G’day and how are we all???

I’ve been a busy camper today!!! Very busy! I have a LOT to accomplish between now and Tuesday!

I got my chest xray! Yay! My pulmonologist will have it Monday. We’ve been to the grocery store! Yay. I’m exhausted! Between now and Monday I need to get the stuff in for withdrawing my 403B – I finally got permission to withdraw it without a federal (20%) penalty. A friend sent me a link for the FLMA – which has a Covid extension. (It’s a federal program) If I can finish the paperwork tonight, I can fax all of it tomorrow at the library.

I’m holding out for my tax return as well as the diagnosis from the pulmonologist on Tuesday. If his diagnosis does NOT say ‘Covid’ I will reapply for the sick bank and try again. I can take up to 60 days from it if approved.

God, I need it.

OH! And I need to vote. Must do my civic duty!

i have sneezed all day today, been tired and just run down. I still have gotten the next installation of Aside from Heaven started – I mean it’s written, and I just need to do the beta!

OH! And I finally found a mask i can wear. It gets a little heated after a while, but it works for me. Expensive (23.00 each plus shipping and handling) but it can be washed easily. I got one for me and one for Spawn. His manager loved it so she’s ordering one.

Get this – it’s called a ‘Zshield’ They even named it after me!

As you can see, it sits at the neck and you can move it to different positions, including completely down so you can eat without taking it off.

Now some maskholes can shut up! Sit on that and spin!!

But we’re not here for all of that! We’re here for this!

yash a big comfy chair!

And thar ya go!