And that’s about how it is here. We didn’t have these problems when we all voted in person and had ID. We knew who won that night or the next morning! Right now, it looks as if there will be recounts – especially my state that has been staunchly Right for 2 decades! I’m thoroughly bummed.

I have lost a few friends in the last few days. Now, these people and I have been good friends for years and we knew which way we politically leaned. But for some odd reason, they felt the need to come to MY page and berate and bully me. I was nice, but I don’t sit for that shit. You want to have an adult conversation, sit down, I’ll make some tea and we’ll talk. My son has a group of friends with similar disabilities that he has. They are all Democrats and he’s not, but the depth and the respect in their conversation humbles me.

And for the record, I’m not the only Conservative friend who lost friends (and in some cases, family members) over politics this voting season.

Regardless, I’ve decided if they come back and try to refriend me (has happened in the past) there will be a 25.00 reconnection fee.

There. Garden Pruned.

I have a kitchen to clean, the next chapter of Aside from Heaven (Sir Guy’s Ghost in all of his vengeance!) to beta and post at Dreamer and Tumblr. So I bid you fair night.

And Sir Guy!

And thar ya go!

Sorry for the tiny political rant. As you can imagine, it’s been a tad stressful here.