks. This isn’t a woman to cheer. Nope. I thought the big push was to be hired on one’s abilities for the job description, not ability to swallow without gagging. AH yes, the Casting Couch is alive and well. I think our daughters deserve better than to be told – you too can fuck your way into a better position.

I did not listen or watch the inauguration. I was busy waxing my cat’s butt. I did hear it was a beautiful speech, kudos to whoever wrote it. He talked about unity. According to a journalist I like a lot, what we didn’t hear about was an actual attempt to reach out to those he wants to ‘unite’ with. Assimilation and Domination is not unity. If Democrats really want to unify, how about ending talk about deprogramming and censoring DJT supporters. That would only be a start. That sounds like something Nazis or Communists would do. It would be nice if he’d stop calling us names – Chumps. Nazis. KKK members. None of which are true. He’s let us know he doesn’t work for us. Well, who does he work for? I’m helping to pay your salary, yeah you DO work for me! BTW, who are you donating YOUR salary too Joe? Oh I forgot. He wants to fight us too. Riiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiight. Just who I want to run my country.

On his first day in office, he destroyed thousands of jobs. He pissed off the Canadians! Add that number to the 75 million Americans already pissed. He made bathrooms in schools unsafe for millions of girls. Diminished accomplishments of WOMEN by allowing boys to compete with girls. What’s the point now? Let’s just call it for what it is – unisex bathrooms, unisex gym lockers and unisex… well unisex everything.

We rejoined the Paris Accord – although we are the only ones who have lowered our toxic gases.

We are rejoining WHO. Why? And we’ll pay 10x more than China, even though China has 10X the population and they started this pandemic!

I have absolutely no faith in this administration. Unless something drastic happens, I believe we’ve seen our last election. Don’t tut-tut me! I live here. I have absolutely NO happy memories of Barry’s 8 years of living hell! According to the Federal Finance office, the average American Family can expect their taxes to go up $10,000 annually when Joe gets done with us.

Not to mention gas, food, and living expenses will also explode.

Please don’t ask me to ‘give him a chance.’ We’ve been giving him a chance for 48 years. Do you know he accomplished in 48 years?

ONE FARGING CRIME BILL! And a racist one at that!

So in closing, I’ve come to a decision. This blog is becoming an archive for my fanfiction. I’ve been writing since 2002 and my stuff is spread out everywhere. I’ve always wanted to house it under one roof, so thar ya go. It’s coming here.

Heads up, the first fic I wrote was either beloved or seriously hated. I normally don’t tell anyone about it. I don’t know when I”ll start posting it. It might be next month, it might be next year. I simply don’t know.

I never thought I would live to see the day where there was no joy in life. The Barry years were so horrid, I didn’t think anyone would want to return to that. I’m not looking forward to returning to that. It will be a living hell.

And honestly? I don’t think Joe won. But that’s me. And 75 million other people.