Yes, I forgot ManCandy Monday. I’ll try to make up a little after this rant!

For those who didn’t know, the first chapter of The Ghost Of Nottingham is up at the usual suspect places – Dreamer, AO3, FFnet, Effn, my tumblr. Just in time for Halloween! 4 chapters, an epilogue and a VERY angry ghost.


This is just a crappy day already!

1st I NEED to make a phone call. Basically, I’ve been working this month to withdraw enough money from my 403B to meet bills for November all this month. It’s been quite tedious and time consuming! I faxed the paper work all filled out on Friday. They told me they got it, and I should have the funds in my bank account no later than Wednesday. YAY! Go me! Right?


LATE last night I get an email – we’re having problems processing your funds. Please call. It also included – we can fix this! I’m hoping it’s something stupid like a forgotten signature or a notarization.

But, I can’t make the phone call right now because the electric company decided today was the day to trim trees from the power lines. They’ve been in front of my house for 2 hours! Cats are under the bed, house is shaking.


EDIT: Valic/AIG screwed me. According to the very snide young man I spoke, the previous 2 customer service reps told me wrong. I have to completely refile, get PERMISSION from the group administrator at the school system, that I can’t claim hardship for Covid, meaning I get to pay 20% of the total amount I withdraw to the feds.

In addition, rather than it taking 2 or 3 business days to complete the transaction, it will take 3 to 5 business day to process and then 1 to 5 business day to get it to my bank. I think AIG as much as I hate the Democratic Party.

I also got a phone call from the pulmonologist. Not MY pulmonologist!

My general practitioner referred me to a pulmonologist in mid September. They didn’t contact me until the 2nd week of October. They’re 100 miles away and the soonest they could get me in was 2nd week of November. Lucky for me, they have a satellite office 10 minutes from me, said their calendar is clear, I’ll fax everything to them. Long story here short, they never contacted me, the office 100 miles away faxed the referral three times, called them twice in 4 days. I went out on Friday, 4:15, not a soul in the parking lot, front door open, but the lights off. I left a terse note. They call me on Monday, insist I go to the doctor 100 miles away, I let them know I’m 10 miles from them and they faxed stuff 3 times last week. Woman at the desk called them liars, said they didn’t get the referral until LATE Friday and they were there until 5! Also, soonest we can see you is Thanksgiving week.

After i hacked all over them and let them know they were liars, they found me an appointment for tomorrow at the satellite 20 minutes away for the following week. I’m good with that. That office calls, schedules a breathing test for last week, xrays for last week. I do them, we’re good. I’m sent a confirmation for the appointment TOMORROW where I will get a diagnosis. Yay!

ONE hour ago, the office close by calls me and says – the doctor 20 minutes away is sick, so tomorrow, you’ll come HERE and have a video conference with the doctor at 11:30. I’m like… really? Video Conferences for medical illness is just half a step up from calling your doctor and the nurse just saying – you know, we’re seeing a lot of patients. Give me your symptoms and we’ll call you in an Rx…. Just… my life, welcome to it!

I’m not even numb!!! Furious! just furious!

Here. Have some sexy men!

Hope your day is better than mine!